Name: Starlynn Jancelle

Meaning: ‘Starlynn’ actually came from an old classmate of mine, and I found the name so beautiful I had to use it for a character. I don’t think it has any meaning, but is simply the combination of the name ‘Starr’ and ‘Lynn.’ Jancelle is her family name, and I can’t remember how I thought of it at all.

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Date of Birth: July 16

Astrological Sign:

Blood Type: I’m sure fae have different type of blood...

Species: Fairy

Hair: Starlynn’s hair is a light, pretty pink color that glistens and shimmers with sparkle, and it goes down about to her waist. She has thick bangs as well.

Eyes: A clear, bright crystal blue. Her eyes are shaped a little differently, with an elegant curve to them and very long lashes.

Skin: Pale and fair, and on her cheeks, she has glitter in some designs.

Height: 5’9” or about an inch in fairy form

Weight: Probably around 135 lbs human sized, and an ounce (if that) fairy sized)

Other Physical Description: Starlynn has, obviously, a very pixie look to her with long, pointed ears, and she practically sparkles from head to foot with sparkles in her hair, on her cheeks, and on her long, multicolored fairy wings. Her wings are large and could be almost called butterfly-shaped, but they’re slightly different.

Favorite Color: Naturally, pink!

Family: Fairy mother- Nadelia, Father- Jancelle. Human mother- Hannah Thorpe

Friends: Fue-chan, Hazel, Eriya, Jerome, Renton, Seibrum, kind of Absinthe, Celin, Aelron

Lovers: She has not had one yet, sadly. Aelron and her have potential, and she’s had crushes on Renton and Jerome.

Enemies: Really, no one. She doesn’t even dislike people.

Hobbies: Flying, cooking, singing, talking to animals and plants

Skills/Talents: Cooking, singing, talking to animals and plants, healing, all little fairy tricks

Special Powers: She can fly (due to her wings), change size, invisibility, healing, conjuring, all sorts of pretty fairy magic that comes with pink sparkles

Items: Nothing

Occupation: Princess of Alidael, soon to be Queen

Goals/Ambitions: To live out her parent’s wish of her reviving Alidael and ruling it as they would see fit with a fairy husband and guard the sacred amulet. Whew, no pressure.

Habits: Maybe just.. um... I have no idea.

Good Points: Pure hearted, kind, selfless, caring, compassionate, spirited, optimistic, serene, thoughtful, humble, responsible, noble, loyal, helpful, intelligent, trustworthy, giving of herself, bright

Bad Points: Naive, too trusting, ditzy, immature, spacey, a little unself-sufficient, relies on other too much, doesn’t get things a lot, reluctant, shy, martyr

Likes: Nature, animals, food, flying, fairies, swimming, art, music, singing, sleeping, helping others, trustworthy people, stars

Dislikes: Deceitful people, cities, crowded areas, being treated differently for being young, hunters, meat, shoes

Fears: Sometimes humans, cities, normal things you’d fear being an inch tall

Motto: “Look around you... life is beautiful.”

Seiyuu: Japanese- undecided
English- Estella Warren

Actress: Estella Warren

History: In the days when humans and fairies began to distrust each other, King Jancelle and Queen Nadelia ruled the fae land of Alidael. It was one of the largest, most powerful fairy kingdoms, and the rulers held an amulet that was said to be strong enough to grant wishes and desires of anyone who possessed it. Legend of the amulet spread, the humans who desired power above all, demanded it be given to them. When the fae claimed no amulet existed, war broke out. The battles were intense, but the fae never had a chance to win. Alidael fell. Jancelle and Nadelia, hidden in their palace, knew the end was upon them as the city was coming down. Within Nadelia’s womb was their first and only child, so to protect their child and ensure the future of their people, they placed the amulet within their child, and used magic to place the unborn child in the womb of the human general’s daughter.
The daughter of the general, being young and unmarried, but cast out for being with child, and wandered by herself until she came upon a village that took her in. There, she gave birth to the child, but the birth proved to be too much for her and she died during it.
The child born was strange indeed, looking like a beautiful human in almost every way, except with pointed ears and delicate features that were covered in shining sparkles and sheen. From her back protruded two beautiful wings that resembled butterfly wings. She glittered and shone so splendidly that she was named Starlynn.
Starlynn was raised by village elders. She didn’t grow at a normal human rate, but at a very slow rate. She was smart but naive, and the village pretty much accepted and treated her for whatever age she resembled at the time.
When she was resembling about 6, a resident of the village named Hazel returned with a human girl who was reluctantly going to be his bride, Fue-chan. Starlynn and Fue-chan took an immediate liking to each other, and Starlynn began to looking to Fue like a sort of mother or big sister. When Fue was taken back to the Llanon Hotel, where she came from, Starlynn went with her. There, she met Fue’s then ex-boyfriend Jerome and developed a crush on him, despite the age difference. That wore off as Starlynn retreated into being by herself more.
When Starlynn’s birthday approached, she wasn’t aware of it, but it was her 16th. This was the date that Starlynn’s parents had set for her destiny to find her. Starlynn then took on her full fairy form, forming to her true age of 16 with full powers and appearance. The amulet was hers, and the message left with it to find fairies and rebuild Alidael with it. Daunted by the task but wishing to follow through with her parent’s urgent request, Starlynn prepared to go off looking for fairies to help her. Before she left, she met Renton, and the two developed a cute friendship, but Renton was in the process of trying to quit heroin and with the way Starlynn could make him feel better with magic, he became dependent on her and used her for this for awhile. After that stopped, they didn’t see each other often.
Starlynn delayed going to fulfill her destiny due to the author being a lazy-ass, and one night met a very drunk human Ketsu. He developed feelings for her after she took care of him, but resigned that she would have to marry a fairy, he went off in search of one to make her happy. He found Aelron, the King of ....... and brought him back nearly kicking and screaming for Starlynn. He stayed there reluctantly for a few days as Starlynn kept him company and they started taking a liking to each other. Aelron took Starlynn back to his palace where they stayed for awhile and... nothing has happened due to more lazy-ass authors. More to come.