Name: Seibrum .......... (unknown last name)

Meaning: Seibrum is /something/ in his land’s language, but I dunno what. Anyway, I got ‘Seibrum’ as a fluke, really: I tried to copy a villain in Slayer’s name, and what was really, “Zaygrum’ I heard as ‘Seibrum.’ I liked it and so it stuck, even after I realized my mistake.

Gender: Male

Age: Over 400, but under 500 ^^;;

Date of Birth: May 7

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Blood Type: I don’t know if elves have different blood than humans....

Species: Elf

Hair: A mix of hunter, forest green and jungle green in color. It now goes down to about the small of his back and is silky and relatively straight.

Eyes: Deep, pretty emerald green.

Skin: Seibrum’s skin has a slightly greenish tint to it, but not sickly looking.

Height: 6’0” - 6’2” ?

Weight: Most likely much lighter than would be expected for his height, as he’s an elf, but he also would weight less anyway, as he’s incredibly skinny.

Other Physical Description: He’s... got pointed ears! Duh... -_- He’s slender and sometimes anoxically skinny, but has a slightly nice build despite.

Favorite Color: I don’t see how it couldn’t be green.. ^^;;

Family: Mother, name unknown, Father, name unknown (deceased). Older sister-Tristelle, younger brother-Cyrus (deceased).

Friends: Fue-chan, Harlequin, Aza, Gabriel, Zei, Autumn, Jethro, Zarian, Bella, Varuka, Dana, Vale, Inomi, Jin, Kiju, Nasake, FY no Miko, etc.

Lovers: Erm.. he’s /been/ with a lot of people, but his only serious (and former) lover(s) was(were) Ketsu, and possibly Daruma.

Enemies: Cojin... no one else, really, though he doesn’t like Eran or Grey or Hazel.

Hobbies: Playing flute, cat’s cradle, singing, reading, listening.

Skills/Talents: Flute, cat’s cradle, /any/ wind instrument

Special Powers: Telepathy, super-strength, immortality/instant healing

Items: Daruma’s gun that Dana gave him.

Occupation: Absolutely nothing. ^^ Professional Wanderer.

Goals/Ambitions: Seibrum’s one, (silent) goal--to find his brother’s murderer and avenge his death--has recently been taken care of, so... now he just hopes to live happily, but has no dreams or ambitions, sadly.

Habits: Pacing, repeating himself

Good Points: Friendly, kind, considerate, /extremely/ selfless, brave, calm, rational, clear-headed, gives good advice, funny, can cheer one up, loyal, determined, passive, caring, sweet, charming, romantic, thoughtful, fun, very giving of himself

Bad Points: Fragile, sensitive, (it’s) easy to snap his mind, spacey, too polite, flighty, hard to commit, rather pessimistic, withdrawn, depressed, judgmental at times, closed minded at times, martyr, moody, indifferent, makes bad decisions for himself

Likes: Life outside Llanon, flute, music, jamming, a good book, pure-hearted people, blondes and redheads, ice cream, nature, traveling, dancing, brave people

Dislikes: Murderers, his past, liars, hypocrites, players, his mother, spinach, his blush, staying in one place, heights, flying, Cojin, violence.

Fears: He’s deathly afraid of heights. ^^;;

Motto: ‘You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.’

Seiyuu: English: Zach Shaner or Orlando Bloom possibly?
Japanese: unknown

Actor: Orlando Bloom

History: Throughout all history, there are many people who are or will be peacemakers in the wars of the worlds. People that have unique powers designed to bring peace, and the strong, driven soul to carry out what needs to be done. Though peace as a whole may not come, they often prove to make a large difference in the countries or regions they reside in, some having a much larger impact than others. Three children were born to an elf couple, all with their destinies entwined with each others to embark on one of the greatest commissions to create peace in history. The eldest born was touch, the second mind, and the youngest, the strongest of them all, was sight. Seibrum, the middle child with the gift of mind, knew not of his or any of their destinies, nor did anyone else in the family. They were raised normally by their parents, Tristelle, Seibrum, and Cyrus, though as happens often with middle children, Seibrum was often neglected and ignored. He was a fairly good sport about it though, and learned quickly to fade into the background.

