And now on with the story....

Chapter One-
What was that ringing? Bells? I opened my eyes tiredly as the ringing continued. Oh, it’s the phone, I realized, forcing myself to think. I was so tempted to fall back asleep and ignore it, but as it persisted, I knew I had to answer it.
I stumbled out of bed and to the nearest phone, picking it up and muttering, “Hello?”
“Hello? Nishiko? Thank God! It’s me, Akai.”
I cocked an eyebrow, “Good morning, Akai,” I asked, very flattly, “what do you need?”
“Look, I know it’s early, but you’ve got to come over right now,” she ordered, sounding very upset.
“Come over? Why?” I asked, yawning.
“Because...” she started, “...oh crap. This is gonna sound crazy. Oh well...there are a couple of people here that you really need to meet.”
I wasn’t giving in so easily, “Who?”
“Amiboshi and Tasuki.” she said hurridly and seemed to take a deep breath.
I sighed, “Poor dear. You really didn’t get enough sleep last night, did you? Go back to bed now. I mean it.”
She sighed this time, “No, Nishi-chan, I’m serious. Dead serious. Would I lie about something this stupid?”
I hesitated. I could tell she was really upset. It would be cruel just to ignore this, “Okay, Akai-chan, I’ll come over. Just...stay where you are and...don’t hurt yourself, okay?”
“Thank you!” she cried, sounding relieved, “I know you think I’m pyscho, but you won’t regret it. Bye!”
“I’ll be right over. Bye.” I sighed again and hung up the phone. I’ll just go over there, comfort her about whatever’s wrong, and go home, that’s all. I got up to get dressed and went on my way.


I hit the brakes on my bike as I got into the driveway of Akai’s house. I pu the kickstand down and walked lazily to the front door. I never rang the bell anymore--we’d known each other too long--so I opened the front door and walked in.
“Akai-chan!” I called, walking up the stairs to the living room. I got to the top of the stairs and viewed my surroundings.
There was Akai on the floor, wrestling a fan away from Tasuki, and Amiboshi stood aways away, looking on helplessly.
With out a word, I realized there was nothing under my feet suddenly. SMACK! My head hit the stair before I even knew what was going on and I began to tumble down the stairs.
“Ow! Shit!” I yelled loudly as I slammed against stair after stair. Finally, I hit the bottom with a crashing blow and felt the world go blurry and dizzy. My head ached emmensly.
“Nishiko!” I heard Akai cry, but it hurt to much to process it clearly. I tried to answer but I was too dizzy to think of how to function my mouth. I heard footsteps rush down the stairs, but I couldn’t really see anything besides a blur of colors.
“Nishi-chan, are you alive?” Akai exclaimed next to me, but I couldn’t answer. Am I un-consious? I wonder, but I can still hear them? There were more footsteps down the stairs.
“She unconsious!” Akai wailed, “she needs mouth-to-mouth!”
Mouth-to-mouth? I thought, I can breath, you dope. I don’t need mouth-to---it was just then I realized she wasn’t talking about herself giving it.
“Okay,” I heard a voice that was definetly Tasuki’s say.
“Not you,” I heard Akai said, “Amiboshi should do it.”
Amiboshi. Giving me mouth-to-mouth. Heh, heh, this was too much.
“Huh? Why?” Tasuki asked.
“Er, because he can send his chi through his mouth and heal her,” Akai paused, “besides, you’ve got fangs.”
“What the hell does that have to do with anything?!” Tasuki exclaimed, insulted.
“Well, you could hurt her!”
“You don’t use your teeth in mouth-to-mouth, you dumbass!”
“Well, er...”
“It’s not like I’m gonna bite ‘er or anything!”
“Well, I know, but...”
I was beginning to feel a bit forgotten about here.
“I mean, what kind of a guy do you think I am?!”
“Uh, you guys?” I heard Amiboshi’s voice and just about passed out for good, “don’t you think we should help her?”
“Oh, right,” Akai said, and I could tell she was blushing, “go ahead, AMIBOSHI.”
