Blind Love
by Audrey

Miaka: Why? Why do you do this?
Putting up a barrier
Between you and love?
Of which is a carrier
A carrier of bliss!

Tama: Why do you follow me?
It is anoying!
Can you not see!?!
But also when you're around me
A new emotion you bring.

Miaka Why only think of money?
Think about family, Friends, and love.
Why not walk around with me
Where it is sunny?

Tama: When I talk to other women
You get really angry.
But when you talk to the other men
I get really jelous of them.
But when start to talk to me
I put on a charade.

Miaka and Tama: Why do I feel like this?
When you are near?
I guess,
That I love you.
I would like to make this clear.
But how can I?
When I don't know
How you feel. (sigh)
Please, give me a sign! So
I know that you love me.
As I love you.