Fue-chan's Minna
Marriage Prospects!


Looks: Fue-chan has a mix of cute and beautiful going for her. She's very small, but has a dark, mature look. She's well endowed and curvy, but has a narrow face with a Jewish/Russian look to her. She really has no outstanding best feature--it all sort of fits together, although she's known for having a rather nice body.

Smarts: She's fairly intelligent for her age and possesses a lot of maturity. She's pretty responsible and reasonable and usually thinks things through with the belief, "Better safe than noble." But when something truly means something to her, all reason seems to fly out the window, and she can be a regular idiot. While intelligent, she can be rather a ditz, forgetful, and pretty naive. Her faith and optimism create a pretty naive view of the world, so you'd have to deal with that.

Personality: Fue-chan is a yo-yo. Genki and bubbly one minute, she can shoot down into pessimistic, sarcastic, and moody the next. She's a true Capricorn in her ups and downs. Depending on what's going on in her life, she's usually friendly and sweet, compassionate to everyone and everything and /extremely/ sensitive and emotional. She likes to be around people, and also to be a loner sometimes. If you can't stand people who cry constantly, stay away, because she's a regular crybaby.

Home Economics: This is a good area for her. She loves most domestic things, especially cooking and proves to be very good at it. If you like to have a lot of things done for you, Fue-chan's a good bet because she loves to cook and sew and etc /for/ people. Often, she'll want to do it all herself, and /don't/ try to interfere with her in the kitchen! Also, being a strong feminist, she won't appreciate a "men sit back on lazy ass, women work" attitude at all. And, if you're a total meat-lover, Fue-chan's probably not the one for you, as she's a vegetarian and won't cook meat for just anybody.

Fighting Skills: Uh... -_- None, really. The only person she can beat up is probably Inomi, if that tells you anything <*huggles Inomi* Looove yoou ^^;;;>. She's not strong at all, a wimp actually, and knows really no defense or offense. She does know a few kick-boxing moves, but whether she'd think to use them in a time of panic is questionable.

Special Abilities: In the ways of magic, not many. She's pretty musically talented, but basically is an ordinary human.

Competition: Fue-chan has a few suitors, but it's a little difficult to say 'competition.' Eran is her fiancee, therefore the largest competition, and after him, Jerome poses lingering competition. Hazel is strong competition-- not in her eyes, but /his/. He doesn't let Fue-chan go easily, especially if she turns up available, and does a lot to stay in his place. And /then/ there's Grey. Basically, dun try for Fue-chan. You have a good chance of getting her to fool around with you, which might make her hate you all the more. -_-

In Laws: This could be a little scary. While Fue-chan's parents are okay and very nice to any boyfriends (her father's kind of a scary ogre....), you'd have to pass with her sort of brother Aza first. He's extremely protective and uptight about it and will only really approve of you if you're a 'good, innocent, polite boy.' But Fue-chan doesn't /let/ him try and stop her from having boyfriends, so not to worry if you don't meet Aza's approval, just worry about meeting hers. Also, she has a real blood-brother, but he doesn't live near her. As long as you're not a dumb, sex-obsessed, meathead jock, you're A-ok with him.

Economics: Another good area. She doesn't /make/ a lot of money, but she's very good with it. She's responsible and not spend-crazy. She's great at saving when she puts her mind to it and a good shopper, always looking for bargains and good prices. If you're thoughtless about money, it's likely you'll drive her crazy as she needs organization and responsibility.

Sex:Fue-chan gets points for her enthusiasm and precotioness. She may not have a ton of experience, but Eran rates her as "really good." #o.O#

Overall: Fue-chan would make a devoted and loving partner, definetly a family oriented girl. If you learn how to deal with her yo-yo-likeness and show her lots of love. you're good to go. While also wanting a bit of time to herself, be prepared to have her wanting to be with you a lot, as she gets insecure very easily. Probably better to stay away from her at this point in her life, as she has enough guy troubles toworry about.

Kirei Kyotoki

Looks:Kirei is very much as her name describes her: beautiful. She's got very beautiful features, but usually looks just plain "cute." She's got a great body, even after giving birth, especially nice, long, shapely legs. However, she's not very... cosmetically educated, having been a tom-boy for a lot of her life, and doesn't wear make-up or do very fashionable things with her hair. Basically, she gets by looking lovely and cute.