There was a silence as I sensed someone kneel down next to me. It was od, not knowing exactly where he was or how close he was to me.
I felt his head slip under my head, lifting it gently. Slowly, I could feel his face get closer to mine, till I felt his breath on my lips, and and as his breath went into me, a sudden jolt of life burst from that breath and I could move. I jolted, and he gently let go of me. I opened my eyes suddenly to stare into Amiboshi’s large purple eyes.
Amiboshi? Was it really Amiboshi? I asked myself, staring with almost frightened eyes at him. It looked so much like him, but it couldn’t be. Amiboshi was just a made-up character.
I sat up suddenly, and Amiboshi back off, probably reading my frightened expression. I didn’t mean to stare at him like that, but...Amiboshi?!
I then looked up to Akai, who was standing next to...Tasuki, smiling down at us.
“Akai-chan?” I murmured very softly , questioning her with my eyes.
“I know,” she said quietly, reaching down a hand to help me up. I took it, and she pulled me up, “I don’t understand it either.”
I suddenly shot my stare towards the fire-haired man standing next to her, giving him a weirder look than I’d meant to. He seemed to glare at me and snapped fiercly, “What are ya starin’ at?!”
“Tasuki?” I asked softly.
“Why do all these fuckin’ women know my name?” he cried, exasperated. Akai shook her head, smiling.
“It’s Tasuki, all right,” I nodded, cocking an eyebrow.
Akai snorted, “I figured that out when he tried to ‘Lekka Shieen’ the TV.”
I turned around to Amiboshi, who was watching us silently. If it was really Tasuki, it had to be really Amiboshi too. My GOD, he was good-looking! He met my eyes shyly, but didn’t say anything.
“Hey,” Akai said suddenly. I turned back around to her, “we know your names, but you don’t know ours. I’m Kamoriuta Akai.”
She held out her hand. Tasuki and Amiboshi looked at it, then at her, but didn’t move. She sighed, “You’re suppose to shake my hand. Like this.”
She grabbed Tasuki’s hand and shook it. “Ah,” he said, but stared at her suspiously. They then turned to me. I blushed a bit with the attention all on me, but said, “I’m Kanjoteki Nishiko.”
“You never told us how you know who we are,” Amiboshi pointed out quietly. I looked to Akai, biting my lip nervously.
“Um....” Akai trailed off nervously.
“Have...have you ever heard of ‘Fushigi Yuugi?’” I asked, then suddenly felt stupid. They were in the damn show! They wouldn’t know what it was!
As I suspected, they shook their heads.
“You know about the ‘Four Gods, Sky and Earth,’ right?” Akai ventured.
“Yeah...” Tasuki answered in a that-should-be-obvious-you-dope tone.
“Fushigi Yuugi is kind of...the story of Miaka got sucked into it.” she finished.
“How would people in this world know about it?” Amiboshi asked.
“It’s a TV show,” I said finally, but then remembered they had no idea what TV was.
“TV show...?” Amiboshi asked, very confused. I looked at Akai. How were we suppose to explain TV to people who were from Ancient China?
“It’s kind of a magic this world has...” Akai shrugged at them, :you can see things that are going on a long ways away.”
“Oh, like Chichiri’s screen magic, huh?” Tasuki said. I gave Akai a helpless look, but looked back at Tasuki and shrugged, “Sort of like that, but it’s planned, acted out.”
They both looked lost.
“You remember Miaka’s camera, the group picture?” Akai asked, but they both looked confused.
I looked at Akai and whispered so they couldn’t hear, “Well, Amiboshi wasn’t there, he was presummed...well, you know, so of course, he wouldn’t know, but Tasuki would remember, wouldn’t he?”
But before Akai could answer, Amiboshi asked, “So, you know our story, then?”
I nodded, and suddenly remembered something. I took his left hand and stared at his pinkie. It was fine.
“” I was confused. He’d broken his own pinkie to save Miaka, but now it was fine. Had it healed already.
Amiboshi stared at me, wondering what I was doing. I looked up at him and asked softly, “What was going on before you appeared here?”
