Name: Hazel (Kristall)

Meaning: ‘Hazel’ just...erm...came to me, I don’t know, popped in my head, and obviously means ‘hazel.’ It’s a woman’s name, but when applied to him, it didn’t seem so feminine. ‘Kristall’ is his real, demon name, and in German it means ‘crystal.’ While reading about Kristallnacht during WWII, I decided all demons were German (not bad though! These demons are cool ones!) and gave him another feminine, yet fitting name.

Gender: Male

Age: 170

Date of Birth: unknown

Astrological Sign: unknown

Blood Type: demon blood type!

Species: Demon

Hair: It’s a silvery, dark metallic blue color, long, down to his knees and straight with a slight curl on the end. His bangs are sharp and spiked, and he wears the rest in a high ponytail.

Eyes: Ruby colored and very angular shaped.

Skin: Fair

Height: 6’2”

Weight: Again, who knows how much demons weigh

Other Physical Description: Hazel looks rather feminine with his long hair, but he has kind of a dangerous, wicked look to him. He’s well built and nicely tall.

Favorite Color: He loves them all

Family: Mother-Marinotosch (deceased), Father-Khrea, Younger sister-Marin

Friends: Fue-chan, Eriya, Starlynn, Renton, kinda Ryss, kinda Cojin

Lovers: Still hasn’t had any real lovers yet, but is in love with Fue-chan

Enemies: Jerome, Eran, Aza, Grey, Cojin, Zei, Seibrum

Hobbies: Traveling, reading, swimming, just sitting and thinking, play fighting, map-studying, collecting

Skills/Talents: writing, sex, acting

Special Powers: limited black energy, limited teleporting, speed, super strength, any dealings with souls (extracting, switching, etc)

Items: none

Occupation: Demon slave

Goals/Ambitions: Hazel would love to live on earth freely till the end of his days, and longs to be loved back by Fue-chan. He really has no long term plans, but that’s what he wants at the moment.

Habits: playing with someone’s hair

Good Points: friendly, caring, determined, brave, helpful, romantic, sensitive, optimistic, imaginative, passionate

Bad Points: cruel, decietful, judgemental, impulsive, sappy, sneaky, kinda dense, rash, short tempered, vain

Likes: Fue-chan, animals (though they don’t like him), kids, water, humans, traveling, sex, the sky, rain, books, music

Dislikes: Hell (his home), competition, anyone who touches his hair unfavorably, pointless killing, pessmistics, cold weather

Fears: other demons

Motto: “Carpe diem: Seize the day.”

Seiyuu: Japanese-Undiscovered
English- Adam Scott

Actor: Adam Scott

History: Kristall was the first child of Marinotosch and Khrea in Hell, and his destiny, like all other demons, was laid out before him, to be a demon slave for his entire life. His younger sister, Marin, was destined to be a demon General and was set to marry the Devil’s son, Ezra. Kristall was the slave of Bakaddam, a high ranking demon, and kept close with his cousin, a fellow demon slave, Rakreshea. Every since he was born, Kristall dreamed of visitng the Earth, hearing stories of it and becoming fantasized with the idea of it.

When he was 17, he became so urgant to just visit the Earth once that he stole his master’s clothes and traveled to the surface. Immediately he fell in love with it and longed to live his entire life here, but knew it would be impossible because he was a slave. He arrived in Spain and immediately off, met the young Queen, Isabella the II. Deciding to press his luck, Hazel remained on Earth and became Isabella’s illicit lover. The people were unhappy with her as their Queen and attempts were made to take her life, but Isabella kept Kristall around and even grew to fall in love with him. Though he adored Isabella, Hazel did not love her back. He lived there for 2 years, thinking he had gotten away with his escape from Hell, but he was captured by a demon general, Ezvazel. He would have been sentenced to death for what he had done, but his sister Marin, who at this time was now the bride of the Son of Satan, pardoned his life, and he was allowed to return to Earth until his 200th year.

Hazel said goodbye to his hated home and took to traveling Earth, seeing all he could see and collecting as much as he could. After he had seen nearly the entire world and experienced many things, Hazel went back to Spain, his most loved country of all. By now, Isabella and others he had known were long dead, but he settled down in a small village and lived many years there.

He found a small girl some years later, homeless and beaten because of some deformations she had and took her in, naming her Jaydrian because she could not remember her given name. He raised her as his daughter, aware of her affection towards him, and said goobye to her when she was ready to travel and discover her past. She came back to ask for his help in the matter of some souls, so he went to Llanon hotel and stayed there for awhile, just meeting and discovering new people.

One day, he came upon a struggle in which the mazoku Zei and the elf Seibrum were holding down a young girl, Fue-chan. He entered the room to see them holding her while she was cut up and torn and immediately assumed the worst. With Eriya (Jaydrian)’s help, he retrieved Fue-chan from them and took her back to his house in Spain. As she healed from some emotional trauma (she had just broken up with Jerome), he took care of her and started to fall in love with her. When she returned to the hotel, he went with her, and started pursuing her. At this time, she was kind of going back with Eran and was flustered by Hazel’s advances. He took matters into his own hands and kidnapped her, taking her back to his village and forcing her to marry him. She was kind of broken by now and just sat along for the ride. Eriya, under the guise of saving Fue-chan for Eran, but actually taking her for Cojin, kidnapped Fue-chan from Hazel. He returned to the hotel to get her back. She was at that time torn between Jerome and Eran once more and was kind of like, “Hazel, back off! I don’t care if I’m your wife!”

At some point, she was turned into a mazoku by Zei, and Hazel was disgusted with the change. Believing that was the end of the Fue-chan he loved, he divorced her. She was turned back human by Jerome and then free from the marriage.

After that, he basically hung around and fawned over her, but she was involved with her men and just kind of ignored him romantically. He got involved in Eriya’s situation, trying to help her out to get away from Vail, and also helped Cojin at her request. At one point he was locked in Vail’s lab with Cojin for a couple weeks, so they learned to not hate each other, and Hazel also became rather platonically fond of Cojin. He was more fond of Renton and rooted for Eriya to stay with him. Since then, he’s helped various people with certain situations, just kind of a “here when you need him” guy, and continues to pine over Fue-chan, despite her being married to Jerome.