A Fushigi Yuugi Christmas Carol


All was dark. Suddenly, a match was lit. It lit up a man’s face, revealing that it was Tamahome. He snuck to a candle and silently lit it, lighting up the room more.
“What fools,” he whispered deviously, creeping over to his money bags and hugging them lovingly, “they think I’ve actually changed! Ha! Don’t worry,” he assured the money bags, “I’ll always love you the most.”
“We see you haven’t learned anything at all,” came a voice from the darkness. A match was lit, then another, then one more, lighting up the faces of the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. They glared at Tamahome, then the whole room was lit up and they dove at him. The Ghost of Christmas Past grabbed his arm, the Ghost of Christmas Present his other, and the Ghost of Christmas Future took a hold of his long ponytail. They began trying to pull him away in all different directions.
“He’s mine!”
“No! He’s gotta go see the Suboshi family again!”
“Yeah right! What will he learn from that? He’s gotta see his grave again to make him change!”
“That didn’t work the first time no da! You all know his past changed him the most! He should go back there no da!”
“Would you let go?!”
“What? And give him to you?!”
The Ghosts continued quarreling and all that could be heard from Tamahome was a scream for help.