Chapter Five-

The next day went by as slowly as it possibly could. I think the whole world was slowing down to mock me. I kept thinking about Junior Prom. It was in a week and one day, next Friday. Could I actually ask Amiboshi to go?
I sat in math class, not even paying attention. Tasuki and Amiboshi came to this class with Akai and I. Tasuki looked pretty bored, but Amiboshi actually looked interested, even if he didn’t get it at all. I looked over at Akai, who sat beside me. She had a dreamy, cheerful smile plastered to her face and was humming some happy tune. I raised an eyebrow, knowing something had to have gone on. She was getting happier every day and I wanted to know why1.

“What the hell are you so happy about?” I hissed at her, leaning over, “we’re in algebra.”
She smiled cheerfully at me, “Oh, no reason. I’m just in a good mood that’s all.”
I shook my head, “Whatever. Don’t think I don’t know about you and Tasuki.”
“What about me and Tasuki?” she demanded, turning red.
“Oh, please!” I sighed exasperately, “it’s so obvious. The way he smiles at you, the way you’re so happy all of a sudden after you’ve been alone with him...”
She gawked at me, “Nishiko! Nothing has happened! We’re just friends!” she leaned over and whispered, “besides, you know he’s made it very clear that he doesn’t like me in that way. I’m just a kid to him, remember?”
I leaned back and shrugged, whispering back, “You’re only two years apart,” I turned to look at her, “remember, Akai, you can’t see the world from another angle. You don’t always know everything.”
She snorted, but leaned back as well, “I know that he wouldn’t try anything on me. I know I’m only just a friends to him. And I know it’s going to stay that way.”
I didn’t reply. I stared ahead of me, knowing I had to pay attention or I’d flunk the test.
The period was over, and the four of us began walking to science.
“What’d you think of math, Amiboshi? You seemed to like it,” I asked, turning to him.
“It’s pretty interesting,” he nodded.
I saw Tasuki shoot a glare at me, “I don’t see why yer bein’ so nice ta him,” he turned to glare at Amiboshi, “I wouldn’t trust ‘im if I were ya.”
“Tasuki!” I exclaimed.
Amiboshi gazed straight ahead of him, a tired, almost passive expression on his face, “Tasuki, why can’t we just let it go while we’re here?”
“Let it go?!” the orange haired boy scoffed, “ya tried ta kill us! Ya ruined the Suzaku calling ceremony!” the four of us had stopped, along with other kids who found this to be rather interesting. Tasuki’s eyes flashed furiously, “we trusted ya and ya betrayed us.”
Amiboshi gazed at him, looking almost pained to be in this conversation again, “I told you,” he said in a calmish voice, “I didn’t betray you. I was never on your side. I was simply trying to help my side. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t have done the same thing to us Seiryuu seishi if you had the chance.”
“I’m not like you, ya bastard,” Tasuki spat, taking a step closer towards Amiboshi. I saw a faint glow on his fore arm, “yer such and unbelievable asshole.” Tasuki took another step forward, raising his fist, “I’m a loyal guy. Ya know nothin’ about loyalty. I’m surprised ya follow that asshole Nakago. Or do ya plan ta back stab him too.”
I saw a flash of anger pass through Amiboshi’s eyes, but he looked away, closing his eyes, “Don’t bring Nakago into this,” he looked back up at Tasuki, as if pleading, “you don’t even know me! You don’t even know why I’m fighting!”
Tasuki glared death at the younger boy, “I don’t need ta know. It doesn’t change the fact that yer a fuckin’ traitor!”
With that, he brought his fist back and there was a loud smack as it connected with Amiboshi’s cheek. I gasped and rushed forward to Amiboshi. He was suddenly in a fighting stance, but I caught his arm and he turned to look at me with a ‘let me go’ expression. But I pleaded, “Amiboshi, please!”
