Arkerial Shinjo

Full name: Arkerial Shinjo
Birthday: unknown
Age: Over 800
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Blonde, down to waist, straight
Eyes: Bright green
Identifying Characteristics: ...none, really. Extremely gorgeous.
Other Stuff: A very powerful kitsune
Species and/or Rank: Kitsune.
Special Abilities: Kitsune magic, including illusion, light energy, healing, levitation, etc.
Major Relationships: former lover of Zei’s, sorta friends with Inova, hits on Friel a lot, going at it with Heinrich. ^^
Personality: Arkerial, although very vain, is very nice and fun to be around, and always comes through when she’s needed. She can be a bitch a lot, but changes moods very rapidly, and can be very confusing.
Hopeful Voice Seiyuu: Amano Yuri
What she's done and notes: I basically just picked this randomly because I thought of Eriya and Naria in Escaflowne and liked the "womanly" kinda deeper voice, rather than a squeaky, girly Miaka voice. She's also done Misa in the FY OAVs, Alcione in Rayearth, Moemi in VGA.
Real Life Actress: Kim Basinger
What she's done and notes: Kim Basinger has been in many a well known movies, such as I Dreamed of Africa, LA Confidential, Wayne's World 2, Cool World, Batman and others (obviously) and is well-known as a beautiful woman of the times. I chose Kim for Arkerial because, obviously, she's a gorgeous, buxom blonde with womanly features and maturity. There were many other options for Ark, and all were beautiful blonde super models. They looked perfect, yes, but I need someone who can act. Hell if I know if these other can. I know Kim Basinger is a great actress, and beautiful like Arkerial on the side. It's perfect.

Ah, yes. Sexual, seductive, and deadly.

Growr, baby! She's so perfect for how agressive Arkerial is.