Full Name: James Nicholas Williamson --AKA Harlequin

Meaning: ‘James’ means ‘He who replaces’; ‘Nicholas’ means ‘People of Victory’; and Williamson is just ‘Son of William,’ a family name and such. I’ve always loved he name James, and it fits Harley well for his real name (plus, it’s English!). He also sort of reminds me of James Gatz (Jay Gatsby) in The Great Gatsby. And Williamson fit nicely with it. ‘Harlequin’ came, of course, from the old Commedia del Arte, the name of the impish jester-character that he played and just became his regular name.

Gender: Male

Age: 28?

Date of Birth: I /still/ don’t know. >.<

Astrological Sign: unknown >.<

Blood Type: unknown

Species: Human with fae-blood and angel wings. @.@

Hair: A dark, chocolate brown with pretty blue streaks. It’s straight and silky and falls over his right eye, but is longer in the back, falling to his shoulder blades, always in a pony-tail.

Eyes: A pretty dark blue

Skin: Nicely pale

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 157 lb.

Other Physical Description: Harlequin almost always wears a half mask over his right eye, and large, white angel wings. He is always in his Reniassance-y clothes and is super handsome. ^^

Favorite Color: Most likely blue

Family: Mother-Ingrid (possibly deceased), Father-Zachary (deceased), Stepfather-Suden, 4 brothers and 4 sisters as follows (hasn’t seen since he was 14)-Thomas, 37; Victoria, 32; Forrest, 31; Douglass, 29; Rebecca, 29; Lily, 23; Aurora, 20; Jonathan, 14.

Friends: Jerome, Kirei, Fue-chan, Seibrum, Gabriel, Ruu, Aza, Tai

Lovers: (both formerly) Arimi, Ruu

Enemies: Zei, Nikuma (dun like him)

Hobbies: Playing mandolin, singing, composing, writing, day-dreaming, acting, dancing, poetry, drinking (^^;;;), flying.

Skills/Talents: Mandolin, singing, composing, acting, dancing, sword-play.

Special Powers: He can see auras, can fly, and has the ability to wield a light sword.

Items: Always has his light sword with him, even though it’s not seen, and almost always has his mandolin with him.

Occupation: He used to be an actor in a actors guild/troupe, but nothing now.

Goals/Ambitions: Harlequin, sadly, has no goals... He really doesn’t know what to do with the rest of his life. He hopes to be a good influence in people’s lives and serve the Lord.

Habits: Harlequin actually is careful to never pick up bad habits, being the perfect gentleman he is.

Good Points: Friendly, sweet, charming, romantic, honest, trustworthy, completely sincere, innocent, funny, cheerful, well-mannered, gentlemanly, polite, generous, considerate, compassionate, passionate, mature, gentle, kind, brave.

Bad Points: Old-fashioned, prudish, /kind of/ judgmental, too-innocent/naive, bad conversationalist, quiet, worrisome, impulsive, /kind of/ sexist, /too/ polite, spacey, difficult to get to commit.

Likes: Music, his mandolin, acting, mashed potatoes, all the arts, entertaining, romance, children, books, peace, God

Dislikes: Villians, violence, demons, sports, “fake” light (electricity), his past, bullies, needles, pessimism, Truth or Dare.

Fears: Needles

Motto: “Take it one day at a time.”

Seiyuu: Japanese-Okiayu Ryoutarou
English- Robert Sean Leonard

Actor: Robert Sean Leonard

History: Three men entered Ingrid Morgan’s life. First was Zachary Williamson, with who was the father of 7 of her 9 children. They married young, had 5 beautiful children, and that’s when their perfect world began to crack. Ingrid, always very fond of nature, walked too far one day and stumbled upon a fairy village. There, she met a young fairy man named Tam Lin, and a passion overcame them. A week later, after there was much controversy in the village about a fairy/human union, the two were never to see each other again, just as Ingrid discovered she was pregnant. Going back to her husband, the new pregnancy was just accepted as the 6th child of the couple. James was born, and though it was apparent he was different, Zachary never knew he wasn’t his son. Two more children followed James, and then, tragedy struck. A strange illness afflicted Zachary and he died within weeks of James’s 10th birthday. A woman raising 8 children by herself was unheard of then, and it seemed to happen within a month of Zachary’s death that Ingrid’s 3rd man came into her life, a foreigner named Suden Kratx. Without much of a consent, Ingrid married him. From the very start, Suden took a disliking to James, sensing the differences in the boy, and was extremely strict and harsh with him, moreso than the other children. As Ingrid became sick, Suden began to take more and more power over the family, and James was the first to be knocked down. Determined to break the boy’s fierce will, Suden beat James constantly and put him through torturous procedures to makes sure the boy had manners, intellect, responsibility, and respect. Ingrid and the other siblings had no say or power to fight it. For 4 years it went on, until James could take it no longer and ran away (Ingrid became pregnant then with Suden’s baby, and James never got to meet his last brother, Jonathan, before he ran away. Ingrid nearly died in her illness from the pregnancy and delivery, but held through). As a street urchin for awhile, James’s life was tough and painful. He was increasingly lucky, managing to stow away on a boat to France, where he began to get drawn into new ideas called ‘plays.’ He saw many improvised shows, and finally came to meet the actors of a Commedia del Arte troupe. Expressing his new love for acting and music, they decided to take him in, and trained him as their new ‘Harlequin.’ He learned improvisation, acting, singing, mandolin, and other forms of music and art. The best years of his life were those when he was part of the troupe, though they were very poor and always on the run, as acting wasn’t really in the law..