He still looked angry, but he must have seen the fear and begging in my eyes amd let out a frustrated sigh. He jerked him arm away from me and stalked off the other way down the hall. I didn’t follow him this time. I stood, watching him go, watching all my hopes float away with him. He must hate me now, I thought sullenly, I’ve done nothing but get in his way since he got here.. With that, I turned and walked off the other way down the hall.


I felt like skipping science. I felt like going home where no one would see me and cry. Sob. Now all I wanted was for Amiboshi to go away. I, of course, wanted him to stay, but I didn’t. I wanted him to go back to his world so I could forget about him. Forget I’d ever felt anything for him. Forget I still felt something for him. I didn’t want to have to deal with seeing him everyday, seeing him angry with me. I was too lazy like this.
I avoided all of them during science. Okay, I basically avoided Akai and Tasuki. Amiboshi, I’m pretty sure, avoided me. It was same on the bus ride home. We all sat in seats away from each other, silent.
We got off at out bus stop and I said bye to Akai, then began walking home.
“Wait!” I heard Tasuki cry from behind me, and I turned to see him running after me. I kept walking, but slowed a little bit till he caught up. I didn’t say anything to him, but stared straight ahead ofme.
“Hey, Nishi-chan, who’s this Namida guy Akai kepts talkin’ about?” he asked.
I narrowed my eyes, half out of Tasuki daring to talk to me after he’d punched Amiboshi, half out of the mention of Namida, the arrogent pig.
“Why do you care?” I snapped.
He looked uncomfortable, “’Cause she said somethin’ about me lyin’ ta her just like Namida did.”
I sighed roughly, “You did.”
“Who is he?!”
I stopped and turned to him sharply, my eyes narrowed, “Why should I even tell you? You have no right to know!”
He ran a hand through him silky fire hair and sighed, “Aw, jeez, Nishi-chan. Not you too...”
“Yes, me too,” I said vindictively, “you broke your promise and got Amiboshi mad at me!”
He looked confused but said, “Look, I know I promised, but I...I...he’s such a fuckin’ asshole!!”
I raised an eyebrow. Not the best thing to say to an Amiboshi fangirl. I began to storm off, but he grabbed my arm, “Nishi-chan, I...I know that you...well, you know...”
I glared my trademark death glare at him, “I what?”
He seemed to be getting more nervous and more dumb by the minute. It must have been an interesting picture: this tiny little five foot one girl glaring and intimidating this big, buff, five foot ten guy. He rubbed the back of his neck, “Uh, that you...that him?”
I turned my back to him and began walking away, “I do not. Don’t even--”
“Aw, shit,” I heard him mutter, “I hate women!”
“That’s not gonna earn you too many points, Romeo,” I called over my shoulder.
“Nishi-chan...” he hesitated, “...I’m sorry.”
Now this stopped me. I turned around slowly, then motioned for him to catch up. A glint of hopefulness flashed in his eyes and he hurried up to me.
“Namida was Akai’s old boyfriend. He...he was a complete asshole. He told her he loved her and then slept with her best friend,” Tasuki’s eyes widened, “he did it more than once, and he just kept telling her he’s stop, but then he’d just go and do it again.”
Tasuki was silent. He stared at the ground with large eyes filled with shock, pity, and disgust.
“I’d better be getting home,” I said and turned to go. He caught my arm again and said, “Thanks for tellin’ me, Nishi-chan. And...” it looked hard for him to say this, “sorry fer breakin’ my promise.”
I looked at him, then smiled softly, “It’s okay. You just have to learn not to do stupid this. Think with your brain, not your fist. Things you could have done in Anicent China you just can’t do here,” he nodded slowly and I patted his arm, “hey, go catch up with them. And tell Akai you’re sorry,” I grinned, “and mean it.”
He grinned back, “Sure, sure. But jeez, Nishi-chan, d’ya know ya can be damn scary when ya want ta?”
I laughed, “Yeah, yeah, go home,” I shook my head and turned away. He called bye and ran off towards Akai’s house.


