Jethro Panete

Name: Jethro Panete

Meaning: Jethro means ‘fame’ and I like this name, despite that it’s often the name of big, old, black men in movies and shows, thinking it would do just as nicely as a name for a young person. Panete again is just a made up name that has no meaning.

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Date of Birth: November 27, 1979

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Blood Type: Umm.. dunno

Species: Human

Hair: Bright red (naturally), long enough that he can spike it up. It goes up and over like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Eyes: Dark brown

Skin: Pale like any red heads would be

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 175 lbs

Other Physical Description: Jethro is very musclar, not to a disgusting point, but nicely buff. He’s good looking, but a little hard looking sometimes.

Favorite Color: Blue

Family: Mother-Sarine (deceased), Father-Cederic (deceased), sister-Autumn (22)

Friends: Autumn, Seibrum, Dana, FY no Miko, Echo

Lovers: none

Enemies: doesn’t like Jake

Hobbies: bartending, reading, pumping weights, any sport

Skills/Talents: bartending, any sports

Special Powers: none

Items: none

Occupation: Currently none, formerly a bartender

Goals/Ambitions: Jethro secretly would like to go back to school, but he’s determined to just work to support Autumn instead. He doesn’t think about his own ambitions much, but wants Autumn to achieve all her goals and be happy and safe.

Habits: none that I can think of

Good Points: loyal, honest, thoughtful, considerate, protective, smart, selfless, motivated

Bad Points: judgemental, closed-minded, stubborn, bad conversationalist, unfriendly

Likes: sports, working out, reading, drinks, being carefree, nature, animals, girls

Dislikes: men who go after Autumn, greediness, bartending, disorder, fighting

Fears: nothing irrational

Motto: “A rock feels no pain.”

Seiyuu: Japanese- undiscovered
English- Ashton Kutcher

Actor: Ashton Kutcher

History: Jethro was the first born child of Sarine and Cederic Panete. 2 years after he was born, his sister Autumn was born, and the family was quaint and happy. Unfortunately, when Jethro was 9 and Autumn was 7, a freak accident that the author hasn’t figured out yet ended their parent’s life, and left with no one and no where to be, they were forced to work in the tavern that their parent’s owned, now in the hands of greedy overseers. They lived a hard life, living in the upstairs room of the tavern, working constantly, and attending school. When Jethro was 15, he decided to quit school so he could work more and Autumn could continue with her schooling.
Autumn, always optimistic and bright spirited, kept a good outlook on their situation and made do, having lots of friends and boyfriends, but Jethro closed himself off more, devoting his time to protecting his sister against lechs and such like that, making sure she had the best they could get.
Unfortunately, the greedy overseers decided the siblings were of an age that they should pay more or get out. Obviously that’s impossible as they are their employers, so after a huge argument in which it was decided Jethro and Autumn owed more money than they had, the siblings had to escape and run away. Autumn took them to a place called the Llanon Hotel, where she’d visited with an ex-boyfriend, and they took up residence there.
Jethro has done practically nothing while living at Llanon. He had a short-lived crush on Dana after they made out in a closet together during a game, but pretty much keeps to himself. He doesn’t approve of Autumn’s fiancee Jake, but doesn’t do anything but glare at the boy and intimidate him. He probably has a job somewhere (I think?) because he likes to keep busy, but basically has no other life than that.