“God, I hate men!” Akai started fiercely, and I could just see her gritting her teeth and rolling her eyes.
“Me too,” I replied, “you know why? Because they’re men.” I said the word as if it were a disease, “so anyway,” I went on a lighter note, “what happened with you?”
She sighed, “Oi, you know how it is. Namida’s just being an ass. Again.”
I sighed and switched the phone to my other ear, “What else is new?” I asked boredly. I hid it, but it made me mad that he’d hurt my buddy, Akai. I wanted to punch him---hard. But couldn’t: I’m a pacifest, and...I’m a total wimp.
“Why do nice guys like bitches?!” I spat out, suddenly thinking of my own rotten day, “I mean...WHY?!” I didn’t even know how to say what I wanted to say. But it didn’t matter. Akai wouldn’t care. She would listen to me anyway, “it’s not like I’m in love with Shurui or anything---hah, I’m never falling in love with a guy for my life---but it still hurts when he flirts with Riruko, and it makes me mad because I know what a bitch she is and he’s so dense, he never sees it...guys are SO dense!!” I knew I was babbling, but I was angry. I meant everything I’d said. I was just about ready to give up on guys. It seemed like I was making a mountain out of a moehill about Shurui because it was just a simple crush, but it wasn’t nessicarily about Shurui. It was just...guys. They were so awful and...cruel.
“I know I’ve said this a billion times, but why can’t real guys be like anime guys?” Akai spoke of a wish we’d both dreamed of a million times. Of course, we were mainly talking about Fushigi Yuugi guys, who were just so sweet and romantic, you looked at them and then the real guy-pigs we were stuck with and it just made you want to cry.
I let out a frustrated sigh, “It’s not fair! Why should we be stuck with the assholes?!”
“Yeah,” she agreed wearily, “life can be so cruel, “she sniffed melodramtically.
I glanced at my digital clock, shining a bright blue 11:49. “Oh, hey, Akai? It’s almost midnight. We should probably get some sleep. I’m gonna fall asleep right here on the phone. You’ll hear me snoring soon,” I demonstrated, emmiting a loud snore.
“You sound like Tasuki!” she exclaimed, followed by lots of laughter.
I laughed and replied, “You wish. You so wish.”
I could almost see her grinning, “You’re right, I do.”
“Ah, ah, ah! That’s not fair. I get to turn into a guy1 and go out with you? Dream on. I get Amiboshi, no matter what.” I grinned triumphantly.
There was a satasfied silence, both of us thinking we’d won, I’m sure.
“Well, tomorrow, I guess, is Spring Break!” I broke in happily.
“Really? Awsome!” she sighed with satasfaction.
I was about to reply, when I felt something was wrong. I couldn’t quite place it, but as I all of a sudden felt nothing under me and hit the floor roughly, I realized I’d fallen off of my chair.
“Yeah. All right, now I know we have to go to bed, I just fell off my chair,” I smiled lightly, “goodnight, Akai.”
“Goodnight, Nishiko. Bye.”
“Bye,” I finished, hanging up the phone. I wearily got off the floor and walked to my window to shut it. I stopped and stared out into the night sky, my mind on love and guys.
I wish Amiboshi was a real person, I thought, sighing loudly.
As if all of a sudden, I felt a strange, tingly feeling in my stomach, and it spread all through my body, a weird, jittery feeling, but warm and comforting at the same time. Shaking the feeling off nervously, I climbed into bed and closed my eyes. Within minutes. I was asleep.


1 This is a HUGE joke between Inomi and I (maybe a couple other friends) that someday I’m gonna wake up and have changed into Koji. She says I act like him, so I’m gonna turn into him and she’s gonna glomp me (oh, dear God...). Someday, we’ll have ta write a fic about it. And recently, she’s been saying I’m turning into Inu-Yasha too, another one of her favs. Suzaku help me!!

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