I pulled up in front of Tasuki, Akai, and Amiboshi the next morning on my bike, hitting the breaks quickly. I got off, putting it away and walking up next to them. I kept my gaze on the ground and murmured a soft, “Morning.”
“Good morning, Nishi-chan,” Akai said chipperly.
Amiboshi approached me slowly, “Good morning.”
I glanced up surprisedly at him just in time to see him brush some hair out of him eyes (oh, swoon!). I glanced over at Akai to see her smirking at me. I gave her a strange look, but didn’t say anything.
The bus suddenly came before we could question anything, and we got on, Tasuki and Akai sitting together. I sat down by myself, but looked up as Amiboshi shyly asked, “Can I sit with you?”
“Yeah,” I said, hoping it didn’t sound too anxious. He sat next to me and I now began to wonder what was going on, giving Akai another strange look.
There was silence between Amiboshi and I, and the scene yesterday flashed in my head. The look in his eyes as I’d stopped him, and he’d stormed off down the hall, the sigh that escaped his lips, determining only frustration towards me. I slumped a little lower. He must hate me so much right now. I glanced out the window sullenly, wondering why everything had had to go wrong, when suddenly I heard Amiboshi ask quietly, “So...are you going to the dance?”
I looked at him startled that he knew about the dance. Akai must have told him, I realized. But the dance jogged my memory. There was no way I was going to ask Amiboshi now. I didn’t want to push it with him.
“No, I don’t think so,” I told him quietly. He looked down at his hands, “Oh.”
There was more silence between Amiboshi and I, when suddenly Akai called to me, “Nishiko, I have a riddle for you.”
I turned my head to her and replied, ”I don’t like riddles.” I wanted to say I was in no mood for riddles.
“You get one anyway,” she said mildly, “how do two guys with nothing in common get transported from their world to a completely different world with no help from any God?”
I stared at her silently, then leaned my head tiredly against the seat, “Do you seriously think I can answer that? Stop being sarcastic.”
“I wasn’t being sarcastic. Think about it. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that they didn’t see any colored light?”
“Oh yes,” I sighed exasperatedly, “everything in the realm of magic has colored light.”
“Exactly,” Akai agreed, obviously not picking up on my sarcasm, “that tells us that it wasn’t the doing of any God, you see. If it was Suzaku or Seiryuu, there would have been a red or blue light. But who else, or what else would have sent them here?” she pursed her lips, “it just doesn’t make sense.”
“I think we established that a while ago. But I don’t think we can really answer that, because we don’t know of any magic source or something. Do we?” I asked.
Akai furrowed her brow, “That’s what’s so confusing. There has to be another source, ‘cause they’re here.”
“What source is powerful enough?” I questioned softly as people began getting on the bus, “I might have guessed a random witch or someone else who practices magic, but even witchcraft isn’t near powerful enough to bridge worlds.”
Akai nodded, “Well, what else? Taiis-kun could do it, but...I don’t think she would anymore than Suzaku would.”
I looked at her skeptically, “Taiis-kun? Akai, did you even pay attention to the series?”
I sighed, “Taiis-kun does a lot of things with a reason that’s not visable at the time. In Miaka in the Mirror: would Miaka have understood why Taiis-kun was doing this to her at the time?”
“But what reason would one have to screw up time? She didn’t do that in the series origanally, so something must have disrupted the flow of the plot.”
“So it’s not Taiis-kun,” I said, thinking a bit as we pulled up into the school. We got off and went inside to meet the anime club at our usual meeting spot. They were talking about various things, nothing too exciting.
I suddenly noticed Akai and Amiboshi nod at each other and walk off together down the hall. What is she doing with him?! I thought rather furiously, she already has Tasuki! She doesn’t need the guy I’m in love with too! I sat down, fuming, and I guess Tasuki noticed. He sat down next to me and asked, almost a little nervously, “What the hell is wrong with you, Nishi-chan? You’ve looked pissed all morning.”
I glanced at him, “I just had a rough night, that’s all.”
