Sparrow Longfoot

Meaning: ‘Sparrow’ is a name that I’ve just liked and wanted to use for awhile, and I have my constant love of giving men feminine names. I thought it sounded like a good Hobbit name too. ‘Longfoot’ is actually a Hobbit surname that came from a Hobbit Name Generator from some other name I can’t remember.

Gender: Male

Age: 26, but looks about 16

Date of Birth: September 20

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Blood Type: I have no clue.. do Hobbits have different blood?

Species: Hobbit (Halfling)

Hair: Dark blackish brown, curlyish and silky, kind of mop-like

Eyes: Grey-violet

Skin: Pale and fair, with freckles

Height: 4’6”

Weight: 97 lbs

Other Physical Description: Obviously, being a Hobbit, Sparrow is like a miniature person and looks around 16 despite his age. He has curved ears and large, hairy feet. He’s good looking but naturally just adorable.

Favorite Color: Green

Family: Mother, Father, sisters-Aniselle, Shallka, brother-Dandle

Friends: Eriya, Kiju, Fue-chan, Inomi, Kirei, Autumn, Vecepia, Nasake

Lovers: None. Had a fling with Kiju, has a major crush on Eriya

Enemies: Zei, kind of Renton

Hobbies: singing, dancing, archery, sword play, drinking, reading, studying magic

Skills/Talents: farming, singing, dancing, archery, cooking

Special Powers: none

Items: his bow and arrow

Occupation: farmer, student

Goals/Ambitions: Sparrow longs to get away from The Shire (his home) and the simpleton life of all Hobbits, stuck farming or being a black smith or that such. He has a lot of interest in magic and wizards and would love to learn some of his own, but mainly he’d like to travel and go to school.

Habits: looking nervous?

Good Points: kind, compassionate, sweet, intelligent, determined, brave, heartfelt, honest, trustworthy, fun, romantic, gentlemanly, selfless

Bad Points: timid, naive, trusting, unworldly, unabashed, martyr, idealistic, tends to inspire guilt, can be helpless

Likes: nature, books, Eriya, archery, magic, studying, traveling, people who don’t make fun of his size, music, singing, food, sleeping, dancing

Dislikes: Mean people, demons, farming, snow, materialism, water, dishonesty

Fears: Basically anything he’s unfamiliar with that’s scary

Motto: “Power can be held in the smallest of things.”

Seiyuu: Japanese- undiscovered
English- Elijah Wood

Actor: Elijah Wood

History: Sparrow grew up in the Shire with his sisters and brother and parents. His family were farmers throughout the ages and the same went for this generation, but even when he was very little, Sparrow disliked the mundane farmer’s life and longed to get away. His older sister Aniselle shared his adventurous nature and did an unhobbit-ly thing, of going away and traveling outside of the Shire. She went to school and would bring home books about mysterious lands of Middle Earth, and this only fueled Sparrow more. He was especially interested in magic and archery. An archer in the village taught him this, but for magic, he knew he would have to go elsewhere. When he was 26,
he asked Aniselle to take him with her traveling over to school and off they went, despite his parent’s disapproval.
Unfortunately on their way, in a village Sparrow got lost from his sister and ended up in the woods. Here, he must have stumbled into a portal that took him to the Llanon dimension, where he was discovered in the woods by Eriya. She took him back to the hotel, and he immediately fell for her. Unfortunately, Eriya was about 2 feet taller than him and together with Renton, so there was no hope. Sparrow was wandering halls one day when he came upon a suicidal Kiju and happened to save his life with the help of Nasake. To show his gratitude, Kiju, a mage, told Sparrow he would take him up as his apprentice. Unfortunately, Kiju has a precocious nature and ended up seducing the poor hobbit. That didn’t end well, and they haven’t talked since then.
Sparrow kind of hung around doing nothing due to the author’s lack of interest, but was always there as the little fellow who pined over Eriya. At one point, he was taken back to Vail’s lab with her, where he was kept for a short while and befriended Vail’s cold assistant Vecepia. He made it back and has been doing basically nothing since then.