Smarts: The thing about Kirei is she acts like the dumbest purple-headed girl you'd meet. You'd think she's not the brightest crayon in the box, but she really is an intelligent, smart girl. Her problem is she doesn't /think/, but rather goes completely with her feelings. Her emotions influence her judgement a lot, and she comes across as a pretty dumb lil' chick. She is kind of blunt and frank in a cute way.

Personality: Kirei is pretty much just bubbly. She's one of those incredibly happy, cheerful people that you just want to smack, but really you don't because they're so sweet and cute. She's friendly and liked by almost everyone, because she has a strong selflessness, and cares about people a lot. She is, however, extremely naive and rather immature. Very emotional, here's another crybaby, so be ready with the Kleenex.

Home Economics: She's pretty much average in this area. She's not some amazing cook or cleaner, but she knows how to do all these, having had to take care of herself a lot in her life. She would /love/ to take care of someone, and while she's not sexist (to women) she has no problem with being a 'good, little housewife' especially for someone she really loves.

Fighting Skills: Heh, she's not a total wimp. Kirei's definetly not a fighter, but she's fairly strong and can defend herself well against someone of near equal strength. She knows a tiny bit of karate, but not enought to effectively use.

Special Abilities: Um... tolerating Nikuma? Nah, I'm kidding. She really has no powers or exceptional talents.

Competition: The only man Kirei is interested in is Nikuma. He poses extreme competition---scratch that, there's no competition at all because Kirei is completely devoted and in love with Nikuma and Nikuma the same. Sorry, guys, she's absolutely taken.

In Laws: Your only in-law would be Kirei's mother, who's nice enough. She wasn't around a lot after Kirei's father died (she worked) and isn't Kirei's favorite person in the world. You probably would see her seldom, as Kirei tries to visit her as little as possible. -_-;

Economics: Kirei doesn't make any money, and if she did, you'd probably have to watch her with it. She's not /irresponsible/, but kind of likes to spend money without looking at something's price. She is, though, very good at saving, as she's lived in poverty most of her life.

Sex: Kirei has only had sex with one person before, and though not experienced, she's actually pretty dang good. She'll often get "in the mood" and can be really sexy. If she's into you, she won't object to a lot of sex, but if you haven't put a ring on her finger, she might worry you'll leave her.

Overall: Kirei would make a wonderful wife to someone who doesn't mind waking up to a bright, cheerful face. If your view on the world is pretty much just pessimistic and gloomy with no room for change, Kirei's probably a little too genki for you. But she's a mommy and a fiancee, so I suggest keeping the hell away from her, since any men that hit on her wish they hadn't shortly after (i.e. Nikuma, duh).

Zeibriel Jadeion

Looks: Zei is, in short, very good looking. He's considered sexy more than good old fashioned handsome, and a lot of that stems from his attitude. He has a trademark smirk that is /really/ sexy if it isn't annoying the hell out of you. He has a somewhat, /almost/ feminine look to his face, due to his eyes mainly, which have a very dark, thick outline, looking like he wears eyeliner, but he most certainly doesn't. They're curved in an almost Egyptian manner. The other thing is his ears, which give him a pixie/elfish look, which can push him into completely sexy, or adorable beyond belief.

Smarts:Heh heh... this is questionable. Zei is actually extremely smart and intelligent. His mind works on a level of intellect and cleverness that is astounding at times. It comes with his species and family to be an excellent strategist and manipulater, and he is amazing at finding out a person's weakness and attacking it in a way he knows will hurt them or upset them more than anything else. However, Zei doesn't show much of his intelligence in a general manner. He's extremely rash when he gets emotional, and seems like a regular meat-head blonde at times. He doesn't speak very good english most of the time, which can make him seem really dumb and cute at times. He's tactless and blunt and doesn't get things all the time. His intellect goes mainly into his plots on how he can hurt someone. -_-

Personality: Depends. Usually, he's very grumpy and moody, mean and cruel, but if he likes you a lot, you get to see the mazoku's soft side. With those he cares about, he's gentle, kind, romantic, sweet, and charismatic. But don't get on his bad side, because this guy holds grudges like nothing else and hates most everyone. Be ready to deal with a difficult personality if you go for him