He furrowed his brow, but kept silent. A moment later, he asked, “Where’s Akai-chan?”
I narrowed my eyes, “She went off with Amiboshi.”
Tasuki narrowed his eyes also, “What? With that traitor?”
“He’s not a traitor,” I said softly. We kept silent, the anime club giving us questioning glances.
Akai and Amiboshi walked back then, and I shot a glare at Akai, and Tasuki shot a glare at Amiboshi. They both sat down, looking nervous.
The bell rang and I stood up, turning to Amiboshi and asking him boredly, “You coming to Geography with me?”
“Yeah,” he said, starting down the hall with me. We went into class and sat towards the back again. He turned to me with an expression that I couldn’t read, “Hey, Nishi-chan? About the dance...I--”
The bell rang and kids began rushing noisily to their seats, cutting between us and around us. The teacher went to the front and told us what we’d be doing that day. Amiboshi sighed and mouthed that he’d finish after class.
I was curious about what he was going to say all period and hardly listened at all. Amiboshi’d glance over at me every now, but that was all. We had to copy down some notes and I just motioned that Amiboshi could draw or something.
We began down to the band room after geography.. It was kind of hard to kear each other in the noisy hall, so we kept silent. The immature, dumb high school kids were getting to me and adding to my not very good day. When we got to the band room door, I asked in a tired voice, “What were you going to say in Geography?”
“Amiboshi!” cried an excited Ayameko, bursting through the doors upon having spotted Amiboshi, “you’ve got to play the flute solo on this one song! C’mon!”
She began to pull him away and he murmured a helpless goodbye to me, disappearing through the doors with Ayameko. I sighed, watching him go, then turned and to go to my second period.
Luckily, the period seemed to fly by, and I began walking back to the band room. I didn’t hurry, for I wasn’t in a huge hurry to get back. It was weird, I had begun to get the most depressing, sinking feeling, yet there wasn’t all that much to get depressed about. Well, sort of. The way I was assuming things, Amiboshi still probably thought I was annoying, but was just nice to me because he was a nice guy. I knew assuming things was bad, but when something is not summed but completely, it irritates the hell out of me and I have to assume the rest so I won’t be bugged. Also, I wasn’t feeling to hot about Amiboshi and Akai disappearing off down the hall together--alone. I didn’t think I was being possessive either. I didn’t care at all it Akai and Amiboshi were friends and talked. I’d be over-joyed! It was the alone part I didn’t like.
I entered the band room to hear the band, and sweet flute music above the rest. Amiboshi was sitting with the rest of the flutes, playing a solo, and improvising would be my guess. Almost everyone in the band was glancing over at him with wide eyes, playing or not. He was amazing.
Hearing me come in, Mr. Gunkan glanced at me, then the clock, and cut everyone off, excusing them. Everyone rushed to Amiboshi, with more questions and compliments. He flushed in the cheeks and smiled shyly.
I walked up to him, saying hello to the various band members I was friends with and asked him, “You ready to go to choir?”
He nodded and got up, excusing himself from everyone else. We made it across the band room, followed by many, “Bye, Amiboshi!” “See ya, Amiboshi!” Jeez, I thought wryly, he’s only been here two days and he’s more popular than me.
We went into the choir room and sat on the couch to wait for Tasuki and Akai. Amiboshi looked nervous and uneasy, but whenever he would open his mouth to say something, he seemed to change his mind and would look away, blushing a little. His behavior was odd and I sat next to him, not wanting to push things, and quiet.
Soon, Tasuki and Akai walked in and strolled up to us, Akai greeting, “Hello, everyone.”
“Hi,” I said, forcing a smile. Amiboshi looked up at Akai with an expression I couldn’t read and murmured a soft, “Hi.”
Akai turned to Tasuki and smiled teasingly, “So, we gonna get to hear you sing again?”
Tasuki colored slightly, “Damn women...”
Akai chuckled and turned to me, “You never answered my riddle.”
