Kirei Kyotoki

Full Name: Kirei Kyotoki

Meaning: ‘Kirei’ means ‘beautiful’ in Japanese. I found it while looking through a Japanese-English dictionary, actually, before I had watched enough anime to know this off hand. ^^;; I’m not sure I remember what ‘Kyotoki’ means, if anything.

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Date of Birth: April 21, 1984

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Blood Type:

Species: human

Hair: A dark, deep purple color and short around her face, in kind of a bob/Akane (Ranma 1/2) style.

Eyes: A light violet

Skin: Pale and fair with a good complexion, but burns rather easily.

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 125 lb.

Other Physical Description: She’s not very busty, but has great legs, a real cute figure, and a lovely face.

Favorite color: Purple ^^;;

Family: Mother-Sumire; Father- Kori (deceased); Her fiancé, Nikuma, /will/ be family once he marries her And their daughters, Katana and Kori

Friends: Fue-chan, Sami, Gabriel, Harlequin, Autumn, Yoku-chan, Sukita, Ukanai (formerly..), Aza, Inova, possibly etc?

Lovers: Nikuma

Enemies: none /really/, but she doesn’t like Cojin or Zei.

Hobbies: Shopping, dancing, ice-skating, volleyball, talking on the hone, sleeping.

Skills/Talents: volleyball, putting up with Nikuma..?

Special Powers: none

Items: none

Occupation: Full-time mother!

Goals/Ambitions: Kirei wants to raise a large family with Nikuma and just be happy!

Good Points: Honest, sweet, caring, fun, cheerful, nurturing, responsible, reliable, good sense of humor, trustworthy, good to talk to, obliging, passionate.

Bad Points: Immature, loud, can be obnoxious, /too/ optimistic, possibly too affectionate, over sensitive, kinda tactless, mouthy, dun have common sense, air-headed, spacey.

Likes: Nikuma, children (Katana), food, shopping, happy people, sleepovers, her friends, sappy movies, romance.

Dislikes: Mean people, distrustworthy people, liars, school, her mother, rap music, gossips.

Fears: nothing too irrational; possibly being forgotten.

Motto: “The sun’ll come out tomorrow!”

Seiyuu: English: not sure yet
Japanese: Kuwashima Houko

Actress: Drew Barrymore

History: Kirei grew up a pretty normal Japanese school girl with her parents. But when she was 9, her whole life seemed to fall apart. Her father died unexpectedly of cancer, leaving Kirei and her mother with very little money, as her mother wasn’t employed and they relied on Kori to provide for them. To make up for it, Sumire had to get two jobs and was rarely ever home, and the mother and daughter saw each other only a couple hours a week. Kirei became very bitter with her mother for “abandoning” her at this painful time, as she saw it at the young age, and started vying for attention. Her father’s death had left her empty and heart-broken, and no one was there to help mend it except her faithful friend Mikari. Mikari had been Kirei’s best friend for just a couple years and had an extremely wealthy, large family, while Kirei was an only child living in poverty. She was ashamed of her poor lifestyle with her school friends, and especially Mikari. Many days would go by that Kirei had nothing to eat because there wasn’t a single thing to eat in the house, one reason she’s so skinny.
When Kirei was 16, she couldn’t take school anymore and didn’t go on to a Japanese high school, as it’s not required and she didn’t expect she could pass entrance exams. By now, her mother and her had grown so far apart that Kirei began leaving for extended periods of time without her mother even caring. It was on one of these leaves that Kirei met Fue-chan and discovered the Llanon hotel. It wasn’t long before she made new and close friends there and decided this was where she wanted to live. A short notice was made to her mother, and the case was closed.
Not too long after her first arrival at the hotel, Kirei met Nikuma, and it was instant love for her. She saw past his asshole-demeanor and sought to discover the sensitive side of him, and indeed, she did. He fell in love with her, and before long, they discovered they were going to have a baby! However shocked and scared they were for this unplanned child, they both seemed to adjust to the idea of having a baby. When Katana, their daughter, was born, Nikuma seemed to distance himself more from them, and Kirei found herself going to Harlequin for help with Katana and for a remedy to her loneliness. Just recently, Nikuma has come out of the shadows and with a new fear of a hotel resident, wants to move Kirei and Katana away from the hotel. Kirei reluctantly agreed, deciding that she would give up her current life and friends for Nikuma. But... as no one ever leave Llanon, they haven’t left yet and maybe never will.
Recently, she became pregnant again (whoopsie) and gave birth to Nikuma and her second daughter, Kori.