Eriya Crucien-Malvakai

Name: Eriya Crucien-Malvakai

Meaning: ‘Eriya’ came from Escaflowne, the silver twin of the cat-sisters. It fit her very well, although, I’m still not sure of any meaning, if any.

Gender: Female

Age: Late 20’s

Date of Birth: unknown

Astrological Sign: unknown

Blood Type: no blood! Just blue stuff.. um annoxillin

Species: Was once human, now is a mixture of human-unicorn/pegasus-something else

Hair: A whitish-blue with a hue of glitter to it. It’s down to her calves and thick, silky and pretty wavy/curly.

Eyes: gold

Skin: Very, very pale, nearly white, appearing like porceline.

Height: 5’11”

Weight: prolly about 145 lbs

Other Physical Description: Eriya is truly beautiful, one of the most beautiful women one will ever see. She’s perfectly curved and vulptuous, though still feminine looking in her odd beauty. Due to Vail, she has a metal plate on her chest over her collarbone and a jewel implanted in her forehead.

Favorite Color: Two: blue and black

Family: Father-Vail; Mother-Annette (possibly deceased?); half brothers, both older-Cojin and Cain

Friends: Renton, Sparrow, Gabriel, Hazel, Jerome, kind of Kiju and Aza, at times Cojin

Lovers: Renton; (formerly) Cojin

Enemies: Zei, Bella, Fue-chan, Vail, Vecepia, Eran, Grey

Hobbies: craftswork, reading, having sex with Renton, swing dancing

Skills/Talents: singing, craftswork, dancing, any kind of battling, archery, acting

Special Powers: Can control and manipulate wind, super strength, extreme speed, morph into a pegasus/unicorn (flying), can wield a light blade.

Items: Her bow and arrow, her light dagger

Occupation: nothing at all

Goals/Ambitions: Most currently, to free all those she cares about from danger. Her general, fantasy dream would be to become a “normal” human and live in peace with Renton, and the same for Cojin, minus the Renton part.

Habits: ...gritting her teeth? She taps her nails when impatient.

Good Points: caring, passionate, emotional, sweet, nurturing, strong-willed, determined, efficient, calm, loving, selfless, brave, trustworthy

Bad Points: cold, untrusting, cruel, bitter, pessimistic, martyr, judgemental, rather closed-minded, sensitive, sullen, fearful, worrisome, sharp-tongued, vicious

Likes: Renton, Cojin, music, non-humans, her hair, Renton’s hair, the sky, wind, flying, animals, nature, innocent uncorrupt people, sex, skimpy clothes, nighttime

Dislikes: Vail, her “deformations”, humans, the earth, labs, any scientists, Sami, competition, “false” light (electritricity), hunters, people who betray her, slutty women

Fears: labs and scientists, being grounded.

Motto: “Sometimes it seems like everyone is out to get me.”

Seiyuu: English-Nicole Kidman
Japanese- undiscovered

Actress: Nicole Kidman

History: Eriya was the product of an affair between her mother Annette and Vail Crucien, a mysterious scientist who bribed her into letting Eriya and her half brother Cojin be experimented on. The experiments were relatively harmless, except that Eriya and Cojin didn’t take to them, and out of anger, Vail kidnapped the two when Eriya was 7 and experimented ruthlessly on them, splicing their genes and replacing their hearts with annoxillin pumps, adding and replacing various extremities. Eriya was spliced with a horse and a bird to create a pegasus/unicorn which she can morph into. Her and Cojin’s memories were almost entirely erased before, instead of being disposed of, they were set free and seperated. Cojin was sentenced to eternal sleep (which he eventually woke up from...) and Eriya was simply placed in a foreign village in nothing more than a ragged dress in the middle of winter. Because of the additions to her body, she was considered a freak and was beaten by village boys, chased out of every place she entered. It was on a cold winter’s night that she was resignedly hidden in the woods, nearly passed out in the snow that a stranger came upon her. He thought she was a poor child who froze to death and took her in, only to discover she was alive. His name was Hazel, and he took her in, acting as her guardian, and raised her in a Spanish village he lived in. Hazel called her Jaydrian because she couldn’t remember her real name and created for her a headband to hide the jewel on her forehead.