I sighed exasperatedly, “I don’t know!” then, upon seeing Kimiko walk into the choir room and spot us, “ask Kimiko.”
“Ask me what?” she asked, coming up to us.
Akai turned to her, “How do two guys with nothing in common get transported from their world to a completely different one with no help from any God?”
Kimiko looked surprised, then thoughtful, “How do you know the Gods didn’t send them?”
“Well...” I paused, “there wasn’t any light, as far as we know.”
She shrugged, “I have no clue,” she paused again, “are you guys going to the dance?”
“Me an--” Tasuki began but was cut off sharply by Akai, who smiled sweetly, “we don’t know yet.” She shot a look at Amiboshi.
Kimiko turned to me and Amiboshi. I shook my head, “Don’t think so.” and Amiboshi shrugged, his eyes on Akai the whole time. Suddenly, a thought struck me, like an epithany. Akai and Amiboshi’d been shooting weird looks at each other all day, especially at the mention of the dance, they’d disappeared down the hall together, Amiboshi’d been very interesting in the dance all today...what if...what if...they were going together??!!
I choked out loud and looked away with a fuming look on my face. That little cheat!She knew I liked Amiboshi and she went ahead and took him! Some best friend2
The bell rang and the choir teacher came in. We all got to the risers like the rest of the girls. I barely looked at Akai as we took our seats.
All through choir, I ignored Akai and was off in my own little dream world, building up anger. Ah, I can be dangerous when I’m alone with my thoughts. I didn’t even know the whole truth and I was getting more pissed at Akai by the minute.
After choir, I got up quickly and began to walk out when Tasuki caught my arm. He fell in step with me, and for some reason, looked just as pissed as me. I just realized we were leaving Akai and Amiboshi behind. I felt bad, but then...oh well, I thought grumpily.
“Hey, Tasuki,” I murmured as we walked out into the hall. He barely lifted his head and muttered, “Hey.”
I looked at him, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothin’s wrong!” he snapped fiercely. I was a bit taken aback by his anger, but kept silent. He softened his voice, “sorry, I didn’t mean ta snap.”
“It’s all right,” I murmured and he stopped for me to get into my locker, and leaned against the other lockers in that ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn-way’ Tasuki does best.
“What’s wrong with you?” he asked half-heartedly. I opened my locker to grab my lunch and replied, “I...I just...” it occured to me I had no idea how to explain how I felt.
“It’s okay, Nishi-chan,” he smiled crookedly, “not like I’m gonna tell Amiboshi or nothin.’”
I laughed softly and shut my locker, then turned to lean against it. I furrowed my brow, wondering where to start, “It’s just...I think Akai and Amiboshi are going to the dance together,” I blurted out painfully, then I wished I hadn’t. I’d kinda forgotten that Tasuki had a thing for Akai.
“What?!!” he exploded, causing some kids to turn, “they’re what??!!”
“I...I don’t really know...” I stammered. Jesus, he was getting more pissed than me!
“But she...” he trailed off, and I saw some hurt pass over his face.
“Tasuki, I don’t--” I started. Anger replaced the hurt once more in his face and he grabbed my hand, hauling me down the hall, “C’mon.”
“Where?” I cried desperatly.
“Lunch,” he said, still pulling me down the hall. Damn, he was strong!
We went into the cafeteria and I spotted Akai and Amiboshi sitting at the table by themselves. I didn’t feel like going and sitting by them, but Tasuki still had my hand and it didn’t look promising that I’d get it back. He slowed to a pace, my small hand in his huge one, and he slowly entwined my finger with his. We walked to the table and Tasuki sat us down across from them. I avoided both their eyes uncomfortably, and barely noticed Tasuki and I still holding hands.
Suddenly, to my shock, Tasuki slipped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. I stiffened, glancing nervously at him out of the corner of my eye. What the hell?! I got enough courage to glance at Akai and Amiboshi. Amiboshi had a

surprised, confused look on his face, and Akai...well, Akai looked pissed. But I didn’t care, because I was just as pissed at her. I glared at her coldly and turned away.
