Full Name: Fue Azrael

Meaning: ‘Fue’ comes from the former title ‘Fuefuki no Miko’ (which means Flute Player’s Miko), and a friend shortened it to ‘Fue-chan.’ ‘Fue’ of course, means ‘flute’ in Japanese.

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Date of Birth: December 29, 1984

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Blood Type: O Negative

Species: Human

Hair: Most of the time, it’s dark black-ish brown, straight-wavy to her shoulder blades and silky. Sometimes she cuts it, and sometimes it has reddish highlights in it.

Eyes: Amber-colored.

Skin: Olive-toned, but pretty light most of the time.

Height: 5’ 1/2”

Weight: 107 lb..

Other Physical Description: She’s small and short, but mature looking and pretty, curvy and such.

Favorite Color: Purple

Family: Mother-Rhonda, Father-Andre, Brother-David who all live in the reality world; Is Aza’s little sister in a way (reincarnation of his sister); Wife to Jerome, Mother of Tundra and Wynter

Friends: Kirei, Harlequin, Autumn, Seibrum, Gabriel, Starlynn, Bella, Inomi, FY no Miko, Kate, Aza, Kiju, Jake, Sami, Renton, Jerome, Piper (kinda...), Xavier, Eran, Grey, Jin, Kitty, Murphy, Trill, Lucky, Hazel, etc I’m probably forgetting...

Lovers: Jerome; Formerly- Eran, Grey, Kiju

Enemies: Zei, Kinju, Cojin, Eriya, others possibly?

Hobbies: playing piano, singing, writing, reading, eating, sleeping, sewing, cooking, dancing.

Skills/Talents: piano, singing, cooking, sewing, taking care of kids, dancing.

Special Powers: None, except creating things from her mind in Jackiland.

Items: Nothing

Occupation: Mother and student. =/

Goals/Ambitions: Currently, to live happily with the man of her dreams and raise her children, as well as have a few more somewhere down the road; To help people and touch their lives in any way she can.

Habits: Twirling her hair, tapping her nails, crying.

Good Points: Compassionate, caring, affectionate, sweet, friendly, loving, understanding, intelligent, fun, spirited, determined, brave (to a degree...).

Bad Points: Overly sensitive, worrywart, impulsive, immature, indecisive, spoiled, whiny, doesn’t have much common sense, disobedient, unfaithful, moody.

Likes: Boys, food, her kids, children (in general), her Harem, art, cheesecake, pasta, animals, nature, water, accents, chocolate, movies, music, clothes, notebooks.

Dislikes: Mean people, liars, bugs/insects, boy bands and pop stars, slutty girls (hypocrite...), being treated like a little kid, spiders, close-mindedness, (most) vegetables, feet, sloth.

Fears: Sloth, closed spaces, spiders, purple gumdrops

Motto: “This too shall pass.”

Seiyuu: English- Jacki Ney
Japanese-Suzuki Masami

Actor: Jacki Ney

History: Fue-chan grew up a pretty normal girl with her parents and older brother, moving around a bit, and met Inomi in 3rd grade. Later, as a teenager, she met the other Mikos, and while discussing their depressing love lives one day, Bella Maria and her somehow magically came upon an abandoned, gigantic hotel, which they decided to reside in, bringing with them some other guests.
Once the hotel was more established and populated, Fue-chan began branching out more and getting involved in people, and on a dare, she married Eran, a shy wingboy, for 2 weeks, which lead to them becoming a couple lately, despite flings with Kiju, the mage elf. Having been near-enemies with Zei since almost the beginning of their knowing each other, she dabbled with him when he was trying to make Grey a mazoku and got his fist through her stomach. >.o She was immediately healed by the last Cetra, Jerome, who--despite her having a boyfriend--became the object of her desire and affection very quickly. She broke up with Eran to start a relationship with Jerome, but was also going through many hardships such as abuse and death and in general pain around the hotel, so she began going slightly crazy. With conflicting emotions and a heart full of fear, she broke up with Jerome. She would cut her arms and act bizarrely, and this was how she met Hazel, a demon. He fell in love with her rather suddenly, and seeing as she was alone, he decided to take initiative and stole her away from the hotel, taking her down to Hell to marry her. They lived in Hazel’s village for awhile, with Fue-chan quite out of place, when Eriya came to retrieve Fue-chan, disguising it as a favor to Eran, but actually taking her back to be Cojin’s captive, as bait for Jerome. She was held hostage for a week or so by them until Sami set her free. Sometime later, she started being a couple with Eran again, but her fickleness came back to her, and she was unfaithful, sleeping with Grey behind Eran’s back. Fun fun fun, she got pregnant. Assuming it was Eran’s, she didn’t realize who the real father was until, being cornered one day, Zei got ahold of her and turned her into a mazoku, keeping her children (twins) in an energy orb, fed off her. After sometime of being Zei’s little slave, she was sent to kill Jerome, who was more powerful and turned her back human. To save her kids, Zei put them back in her, but took every last part of her that was mazoku and put it into them to help save them.
On Christmas, she delivered her twin boys prematurely, and since then, they just have grown faster and faster. Under stress and unhappiness, Fue-chan broke up with Eran at the realization that she felt no connection. She began to raise Tundra and Wynter on her own, hopelessly seeking a husband. What she found was that Jerome was dying, and that he was with Cojin after a mishap with memories and a a power struggle, him now having Sami’s memories. Earlier, she’d gotten 3 wishes from Elcarim, making a deal with him to do a favor for him when the time arose. She used the wishes to bind Jerami to her, but his Jerome memories didn’t come back for nearly a month or so later, and then he went back to dying. After some research with Bella and Cojin, Fue-chan learned how to connect her life-force with Jerome’s from Dana, and since then she’s been living with her twin boys and Jerome and looking for a permenant cure to Jerome’s sickness.
She found it sometime later in the grown-up Starlynn, who cured Jerome on his sickness and Jerome got his memories sorted out. Fairly soon after, Fue-chan and Jerome got married and have been playing nice house with the rapidly growing boys.