by Inomi and Fue-chan

OR How Nishiko Seduced Amiboshi and Conquered Her Once Proud Enemies and Gained Current Title of Ruler of the World (and had many bishonen fall in love with her).

Disclaimer: The only characters that belong to me in this fic are Nishiko and some of her friends. All the others are propety of Watase Yuu, etc. I’m not asking for trouble here, I’m just trying to write a nice, long fanfic, and I’d highly apprciate it if you didn’t sue me. I don’t make much anyway, so you wouldn’t get much. And then, it’d have to come from my parents account, and *they* wouldn’t be very happy about that, so I’d be grounded for ever and ever and...*stops and smiles embarressedly* Gomen nasai about that. Also, if you would like to use Nishiko or anyone else besides the FY characters in a fic (which I have no idea why you would want to), PLEASE ask me or Inomi first. Anyway, on with the fic! *stops to listen to whispers from off stage* Huh? Nani? There’s an AUTHOR’S NOTE??!! Oh, fu....

Author’s Note: (Oh, dear God, this is going to be freakin’ long...) Well, hello again, and get ready for a long and confusing author’s note as I attempt to explain this fic. Okay *takes deep breath*, Inomi and I decided to write a fic one day, and we were dumb and started two seperate fics of the same story *right now, you’re like, ‘Huh?’* We created two characters, Kanjoteki Nishiko, and Kamoriuta Akai. They are essentially us, but we’ll not be using them for any other fics. Anyway, we started the same fanfic from their two different point of views. So, there are two fanfics for the same story. Unfortnately...Inomi never finished typing her side up. -_- So, you're stuck with just my side. I apologize if certain stuff is confusing because of the lack of another point of view, but I really have been wanting to put this up!! Anyway, what Nishiko says and does is always my writing. What Akai says and does is always Inomi's writing. Most of Amiboshi’s lines are written by me, unless he happens to be alone with Akai, and visa versa with Tasuki (actually, I wrote most of Tasuki’s line too!). WARNING: This fic has explicit language, some adult-ish situations (LIME), and I’d say, due to the language, earns an R rating. If cussing offends you, or you don’t like to read mushy, some-what PG-13 love scenes, don’t read this fic. And if you do, and don’t like it, don’t bitch about it to me! Another thing, when we started this fic, I wasn’t into speaking Japanese yet, so I didn’t write it. Inomi did, however, so you will see many Japanese words in hers and if ya don’t know what they mean, you can probably find out in my fic. And a last thing: you may be confused with the classes thing, how we only have four a day and they’re all different. Well, our school does block scheduling, which is four classes a day that are and hour and a half long and four different ones the next day, same times. These two days switch off and are called A days and B days. Gomen, if that’s confusing. Oh! Another thing: as I’ve been typing up this fic (we origanally wrote it long hand on paper--375 pages, baybee! *dies*), I have *looks ashamed* perhaps changed some things and added stuff that will not be in hers. We promised not to, but I couldn’t help myself! I’m so bad!! *sniff* I’m sorry. Anyway, so that’s the reason so of our scenes may be a tiny bit different. When we origanally wrote it, we did such a good job to get it accurate, and here I go and screw it up. Gomen asai. Domo arigato gozimasu for your time and efforts!! Enjoy the fic!!

(‘Case you’re wondering, it took us five months to write this entire fic, and it was completed about 2 years ago..)

Onto the huge, gigantic fic!

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