“Beautiful day, isn’t it, Nishiko?” Tasuki asked suddenly, pulling me a little closer possessively and smling down at me.

I glanced at him, more confused, “Huh? What? Oh, uh, yeah.” I felt a little disoriented. I supposed it was a friendly guesture, but do friends do this?
Akai suddenly stood up, knocking over her chair and storming off. I was a bit worried, but quickly thought good. I don’t want her here.
I looked up at Amiboshi, who was watching Akai with worried eyes. He looked back at us, and Tasuki, giving him a smug glare, reached over and took my other hand, entwining my fingers in his. There was a flash in my mind of Amiboshi holding my hand in the band room, but I shoved it out of my mind. Tasuki pulled me closer still, smling at me, “Ya know, Nishiko...”
His words were lost in my head as I suddenly realized what was going on. This wasn’t a friendly guesture at all! But Tasuki didn’t really like me...did he? Oh my God, my brain fuzzed over this, what if he does...? But...I love Amiboshi! How can mind came to a passive state as I thought, maybe...maybe I can make myself love Tasuki. Then I can forget about Amiboshi. Flashes of the band room, and out in the hall, Amiboshi holding my face went across my mind. I shut my eyes for a second, shoving them away as they caused me pain, and I slowly held Tasuki’s hand back, squeezing it gently. He squeezed it back and kept talking. I’ll...I’ll make myself love him. Then it won’t hurt when I think of Amiboshi. I can forget.
Amiboshi suddenly got up and walked away quickly. I didn’t watch him, feeling awful, like my happiness left with him, but I stayed in Tasuki’s arms, holding Tasuki’s hand tightly, as if I was too unstable to let go. The anime club began sitting down, looking extremely confused that Tasuki and I seemed to be all over each other.
Tasuki suddenly took his arm away from my waist and jerked his hand away from mine. “Now that they’re gone...” he muttered, as if it was an explanation.
I sat in shock for a moment, as if I was crippled and my walker had just been taken away, like I was broken. Tasuki had had all been an act?
“ were just pretending to like me?” I asked in a choked, weak voice.
Tasuki looked at me, “Huh?”
I turned to him, my voice rising a notch, “It was all an act?!”
“Nishiko, I thought that--”
I stood, glaring furiously at him, “You used me!” I cried. The anime club and other kids turned to stare at us, but I didn’t really care, “you used me to make them jealous! Just because they’re going together, you had to lead me on to get back at them!”
Tasuki stood up, grabbing my hand. He spoke softly, trying to calm me down, “Nishiko, it’s all right,” he said gently, putting his face close to mine, “I didn’t
“Don’t touch me!” I exclaimed furiously, jerking my hand away from him and storming out of the cafeteria.
“Nishiko!” he yelled after me, but I kept walking till I got to the doors. I pushed through them, preparing to take off down the hall, but I suddenly froze as soon as I got outside the doors. Amiboshi and Akai were by some lockers, and Amiboshi had his arms around her in an embrace. I stood still in shock, then upon having them see me, I took off in the opposite direction down the hall.
“Nishiko!” I heard Amiboshi cry, and I was pretty sure he was running after me. I sped up my run, positive he was faster than me and praying he wouldn’t catch up. I raced down the hall, not even sure where I was going. I spotted a nearby bathroom and made a bee line for the door. I threw open the door and hurried inside, slamming the door quickly behind me. As I held myself against the door, I heard him come up to it.
“Nishiko!” he cried desperately from the other side.
“Just go away!” I shouted, not meaning it to sound as harsh as it came out. I didn’t say any more and there was silence from the other side. Whether he was still there or not, I couldn’t hold it in any longer and felt the tears run down my cheeks. I slid to the floor, breaking into sobs. I just wanted to cry forever. The hurt was bad. I clenched my fist, pissed that I let two guys hurt me. I hated them sometimes. I hated guys so much. And yet, with Amiboshi, there was a deep, warm love that resticted me from hating him, and that just made it hurt all the more.