Eriya grew more and more beautiful everyday, and then was not only harassed for her oddities, but for her loveliness as well, pursued by piggish men. She was never actually raped, but she was attacked quite often, always to be saved by Hazel. This built up inside her, causing her to be cold and withdrawn from humans, distrusting anything they said or did, and stronger in her anger. She developed a hold on her power over wind and was taught by Hazel how to defend herself in battle and became quite a force to be reckoned with. Also, throughout her time living with Hazel, she grew to idolize him, nearly worship him for his kindness to her. She mistook it for love and pined after him. He tried not encourage her, for in his eyes she was his daughter of sorts.

When Eriya was in her mid-20s, she began having re-occuring dreams of her “Prince,” the boy who had loved her and tried to save her during the horrible experiments (which came back to her memory in pieces) and longed for him. This boy she remembered was actually her brother Cojin, but she couldn’t remember any sort of relationship. These dreams urged her on to leave home and bid goodbye to Hazel. She traveled, led on by her dreams until she came upon Llanon Hotel and met Cojin. They could both sense something about each other recognizable, but neither could realize it, and instead of working together to find it, they resented each other and were constantly at each other’s throats. While the rest of the hotel knew her as Jaydrian, Cojin remembered her being Eriya, which brought them to one day rediscover each other in a flood of memories. From then on, they were inseperable, and entered into a romantic sexual relationship despite that they were blood related.

Cojin was far more blood thirsty than Eriya, but she followed him anywhere, and he at one point discovered he could control Mako, which was what Sami was completely comprised on. In that, he could control Sami and used him as his little puppet. There was a complication with Sami’s soul, and knowing Hazel could do transfers of souls being a demon, Eriya went back to him and asked him to return with her to the hotel.

Also, Cojin had developed Zei as an enemy and Eriya, seeking to please her brother, went after Zei. She acquired a light blade from Kiju the elf mage and seduced Zei until his defenses were down enough and she attacked him. He was more experienced in fighting than her, unfortunately, and knocked her out. She had wounded him very badly, but Zei quickly grew obsessed with her and tried to take her captive. Cojin threatened Grey, however, and that was short lived. Zei was not one to be deterred, however, and had Grey help him kidnap Eriya, holding her prisoner in his room, chained to the wall. She remained there for weeks while Cojin searched for her. I believe after awhile, Cojin and Zei made a deal? I can’t remember exactly. Anyway, Cojin got Eriya back somehow.

Cojin was becoming increasingly obsessed with Sami, which Eriya just dealt with until she found out from Sami that they were sleeping together. Her anger and jealousy led to a couple of events in which she tried to make him envious back, but mainly, it just created a rift between her and Cojin. They continued to live together and be lovers, but they were constantly arguing and at odds with each other. She kidnapped Fue-chan for Cojin and held her captive there, but Sami let her go, and to gain a new captive, Cojin kidnapped Julien Renton, a guitar-playing junkie who had a thing for Bella. The plan was for Bella to give up Sami (her lover) in exchange for Renton’s life.

Eriya was to watch Julien, but as they got to talking more, she was quickly charmed by him and with the side intention of making Cojin angry, she slept with the extremely willing Renton. They both didn’t plan on falling deeply in love with each other while he was there, but they were found out by Cojin. Eriya helped Renton escape and decided to leave Cojin for him. Over the course of months, Cojin fought to get Eriya back, and held her once with the threat of killed Renton, but she would always go back to Renton.

It was then that Vail reentered her life, and she had a vague recollection that he was a part of her past, but couldn’t place him (and certainly didn’t know he was her father). He took Cojin captive and held him in his lab, and at some point got both Eriya and Renton there. Eriya agreed to work for Vail, collecting Mako so that he wouldn’t hurt her loves.

Zei came back into the scene then, having stumbled upon the way to get to Vail’s lab, and working with the assassin Emily, he went to take Renton for her. Eriya remained at the lab while Renton was owned by Zei, and feeling it was hopeless to remain with Renton, she went back to Cojin and dumped Renton. That was short lived though, and she soon was helped out of the lab by Hazel (Cojin was set free too), so she went back to Renton.

While Renton went through the changes with Mabel and then Jenova, Eriya pretty much stayed in the background of the situation, but continued to try and help him in whatever way. Recently, they’ve been blissfully free of troubles and problems and are appreciating the break from author-torture.