When he was 11 or so, he and Cyrus met a man by the name of Isaac who knew of what the elves would become, and seeking to prevent the peace they might cause, he brutally murdered Cyrus and left the mark on Seibrum’s soul. Everyone in the village believed Seibrum had done it, for when they came to the screams, it was only Seibrum holding his brother’s bloody body. From then on, his mother--who had not liked him much to begin with--hated him with a passion and ordered him be sent away to live with his grandparents in a country called Kareku. Seibrum never saw either of his parents again. Not long after Cyrus’s death, his father died too from the grief.

Making a new start in Kareku, also as one of the only elves, Seibrum made lots of friends, one of them being his best, Zei, and was immediately liked by everyone in the village. He was cheerful and friendly and wonderful to everyone, such a powerful act that it one day just became real for Seibrum. He grew up the rest of his young life in Kareku, and when he reached adulthood, he set out to see the world he had never known. Wandering became his entire life, along with slews of girlfriends and friends and heartaches. As his life went increasing on though the centuries, Seibrum became accustomed to those he cared about dying off of old age while he remained young, and moved on from place to place more quickly, his relationships growing shallower. He ran into Zei in a village near the outskirts of Kareku sometime during these years, but the two parted quickly despite a warm reunion.

It was many decades later when Seibrum received a notice that Zei had been injured (Harlequin’s light sword and their fight) and the location of where he was staying, and he went quickly, concerned for his friend and also having nothing else to do. At the hotel, he was immediately drawn in by it’s unusual and diverse tenants and decided not to leave so soon. In fact, after awhile, he settled down there permanently. At some point in peacefully living, Seibrum met a vampire named Ketsu during a game of Spin the Bottle (I believe...) and was almost immediately hooked. While the two developed a friendship, Seibrum found himself becoming more and more enthralled with Ketsu, almost obsessed, and seeking out love somewhere in there. While all this was going on and he didn’t realize it, he was also becoming interested in and drawing the interest of the feminist human Daruma. When Ketsu revealed that he liked Seibrum too, a decision was put on the elve’s plate: If he was to be with Ketsu, he would have to find a way to gain immortality, because Ketsu would never die. If he chose Daruma, they would live happily until the end of her days (as elves have extraordinary long lives anyway) and that would be it. In the end, Seibrum chose Ketsu, and while Daruma forgave him, he never quite forgave himself.

So he started on searching for immortality, and discovered the legend of mermaid’s flesh. The deal with mermaid’s flesh was that if you consume it, you take on the risk of killing yourself, turning yourself into a half human, half monster hybrid, or you have the lucky chance of gaining immortal life. Seibrum sought out mermaid’s flesh and took the risk, and was extremely lucky to keep his life. Seibrum and Ketsu continued their happy, sex-filled relationship. There were various problems that included Ketsu’s interest in other people and the fact that Seibrum still had a kind of obsession with Ketsu that wasn’t entirely returned. Here and there they broke up, various reasons why that I can’t remember, and one major impact on Seibrum’s sanity was the death of Daruma, killed by Cojin. At this, Seibrum left the hotel and brought back Autumn as his girlfriend. He ended things with her to go back to Ketsu. It came time that Ketsu was seeking something of his own: humanity back. To do this, he had to do a certain number of deeds, and one of those was to break up with Seibrum. Fed up with being used and played, Seibrum said goodbye to Ketsu forever and started traveling with Dana, Daruma’s sister. They had a mutual attraction to each other, but both knew they couldn’t be together because it was wrong. She went back to the hotel, and Seibrum took to leaving frequently.

There was an epidemic of sorts that struck the hotel that was Moreai. My understanding is that she was a version of Kitty that could brainwash people to make them her little slaves. In turn, her slaves would brainwash people to be theirs under Moreai, and went on like that. Ketsu was brainwashed, and went to Seibrum and made him his. Also, he made him a vampire.

Agh, at some point in Ketsu and Seibrum’s relationship, Seibrum’s sister Tristelle returned to the hotel. She was the one who helped pulled Seibrum out of Ketsu/Moraei’s spell and he went on to stop drinking blood entirely, which made him waste away. It’s bad, but I kind of forget how he got turned back elf. Something to do with Kitty, I think. Anyway, he regained his elf-ness and his mortality, canceling out the mermaid’s flesh.

Seibrum left the hotel around Christmas time and stayed at a village that appeared normal. But the history was dark and gruesome, due to the fact that it was founded by Isaac himself. Seibrum discovered this and in the end, avenged his brother by killing him. He escaped the village and wound up back at the hotel. Since then, he has been doing absolutely nothing.