Autumn Panete

Name: Autumn Rose Dacinta Panete

Meaning: ‘Autumn Rose’ obviously means autumn rose, but I got it from a random person’s screenname in a role playing chatroom I ventured into once. Dacinta... is completely made up and I don’t even know how. Panete is another made up name that I have no idea of origin or meaning.

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Date of Birth: June 3, 1981

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Blood Type: Dunno!

Species: Human

Hair: Bright red (naturally), full and volumous, fairly straight and down to her waist.

Eyes: Mahogany

Skin: Fairly pale, like most red head’s skin is

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 124 lbs

Other Physical Description: Autumn is your classic gorgeous, seductive redhead. She’s got a nice, curvy body and beautiful features. She does look amazingly like the late Daruma and her sister Dana.

Favorite Color: Dark red/maroon

Family: Mother-Sarine (deceased), Father-Cederic (deceased), brother-Jethro (24)

Friends: Fue-chan, Kirei, Inomi, Jethro, Jake, Vale, Eran, Gabriel, Seibrum, Aza

Lovers: Fiancee-Jake, (formerly) Seibrum

Enemies: none really, but she doesn’t get along with Zei

Hobbies: waitressing, cooking, sewing, designing, science (anything to do with it), researching, dancing

Skills/Talents: Waitressing, cooking, sewing, designing, science, dancing, singing

Special Powers: none

Items: none

Occupation: trying to attend school, formerly a waitress

Goals/Ambitions: She’s very determined to go to college and become a scientist (majorly in biology), and to marry Jake and have kids with him. Just hoping to make a happy, healthy life for herself and those she loves.

Habits: Playing with her hair

Good Points: caring, considerate, fun, compassionate, bright, friendly, warm, smart, funny, flirty, adventurous, tactful, sweet, helpful, trust worthy, thoughtful

Bad Points: too bubbly at times, easily distracted, forward, unworldly, very trusting, nosy

Likes: Jake, science, family, clothes, sewing, cooking, food, school, traveling, animals, fashion, sex, romance

Dislikes: chauvenistic men, waitressing, greediness, cold weather, liars

Fears: some forms of technology

Motto: “When you think you’re ready to quit, go a mile more than you planned.”

Seiyuu: Japanese-undiscovered
English-Monica Keena

Actress: Monica Keena

History: Autumn was born in the small, old-fashioned town of Aezrith, the second child of Cederic and Sarine Panete. Cederic owned and managed a tavern that would go to his children through the generations. The family was small and quaint, but happy. Unfortunately, when Autumn was 7, she came home to hear from her brother, Jethro, that their parents had been killed. To this day, she doesn’t know the actual cause except that it was a horrible accident. Left with nothing, Autumn and Jethro were forced to work in the bar for the overseers that took over in the Panete’s death. The kids’ life was hard, living in a small, poorly made upstairs room above the tavern, working in all their spare time, and attending school as well. Jethro protected Autumn agressively and became quite defensive of his sister as she grew older and developed into her beauty, when men started to notice her more. Jethro quit school at 15 so he could work more to support Autumn better, but Autumn continued to go and graduated from secondary school, set on earning enough money someday to attend college and become a scientist.
When Autumn was 19, an elf, Seibrum, came into town and the two started a relationship. Seibrum took Autumn back for a short vacation to the Llanon hotel, where he came from, but he was committed to another and they ended up breaking up there, on amiable terms. Autumn went back to Aezrith and life returned to normal.
The overseers of the tavern decided then that because Autumn and Jethro were adults, they should either pay more for their living in the attic or move out. Obviously, this was impossible because they were employed by the overseers who weren’t offering a raise. After a huge argument with them, decided the siblings owed more money than they had, Autumn and Jethro had to escape and run away with few belongings. With no where else to go, Autumn took them back to Llanon hotel, planning to work for their stay and Autumn still planned to go to college.
Her plans went a little askew when she met Jake Aquian, and the two started a whirlwind relationship. They tried to hold off on falling in love, but they couldn’t control it and bordered on obsessed with each other. Jethro didn’t approve of Jake, but what can you do. Eventually, Jake proposed to Autumn, and she accepted. His parents came to help with the wedding, but it’s be about a year and a half or so and they still haven’t gotten married. Autumn even got so desperate for a wedding that she withheld sex for awhile. Anyway, their lengthy engagement is no fault other than lazy authors.