When he was 19, now going only by ‘Harlequin,’ he noticed a beautiful, young woman in the crowd of one of their shows. She was very different, and, intrigued by her, Harlequin followed her after the show and found her name was Arimi, and she was from a far and distant land (it could have been the future, another world, etc), thus why she was so different, and told him of “villains” that had followed her here, seeking something unknown to the author at this point and time, something she was apart of. Deciding a young woman shouldn’t be wandering around in such danger, Harlequin made the hardest decision of his life and left the troupe to travel with Arimi as her protector. He intended to return, but it didn’t work out that way... Already very enthralled with her, it didn’t take Harlequin long to realize he was deeply in love with Arimi, as they traveled around. He revealed this to her, and startled and unsure of her own feelings, Arimi rejected him. They still traveled together, however uncomfortably, until one day when Arimi was thrown into a rushing river. Harlequin jumped in after her and saved her, and when they reached the land, Arimi realized that she loved him too, and they were together from then on. Which didn’t last long. At a final confrontation with the enemy, Harlequin discovered a hidden power in himself, something that linked to all the other oddities of himself, and drew from thin air a light sword which on he could wield. Having never battled or fought with anyone before, let alone with a light sword, Harlequin hadn’t the faintest clue what he was doing, but as Arimi was taken and held in a dangerous situation, he flung the sword forward, his own feelings releasing such a great power that it blew up the entire area surrounding them with such a fury, no one could have survived. Including Arimi. The enemy dead, Harlequin went to her and held her as she died because of him, and from then on, vowed never to love another like he had loved her.

Wandering for nearly a decade more, Harlequin briefly met a young girl named Fue-chan in a village, and with no where else to go, went back to the hotel she lived at with her. Life went from good to bad living there, as trials pursued him further: he was challenged to a battle with Zei early on because Zei’s lover, Aza, drunkenly hit on the mandolin player; having a few brief, unwilling sexual encounters with a young boy named Milich; and so on and so forth. He met a young lady named Ruu around all this time, and the two hit off a great friendship immediately, Harlequin unknowingly charming her unlike the rest of the men at the hotel. It took a long, long time before Harlequin--who, of course, had feelings for Ruu--could allow himself to be with someone other than Arimi, and their relationship started nicely. Amidst this, Harlequin went to Jerome for help, and the two learned they had very much in common and started a close friendship.

As time went on and Harlequin’s not-readiness for a romantic relationship showed more and more, Ruu and he began to find themselves pulling apart, acting more like friends, and not having much to say to each other at all. Before anything was officially called off, Harlequin was sent a picture of Ruu kissing Brain (her current husband), and that’s what sent the relationships to the hills. Deciding to remain friends, they parted ways.

Becoming more and more lonely despite his own agreement to end the relationship, Harlequin took even more solace in Jerome, who’d been dumped by his girlfriend, Fue-chan, and the two decided to move in together to take away some of the emptiness in their lives.

With life carrying on relatively normally, Harlequin was ever-so shocked to wake up one morning with wings sprouted from his back. Learning more from other involved in the scenario, the longer he went with the wings, the more the possessed persona of Zahariel, one of the 4 angels, appeared in him, to continue the battle between Good and Evil. After it all ended, Zahariel disappeared, but the wings didn’t.

After more problems began to happen between Jerome and Fue-chan and Jerome in general, Harlequin didn’t see him much and started to become ever lonelier and slipped into a depression. He hit bottom when he received news of Ruu and Brain’s marriage: not for the sake of losing Ruu, but it told him bluntly how much he was wasting his life. Unable to do anything about this realization in his own eyes, he turned to the bottle (i.e. alcohol) and currently spends many a days drinking his sorrows away instead of getting on and doing something about his life.