Fanfic Submissions!

Since people have actually started to send me their fanfics to post, I've begun a submissions page! Since I don't know how to put up a little info loader thingy, you'll have to do it the old fashioned way, gomen. -_-

If you would like me to post your fanfics, please go by the following guidelines:

*Your fanfic must be Fushigi Yuugi related! Other series fanfics will go into that series catagory (once they're actually up...)

*blinks* Uhh...that's it. ^_^ Really, I'm not strict about this at all.

To Submit your fanfic:

Please send me an e-mail with the following:

*The title of your fanfic

*Your name as you'd like it to appear as credited

*Whether or not you'd like me to link your e-mail address so you can get comments on your page

*If so, the e-mail address you'd like to be linked

*If you know of it, spoilers your fic has in it (if you don't know, don't worry; I've got FY memorized, I can come up with the spoilers in a second)

*Make sure you have a disclaimer and an author's note!

*And finally, your fanfic, of course!

Once you have all that...

Submit Your Fanfic!

Note: If you'd like poems or songs put up, they're most welcome too! Just make sure to tell me if they're a poem or song, so I can include that. Thanks!