Tasuki narrowed his eyes and pointed at Amiboshi, “This bastard totally fucked up the Suzaku calling ceremony. Me and Tama where chasin’ after him when we disappeared and appeared here.”
I gasped. I knew exactly what scene they were at. If they hadn’t somehow been transported here, Amiboshi would have...fallen off the bridge. I looked at him, my eyes wide and almost fearful. He would have been killed.
Wait, no, he wouldn’t have been. That old couple rescued him. But still...
He gave me a questioning look, but Akai made up both turn, saying, “Lucky you, then.”
I let go of his hand, which I’d still been holding, blushing slightly, and turned back to Akai, “We’re, like, fortune tellers to them, then,” I said quietly to her, my eyes wide, “we know everything that’s going to happen to them after that.”
Her eyes widened too, “And if Amiboshi never falls in the river,” she whispered, “Tama’s family...Nuriko...we could prevent it all!”
“My God. This totally screws up the whole Fushigi Yuugi plot,” I said in amazement.
“Would you tell us what the hell yer talkin’ about?!” Tasuki said, annoyed.
“Nothing,” Akai murmured quickly, “don’t worry about it.”
I nodded at her, knowing we were thinking the same thing.
“What are we gonna do with them?” I asked, the thought suddenly occuring to me.
“Yer gonna send us home!!” Tasuki cried.
Akai sighed, “I hate to tell you this, but I’m afraid we don’t know how.”
“WHAT?!” Tasuki exploded, “whadda ya mean ya don’t know how?!”
“We’re not Chichiri!” I exclaimed. I noticed Amiboshi was watching us, silent as usual.
“Well, come on, let’s sit down and see if we can figure this out,” Akai sighed, leading us to the couch. We sat and wondered where to start.


A couple hours later, I’m not sure how many, we were still sitting on the couch, talking. Okay, Tasuki was sitting, or rather sprawled out on the couch by himself, Akai and I on the floor. I sat near Amiboshi, who sat in the big easy chair. Akai sat on the floor next to the couch.
Amiboshi opened his mouth to say something, but we all heard the garage door opening then. I shot a nervous glance at Akai as she said, “Shit! My dad’s home!”
She jumped to her feet, as did the rest of us.
“We never did figure out what we were going to do with them,” I pointed out, my voice rising a little in panic.
“Come on, they can hide in the guest room. Hurry,” Akai said and we hurried them downstairs, shoving them into the guest room. Akai and I then rushed upstairs and basically threw ourselves onto the couch, trying to look lazy and teenagerish and flipping on the TV just as Akai’s dad walked in.
“Hi, dad!” Akai said, smiling innocently as he came up the stairs into the living room.
“Hi, dad!” I echoed, grinning at him.
Her dad smiled, “Hi. What’re you up to?”
We grinned fakely at each other and replied in unison, “Nothin.’”
My mind wandered back to the guys, wondering what they were doing downstairs. I then remembered that this was right after Amiboshi ruined the calling ceremony, so Tasuki, most likely, wanted desperetely to kick Amiboshi’s ass. And nothing was holding his back now.
I looked at Akai, saying quickly, “Uh, your dad probably wants to watch TV now. Let’s go downstairs. Come on.”
“Yeah. Dad, sit down and watch TV,” Akai said, and we got up, hurrying (maybe a little too quickly) down stairs.
We immediatly rushed into the guest room to find Tasuki with Amiboshi in a strong head-lock, punching him, and Amiboshi was swinging at him, hitting him hard frequently. They were both breathing heavy, bleeding, and swearing at each other.
Without realizing what I was doing, I rushed over to Tasuki, brought my fist back, and threw it forward, hitting him squarely in the jaw. I don’t think it actually hurt him, but it startled him so much he dropped Amiboshi and stared at me with an appalled and shocked expression that read ‘you hit me, woman?!’
“Oh my God, I’m sorry!” I cried, realizing what I had done and putting my hand over my mouth, “I’m so sorry! I’m a pacifest!”
