Full name: Inova .....
Birthday: Feburary 1
Age: 20 (I think. @.@)
Gender: Male
Height: 5’8" to 5’10" ?
Hair: Silver, two long stands over his ears, rest tied into ponytail, down to shoulderblades
Eyes: Icy light blue
Identifying Characteristics: Skin is almost completely white, whole appearence theme is white
Other Stuff: Inova is a swordsman!
Species and/or Rank: Umm... human I think
Special Abilities: : Is an excellent swordsman and duelist, hunter, etc. No magic,though.
Major Relationships: sparing partner with Ryoushi, Bella’s "Muffin"
Personality: Inova is just as his appearence portrays: cold. He’s serious all the time, barely ever smiles, and can be very insulting. He’s very opinionated, and his opinion usually insults others. He has high respect and confidence in himself. However, as much of a grump as he is, he’s a gentleman to ladies and those he doesn’t mind.
Hopeful Voice Seiyuu: not yet found
Real Life Actor: not yet found.