I cried till I couldn’t cry any more and glanced at my watch. It was nearly 4th period. I washed my face, dried it and took what seemed like a thousand deep breaths before going to my 4th period class.


The bus ride home was, again, akward, and well, kinda lonely. I sat with Miyuki, but didn’t make much conversation, which seemed okay with her.
At our stop, we all got off, and Tasuki caught up with me, catching my arm, “Nishiko, I--”
“Don’t even start,” I warned flattly, narrowing my eyes at him. He sighed exasperatedly, “Fine! Suzaku, I hate women!” he stormed off in the direction of Akai’s house.
I turned back to begin my walk home when a hand grabbed my own. I turned to see Amiboshi, and he let go of my arm, but kept his eyes trained on mine.
“Nishiko, can I talk to you?” he asked softly, biting his lip. I nodded, and we walked over to sit on the rocks by the bus stop. Oh God, I thought, he’s going to tell me about Akai and him and tell me to stay out of their business, or...or to tell me to stay out of his life all together. The thought made my heart ache and I couldn’t lift my gaze to him at all as I sat on the big rock across from him.
“So...I guess you’re going to the dance with Tasuki?” he said, almost half like a question, half like a comment.
I jerked my head up, “Oh, no, not at all,” I assured him, but thought wryly, although that’d be quite convient for you an Akai, wouldn’t it? Then you wouldn’t have to feel guilty about--
“Really? But at lunch...” he started.
I shook my head, feeling foolish and remember how dumb I’d been to think Tasuki actually liked me and that I could actually make myself like him back. Stupid. Just stupid. I couldn’t tell Amiboshi that, “He was just...” I paused. What would I say? “it was just...friendly guestures.”
He gazed at me skeptically, but let it go, “So, anyway, I wanted to--”
But I didn’t want to hear him say it. It would hurt to much. “Look, I already know you and Akai are going together and--”
He stared at me with a shocked expression, “Akai?! No! I want to go to the dance with you!”
I choked. I was totally not prepared for this. He wan’t to go
“That is,” he cleared his throat, blushing a little, “if you want to go with me. Do you...will you go to the dance with me?”
I stared at him, then let out a slight laugh because he looked so incredibly nervous and unsure of himself, “Of course!” I cleared my throat, my cheeks growing a little hot, “I mean, I’d love to.”
A smile broke out on his face, and one on mine for the first time in a long time. We stood up, still smiling.
“Well, I’d better go on home,” I said hesitantly, really not wanting to leave. He nodded in understanding, and we hovered a moment, not real sure what to do. I shrugged, holding out my hand to shake his. He took it, but drew me in for a hug. I hugged him back, my arms around his neck, taking in his wonderful scent, feeling his arms around my waist tightly. I felt butterflies in my stomach being so close to him, but at the same time, a peaceful hue of bliss entered my mind and I just wanted to stay that way forever.
“I’m sorry about all today,” he said softly in my ear.
I sighed and murmured, “It was more my fault than yours. I’ve been a jerk all day.”
“No,” he breathed, “I was a jerk for not asking you sooner.”
I hugged him tighter, never wanting him to let go of me, to have to leave him. But his arms slipped from my waist and I backed up from him. Suzaku, he was handsome.
“I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said, smiling softly. He nodded, “Bye.”
“Bye.” I said, turning to walk home. The thought struck me suddenly that although I never wanted him to leave, he would, and soon.


1 I sound like some ogre or something, wanting to destroy it! No, I don’t wanna destroy Akai’s happiness, it just sounds like I do in this sentence. I really should read what I’m writing more carefully...

2 Now you see why I’m so much like Yui-chan. God help me if something like in FY happens to me and Inomi’s ever around! (ok, God help Inomi) “I’ll never forgive you!!

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