“Nishiko!” Akai cried, rushing to Tasuki’s side, “what are you doing? He’s already bleeding!”
“I really didn’t mean to! I’m sorry! But he was hurting Amiboshi!” I said defensively, kneeling down by Amiboshi, who sat on the floor, bewildered.
“What do you mean you didn’t mean to?! You punched me!! You can’t not mean to punch somebody!” Tasuki rubbed his jaw and glared at me sorely, “not a bad swing for a girl.”
I blinked at this, “For a girl?!? What the hell is that suppose to mean, you sexist pig?!” but I stopped, realizing I had just recieved a sort-of-compliment from Tasuki, “uh, but, thanks.”
I stopped to inspect Amiboshi. He was jsut as beat up as Tasuki. I noticed some blood on his shirt.
“Amiboshi, you’re bleeding too. On your chest,” I pointed out, then looked up accusingly at Tasuki, “Tasuki, did you pull a knife on him?”
Tasuki looked embarressed and looked away. Akai sighed and rushed upstairs to get something, I guess. I gave Tasuki a bit of a glare and turned back to Amiboshi.
Akai came back with tissues and a bottle of dissenfectant, “Sit,” she ordered Tasuki, applying some dissenfectant to a tissue and throwing the bottle and some tissues to me.
I turned back to Amiboshi, “ should...” I didn’t want to say ‘take off your shirt’ because I’d sound like a pervert, but I couldn’t very well clean the wound with his shirt on.
He nodded, understanding, and I looked away shyly. When I looked back, he was kneeling in front of me, bare chested. I took in a silent breath and blushed heavily, also seeing a bit of a blush come into his cheeks too.
“Here, this might hurt a little,” I said softly, touching the tissue with the medicine to his cut, trying to not notice how broad and strong his chest was. He winced sharply, but held it in. I almost hated to do this, seeing his face in pain.
Across the room, I heard Tasuki yell loudly, “OWWWW! That fuckin’ stings!!”
“Don’t be such a baby!” Akai said softly.
I smiled softly at this and rubbed the tissue over the cut a couple times. It was a deep cut.
“Jesus, Tasuki! What were you trying to do? Cut his heart out?” I exclaimed, looking up at him accusingly.
“Uh...well...” Tasuki trailed off, and I frowned at him disappovingly. I found a bandage Akai had brought down and gently placed it over the cut as best as I could.
I looked at Amiboshi and smiled, “I think you’re done.”
“Thanks,” he murmured, smiling back at me, but still blushing heavily and getting up, pulling his shirt back on and putting his large coatish-shirt back over it. I saw Akai looking at me, raising an eyebrow, and I blushed even more, looking down at my feet. What? I wanted to scream, it’s not like we were making out right there in front of them.
“Uh, Akai-chan, maybe it would be better if I stayed the night,” I said, biting my lip.
“Yeah, I’ll need all the help I can get keeping these two under control,” she cast a glare at them and they shuffled their feet ashamedly.
A low grumbling suddenly came from Akai’s stomach, “Hey, I’m starving,” she moaned, looking exceedingly hungry.
“Food. We forgot about food,” I bit my lip, glancing at Akai.
“Oh, right. There’s a frozen pizze in the fridge in the garage,” she informed us, then smiled dreamily, “mmm. Pizza.”
“Pizza?” Amiboshi asked, lifting an eyebrow, “what’s pizza?”
“Uh, it’s a food. Like, bread, tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings,” I informed him.
“It’s only what teens the world over live on!” Akai cried, giving a V for victory sign.
Tasuki and Amiboshi looked strangely at Akai, then looked back at me.
“Uh, let’s just go get it and let them see for themselves.” I shrugged and went to the door, slowly peeking out.
“Coast’s clear,” I whispered and snuck out, Akai behind me. We got the pizza out of the freezer, headed upstairs with it, and put it in the oven.
“Should we go back downstairs?” I whispered to her.
“Yeah,” she whispered back, “before they try to kill each other again.”
