Mandy’s Christmas by Fue-chan

Disclaimer: The only character in this story that sort of belongs to me is Mandy, but in all actuality, she’s a real person, but I’m the ruler of the world, so I own her anyway. *tee hee* Anyway, all the other characters do not belong to me, they belong to Watase Yuu, Studio Perrot, Flower Comics, Shokagi....etc.

Authors’ Note:
This all started when Mandy was tired and wanted me to tell her a bedtime story over the phone. Inomi had just told her something about Mandy being the most loved girl in the world, and Chiriko and Nuriko loving her lots and such, so I just started raking my brain, and here’s what I improvised:

It was Christmas Eve. One day, Mandy’s dad came home from working at the Outback Steakhouse with a sad, sullen look on his face.
“Mandy,” he said sadly, “money’s a little tight this year. I’m very sorry, but I won’t be able to get you any Christmas presents this year.”
Mandy was very sad, but not being a materialistic person and understanding her father’s position, she smiled weakly and told her father it was okay, and they’d have a great Christmas anyway.
Far away, in the Universe of the Four Gods, Sky and Earth world, the seven Suzaku Seishi sensed something was wrong in the other world.
“Oh no no da!” Chichiri exclaimed, picking it all up with his neato chi power, “Mandy’s not getting any Christmas presents this year no da!”
Hotohori jumped to his feet and said in a noble voice, “We must do something! She’s so wonderful and everyone loves her, she deserves presents!”
The rest of the seishi nodded determinedly and put their heads together to think of a plan.
Meanwhile, Mandy was sitting on her couch, staring sadly out at the falling snow out the window. She sighed, for she was really looking forward to getting those Pokemon videos and Joys of Cooking book her dad had said he was going to get her. But she understood, and simply sighed again.
She got up, deciding to go to bed, and sleep in late tomorrow for Christmas. Suddenly, she stopped. There was a clatter on the roof. Raising an eyebrow, she listened, and heard it again. It was a clatter, like...feet up on the roof top?
Mandy rushed to the window, and peered out, and she gasped, for what to her wondering eyes did appear, but a big red sleigh with seven...seishi reindeer??
On the roof, a big red sleigh sat, and a man in a red suit, with long red wings and red hair that stuck up a bit. His sleigh was pulled by the seven Suzaku seishi!
“Ho ho ho!” the man in red said, “Merry Christmas, Mandy-chan! I am Suzaku Clause!”
“We heard ya don’t get any presents this year!” Tasuki exclaimed, harnessed in with a pair of Styrofoam antlers on his head, “so we came ta celebrate Christmas with ya!”
Mandy was so happy, and she hurried out to the roof to help them down. It was quite hard because the roof was so slippery. Tasuki was especially having a hard time with his boots, but the ballet-slipper seishi, like Nuriko, Chiriko, and Tamahome made it down safely and easily because ballet slippers are the best and will always rule. *tee hee*
Once they were all in the house, they sang Christmas carols and baked cookies and ate the cookies and had a great time.
“Well, Mandy, even though it’s not Christmas yet, we’re going to give you your presents now, because tomorrow morning, your dad might not appreciate 8 strange men in your house,” Nuriko winked.
Tasuki was the first. He handed Mandy a small package, and she opened it to discover Tasuki’s got her...Pikachu earrings!
“Heh heh,” Tasuki laughed, holding back his flame colored hair to reveal he, too, was wearing Pikachu earrings, “now we can match!”
The next was from Tamahome, who gave her a card, because he was too cheap to buy her a present, which said stuff like, “Merry Christmas, we love you, such and such...”
The next present was from Hotohori. The package was so big it took up the whole living room, squashing everyone, but Mandy managed to unwrap it, and it was a Rev 4! Hotohori smiled happily, while quickly checking to see if he looked okay in the side mirror.
The next present was from Mitsukake. He got her Flinstone’s chewable vitamins and a heating pad that you lay on when your stressed or your back hurts and such.
“That’s not all!” Mitsukake smiled at Mandy. Mandy was already sick with a cold or a flu or whatever, so Mitsukake held up his hand and a bunch of green bubbles surrounded Mandy, and she was instantly better from any sickness she’d ever had. Mitsukake nodded, “that’s my real Christmas present.”
Next was Chichiri. He gave her a little card, and inside was a gift certificate that said, “Good for five times of blissful happiness whenever you’re depressed for the rest of your life (no da!)!”
Chichiri removed his mask *drool* and smiled, “Everyone deserves to be happy, especially you, Mandy-chan, because we love you so much no da!”
And next was Nuriko’s. Nuriko held a package in all purple wrapping paper that matched his hair, with a big purple bow, but he didn’t give it to Mandy. He smiled and winked, “Gomen, Mandy-chan, but you can’t open my present till tomorrow.”
Mandy pouted, but said ok.
And last, Chiriko came forward.
“Mandy,” he said, blushing heavily in his cute little way, “if it’s all right, I’d like to give you your present privately, so I don’t embarrass you.”
He lead her away to another room, and (of course) all the seishi followed, pressing their ear up to the door and whispering things like, “Go, Chiriko!” and “My, our little Chiriko is growing up so fast!”
Inside the other room, Chiriko, still blushing cutely, said, “Well, Mandy, here is my Christmas present to you.”
And he leaned forward and kissed her sweetly on the lips.
Mandy swooned, to say to the least.
Chiriko stepped back, redder than ever, “I love you, Mandy.”
The rest of the night passed somewhat quickly, and before Mandy knew it, she had fallen into a deep sleep.
She woke up early the next morning, earlier than her dad, and wandered up stairs. She was surprised to see a bright purple package under the tree, but then remembered that Nuriko had said she had to wait till Christmas morning to open his present. Mandy wandered over to the tree, and excitedly opened Nuriko’s present. Inside was a small card that said, “Good for a visit from the Suzaku Shichi Seishi anytime you want, for the rest of your life!” in Nuriko’s beautiful cursive. Then, below it, in Tasuki’, interesting writing, it said, “Merry Christmas ta Mandy and to only Mandy, good night!”