Gabriel Shylock

Name: Gabriel Lucas Shylock

Meaning: I only know that ‘Gabriel’ means ‘Gift of God’ (I could look up ‘Lucas’...). Gabriel came mostly from Gabriel in Archangel by Sharon Creech and the fact that I adore the name; Lucas is just so cute! I was actually considering that for his first name. ‘Shylock’ is a character from Shakespeare and I also considered it for a first name. It all fit together in this way though.

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Hatching Date: March 15, 1984

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Blood Type: Dragon/demon “blood” must be very different.

Species: Half-demon, half-dragon

Hair: A dark, dark blue, it can look black sometimes. It’s very straight and falls to his eyebrows straight across his forehead. It’s very slightly longer in the back (not mullet!).

Eyes: Again, a very dark, deep blue that often appears black; slit reptile pupils.

Skin: Very pale, pretty flawless; when in half-dragon form, it’s coated silver.

Height: 5’8”

Weight: Mmm.. 140. When in dragon form.. a hell of a lot more

Other Physical Description: Though short and slender, Gabriel has a very good build--pumped up from flying. In half-form, he has long, beautiful silver skin wings, and long scaled ears. In dragon form.. he’s a dragon.

Favorite color: Blur

Family: Mother-Kasumi; Father-Zei. His half siblings are Julia (deceased), Edward (deceased), Isaiah (deceased), Seth (deceased), Angelica, Leah, Ariel, and Ezra. His half uncle and aunt are Aza and Rei (so, the Kits are all his cousins).

Friends: Kate, Kirei, Fue-chan, Seibrum, Harlequin, Eriya, Aza, Eran, Jake, Kiju, Ryss, FY no Miko, Jin

Enemies: Oddly enough, Zei doesn’t like him, possibly Cojin

Hobbies: drawing, painting, reading, composing, playing drums, spending time with Kate, video games, flying, sleeping

Skills/Talents: drawing, painting, composing, singing, math, academics

Special Powers: He can fly in half-form; he heals; in full-form, tons of stuff, I’m sure.

Items: none

Occupation: Student

Goals/Ambitions: Gabey dreams of marrying Kate one day and just spending the rest of his life fawning over her. He also hopes to complete college and would like to be an artist, musician, or mathematician.

Habits: Looking like a kicked puppy, walking with his head and eyes down, cowering

Good Points: sincere, loving, caring, selfless, compassionate, devoted, loyal, (can be) romantic, sweet, generous, giving of himself, determined, innocent, mature, deep

Bad Points: self-pitying, depressed, convinced he’s not worth anything, martyr, timid beyond belief, afraid, weak-willed (in a way...), too innocent, needy, spacey, bad conversationalist.

Likes: Kate, fish, sleeping, flying, Kate, video games, art, math, school, Kate, meat, ice cream, chocolate, peace, hanging out, Kate, books, people who make him feel worthwhile

Dislikes: people who intentionally hurt others, storms, anything violent, death, himself

Fears: Nothing very specific

Motto: “Trying means there’s a chance of getting hurt.”

Seiyuu: English-undiscovered
Japanese-Ueda Yuji

Actor: Undiscovered

History: Gabriel was the unfortunate production of a one-night stand. The mazoku Zei met Kasumi Shylock and instantly set out to seduce her. Though a woman with a good head on her shoulders, Kasumi was no match for Zei’s full on charm and submitted to him. Zei had no idea that she was a dragon, unfortunately, or he would have never slept with her. He was gone the next day, and she hatched Gabriel however long later. Gabriel grew up with just his mother, going to school under the guise of being a normal human, but the lack of a father figure in his life did had an influence on his personality, making him more timid and withdrawn. He always yearned to know his father, and when he was 16, he bid his mother goodbye and went off in search of Zei. His search landed him at Llanon hotel, where he met his reluctant father who greatly disliked him. While he desperately sought his father’s love, Gabriel met many others at the hotel and established good friends, and quickly developed a swooning crush on Kate Sith. She had been previously caught up with Ketsu and even had a strong romantic bond with Zei himself, but it was Gabriel who won over her heart, and they started dating.

Gabriel met the young worshipper Ryss at some point, and immediately Ryss put him under a spell that controlled Gabriel’s mind. They had an unusual, somewhat sexual relationship due to this, and Ryss worked to bring out Gabe’s demon side. He told Gabriel this was to make him powerful enough for Zei to love him, but Ryss mainly just wanted someone to control and fuck around with. Aza and Zei battled with Ryss to gain control back and... eventually did? My memory betrays me. Anywhoo, Gabriel was somehow free of Ryss and went back to living normally with Kate. Today he continues to fawn over her and heal various people, but his life is fairly normal and boring, which he’s grateful for.