We rushed back downstairs, and I expected to find them trying to kill each other again, but we walked in and they were sitting on opposite sides of the bed, their backs to each other, their arms crossed over their chests, glaring stubbornly. They looked like spoiled 4-year olds.
“Oh, for crying out loud! Can’t you two ever grow up?” Akai sighed exasperatly.
“That’s what I used to do to my brother--when I was six,” I said flattly, cocking an eyebrow.
Tasuki scowled, “I don’t talk to traitors who try to fuckin’ kill me.”
“Traitor?!” Amiboshi exclaimed, whirling around to Tasuki, “I never pledged loyality to you guys!”
“We trusted you, you bastard! MIAKA trusted you!!” Tasuki’s eyes glowed like embers and a faint glow began to appear on his arm.
“I wanted peace! I want peace!” Amiboshi’s eyes were brimmed with furious tears, “if Suzaku is called, there will be more war and povery in Kutou, and more kids could be left homeless and orphaned!” he narrowed his eyes, “you were just an obstacle in the way of calling of Seiryuu.”
Tasuki’s character glowed brighter and he stood up, advancing on Amiboshi, “Asshole,” he muttered, so pissed he could barely talk. He drew his tessen.
Amiboshi suddenly pulled out his flute and raised it to his mouth. He didn’t play, but he glared at Tasuki and threatened, “Don’t even think about it. Before you can unfold your little fan, I’ll be playing and you’ll be down before you know it.”
“Son of a bitch!” Tasuki sucked in his breath and pulled his tessen, “LEKKA SHII--”
The flute music shot through the sir of the room. It hit my like a punch, an enormous pressure in my head, making me cry out in pain. I fell to the floor, holding my head as it throbbed painfully, sharp stinging all over my body. I could see it was affecting Tasuki and Akai in the same way.
“Amiboshi!” I screamed, closing my eyes tightly. Oh, God, he’s going to kill us, I thought fearfully. But suddenly, the flute music stopped. I heard the flute it the floor. Did Tasuki kill Amiboshi? I wondered wearily. I looked over to see Amiboshi kneeling before me.
“Are you all right?” he asked, his voice sincerely apologetic.
Why was he asking me? “Go check on Akai,” I said vaugely.
“But are you all right?” he repeated softly.
Was I not talking at all? “Can you hear me?” my voice rose a little, “go check on Akai!”
He gave me a strange look, but went over to were Akai had fallen. I felt too weak to get up.
“Akai!” I suddenly heard Amiboshi cry, “Tasuki! She’s passed out!”
There was a shocked silence, then Tasuki exclaimed, “Gee, I wonder how she got that way!”
“Akai!” I cried, trying to get up and just barely doing it.
“Is she breathin’? Does she need mouth-to-mouth?” I heard Tasuki ask anxiously.
“She’s breathing, she’s just out,” Amiboshi said. I sat up slowly, straining and forcing myself to, and crawled over to where Akai lay. Tasuki and Amiboshi were around her too, looking worried.
“Akai, Akai, wake up,” Tasuki urged softly, lifting her face with his hands, “Akai, please wake up.”
As if on command, Akai’s eye’s fluttered open and she gazed at Tasuki, “Died and gone to Heaven,” she smiled weakly, but suddenly winced in pain, “or maybe not.”
“Oh good, yer alive!” the fire-haired man exclaimed, his eyes liting up, then he turned to Amiboshi, glaring, “no thanks to this asshole.”
“You were worried about me,” Akai murmured softly, still staring at Tasuki.
“Yeah, well,” he rubbed the back of his neck, “ya know, yer dad might be a little upset if ya died.”
“Oh,” she said softly, trying to hide the fact that she was disappointed. I glanced at Amiboshi. He was looking away with an extremely ashamed expression.
“Amiboshi...” I said softly. He didn’t answer, he didn’t even turn around, but his head drooped a little lower. He sucked in his breath, as if he was trying to hold back tears, and I approached him, putting a comforting hand on his back.
I heard Tasuki sneer, “Why the hell are ya feelin’ sorry for him?! He just tried ta kill us!”
“Tasuki!” I cried.
“I was trying to kill you, you bastard!” Amiboshi shouted angrily, “I never wanted to kill them!”
“Maybe ya should think of that the next time ya play that fuckin’ thing!” Tasuki growled, “’cause ya damn near killed all of us!”
“I swear to you, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Amiboshi turned to me and Akai--only me and Akai. He continued to ignore Tasuki, “please forgive me.”
“Amiboshi...” I almost whispered.
There was a silence and Amiboshi turned his back to us. I then realized how sickeningly dramtic I was being and snapped out of it.
The silence was broken by a beeping.
“Uh, pizza’s ready,” Akai said uneasily.
“One of us should go up and one of us should stay,” I murmured. Akai and my eyes met and I knew we were thinking the same thing. “flip ya a coin for it.” I said quickly.
“Yeah, I guess that’s fair,” she agreed. I saw Tasuki looking thourally confused. I dug a quarter out of my pocket and said, “You call.”
I flipped it and caught it on my hand. It was tails. Yeeeaaahh!!!
“Sorry,” I said sypathetically to her. Truthfully, I did feel bad.
“Yeah, yeah,” she muttered, leaving the room.
I was left there with a glaring, scowling Tasuki sitting on the corner of the bed with his arms crossed over his chest, and a sullen, ashamed Amiboshi on his knees near the wall. I decided my best bet was Amiboshi.
“Amiboshi?” I asked, approaching him. This time, he looked up questioningly, “are you all right?” I asked softly.
He closed his eyes sadly, but didn’t answer my question, “ please believe that I am sorry. I’ll never forgive myself.”
“I believe you,” I said sincerly, “but, if you don’t forgive yourself, why should anyone else?”
“They shouldn’t.”
I sighed, “That’s not what I meant...”
“Nishiko, I almost killed you and Akai,” he said, his voice rising. I didn’t know how to answer him. It was true, he had almost killed us, but he really hadn’t meant to...
I knelt down next to him and said softly, “Everyone makes mistakes and because we’re human, we can’t be perfect. And just because someone does something dumb doesn’t mean we should abandon all hope in them. If we did that, everyone in the world would be abandoned and lonely. Ya gotta keep faith in yourself and the people that care about you most.”
He looked to me with a surprised, maybe thoughtful expression and I smiled and winked at him. Just then, Akai came in with plates of pizza.
“Dinner is served,” she announced dramtically. I got up and held out a hand to help Amiboshi up, and we walked over to the pizza. Tasuki got up also and stared at the pizza with a disgusted, suspious look, “What the hell is it?”
“Pizza,” Akai said, demonstrating by lifting a piece to her mouth and taking a bite, “mmm...good!”
Tasuki stared at her as if she’d just taken a bite out of a big chuck of wood instead of pizza. Then he stared back at the pizza.
“Very good!” I added, taking a bite out of a piece myself and turning to Amiboshi, “try some.”
Amiboshi also stared at the pizza, then shrugged and lifted a piece, taking a bite the same as we had.
His reaction was priceless. First, he scrunched up his nose horrifiedly, next, he stared at the pizza silce and if it were a snake, then spit out the bite he’d taken onto a plate. With that, he tossed the slice back on the plate and onto the night table.
“You don’t like it?” I asked, a little confused. He turned to me with the same disgusted expression, “You eat that?!” he exclaimed. I just then noticed Akai losing it in the background.
“Let me try that,” Tasuki said, grabbing a piece and taking a bite. He stared at the slice and smiled, his mouth full of pizza, “That’s fuckin’ good! How can ya not lie that?!”
“It’s awful,” Amiboshi insisted.
I heard a thunk and looked over to see Akai collapse to the floor in laughter.
“I can’t believe it,” I smiled at her, “there’s actually food in front of you and you’re letting laughing get in the way of eating it?”
“Oh, that’s right!” she exclaimed, jumping up and scarfing a piece of pizza--or shall I say, inhaling. It was gone in under two minutes and we stared at her, wide eyed.
“What?” she exclaimed, “I’m starved! I haven’t eaten all day!”
Now that I thought about it, I was starving too. I picked up a piece and scarfed it, although not nearly as fast as Akai had. Tasuki, Akai, and I sat munching on pizza while Amiboshi looked on boredly. After a while, we were all full (except Amiboshi) and tired.
“Uh, I guess you guys will just have to sleep down here,” I shrugged as we sat around on the bed. Tasuki and Amiboshi shot each other glares.
“He’ll kill me in my sleep!” Amiboshi cried, pointing at Tasuki.
“Damn right, I will!” Tasuki grinned. Akai just rolled her eyes.
“Please, just try to get along for one night. Please?” I begged, clasping my hands as if in prayer.
Tasuki gazed at us doubtfully.
“Just for one night?” Akai added in.
Tasuki scowled, but grumbled, “Yeah, fine, whatever.”
“Thanks, Tasuki!” Akai cried.
“Oh, you’re so sweet,” I beamed, intentionally trying to embarress him.
Tasuki blushed a bit and muttered, “Yeesh, that’s why I hate women.”
“Well, I guess we’d better be off...” I shrugged, looking helplessly at Akai, then back at the guys. There was an akward silence and Akai said, “Uh, good night, guess.”
“Yeah, goodnight,” I said, beginning to follow Akai out of the room. I glanced back at Amiboshi, but quickly turned back around.
“Good night,” I heard Tasuki murmur, followed by Amiboshi’s, “Good night.”
We closed the door softly behind us and headed upstairs, silently. We said good night to Akai’s dad and changed into our night clothes in Akai’s room, silently. Then we climbed into bed, silently.
We looked at each other and clapped out hands over our mouths to silence the shrieks of joy.
“Oh my God!!!” I let out what I’d been wanting to scream all day. we both started babbling about how cute they really were and not really caring that we couldn’t understand each other, let alone ourselves, almost.
“Is this actually happening? I mean, we’re dreaming, right? I didn’t just see AMIBOSHI shirtless, did I?” I babbled on once we were quieter.
I know!! I can’t believe their actually here!! Somebody pinch me!” Akai cried.
I resisted the urge to reach out and pinch her and went on, “Akai, what are we going to do with them?!”
“Uh, I don’t know,” she shrugged, and I could tell I was going to have to shove the subject of responsiblity onto her.
“Akai, really! Your dad’s gonna get suspious if we keep hanging out downstairs.” I urged her.
Akai sighed, “I know. But where else can they go?”
“That’s not what I meant. I wouldn’t want them staying anywhere else but here. But think about this: why is it just Amiboshi and Tasuki? Our favorites? Isn’t that a little odd?” I reasoned.
“You have a point,” Akai agreed, “it is a little...convient.”
“Exactly. Why are they here?” I asked, my voice rising alittle, but I kept it quiet.
“Hmmm. ‘How’ would be a better question. It’s breaking just about every rule of physics there is!” Akai said.
“Oh yeah!” I agreed, then paused, a dreamy smile breaking out on my face, “but he’s just so wonderful!”
“Oh, god, I know!” Akai sighed happily, “Tasuki! I can’t believe he’s actually here!”
“I know,” I layed back against the pillow and decided I was never going to get any sleep. I got a devillish grin on my face, “hey, Akai-chan, later tonight, when we’re sure they’re asleep, let’s go down and watch ‘em sleep.”
“You bet!” Akai smiled wickedly, “hmmm, I wonder if we have any jello.”
“Akai!” I cried, yet was grinning, “no, that wouldn’t work. Jello takes, like, four hours to solidify.”
“Maybe frosting,” she grinned.
I laughed and rubbed my hands together, “We could have fun tonight.”
She laughed too, “Oh, you’re evil.”
“Yeah, but it’s so much fun,” I did my attempt at an evil cackle, “oh, but you know me, Akai. I’m the good girl.”
“Yeah, sure,” she snorted.


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