Zarian Kesu

Name: Zarian Kesu

Meaning: ‘Zarian’ started out as a really complicated ‘z’ name that was just impossible to say, spell, and remember. Needless to say, I scraped it and went with Zarian, which could just be a various of Darien with the ‘Z’ that’s important to all Kesu boys. Zei calls him “Zal” as a nickname, because if you pronounce his name the Japanese way with the ambiguous ‘r’ ‘l’ thing, it could be “Zalian.” Kesu is his family name.

Gender: Male

Age: 300 something

Date of Birth: no birth!

Astrological Sign: none

Blood Type: He dun have blood, just galaxy stuff

Species: Mazoku

Hair: Dark, a blue that could be seen as black from far away, and straight, short and falling over his forehead to his eyebrows.

Eyes: Dark, deep blue that looks black

Skin: Very pale and fair

Height: 5’8”

Weight: I’m not sure at this point because his body isn’t exactly like human weight, but he has weight to him.

Other Physical Description: He looks nearly identical to his nephew, Gabriel. He’s almost always covered in armor, seeing as he’s a General, which makes him appear bigger than he really is.

Favorite Color: Blue, most likely

Family: Master- Araizou Kesu, brother- Zei (400 something), wife- Rei, nephew- Gabriel (22)

Friends: Zei, Rei, Seibrum

Lovers: Rei

Enemies: Aza, Fue, Tosca, doesn’t like Renton, Mabel, or Gabriel

Hobbies: Strategizing, map making, painting, drawing, piano

Skills/Talents: Strategizing, map making, painting, drawing, piano, singing, sword play

Special Powers: Various mazoku powers, which are numerous and include teleporting, black energy balls, shape shifting, fire making, levitation, incredible strength, etc etc etc.

Items: If he has his armor on, which he does often, his sword

Occupation: General of the Kareku army; Prince and heir to the Kareku throne

Goals/Ambitions: He lives to please his master and do anything that he wants, but he also lives for Rei now and would do anything for her. He pretty much wants to spend his life serving them.

Habits: Nothing

Good Points: loyal, intelligent, quiet, passive, careful, selfless, determined, cool-headed, motivated, confident, protective, worldly

Bad Points: closed minded, arrogant, cold, quiet, expressionless, controlled, cruel, elitist, naive, possessive, spacey

Likes: strategizing, his master, Zei, art, language, traveling, Rei, nighttime, rain, fire, revenge

Dislikes: war, fighting, humans, anyone who’s with Zei, animals

Fears: displeasing his master

Motto: “......”

Seiyuu: Japanese-Yoji Matsuda
English- Billy Crudup

Actor: Billy Crudup

History: Zarian was created by his master, Araizou Kesu, the Emperor of Kareku, a little after his brother, Zei, who was an experiment. Zarian was created to be the true heir and General, a full powerful mazoku. He grew up a bright and rather bubbly child, adoring and idolizing Zei, who often felt he was in the way. When Zei was around 12 and Zarian was 6, Zei ran away from the palace. After that, Zarian’s whole life changed. As he grew up and was severely trained to handle the pressures of being a General and Prince, he withdrew himself more and more and became the expressionless, cold person he is today.
Though he is over 300 years old, Zarian appears no older than 19, and that throws many people, including his human soldiers, off. For this reason, he wears quite a bit of armor that builds him up and covers his face, so as a result, most of his army has never seen his face. Despite that making up for his size and appearance, Zarian has a presence and quiet nature that just makes people listen intently to him.
When he was around 200 or so, Kesu set Zarian on a mission to kidnap an Okiran girl who was the sister of a kitsune that had escaped from their dungeons. Zarian kept the girl, Rei, in his room captive for several days, but as days passed, they two warmed up to each other and predictably fell in love.
Unfortunately, Zarian was still holding her captive to lure the kitsune, Aza. When Aza came for Rei, Zarian was ordered to kill her. Despite how much he loved Rei, Zarian couldn’t go against his master’s orders and murdered his love.
This tortured Zarian until he decided to do something about it, and just dark magic to resurrect Rei, recreate her body. Unfortunately, her soul had already drifted, so the body was an empty shell. Furious beyond belief, Zarian had his soldiers burn 10,000 houses to the ground in a large Okiran village.
He went on a search for Rei’s soul then, and his search led him nowhere else but to Llanon Hotel. He didn’t even realize this was Zei’s residence either and the two had a happy reunion. Zarian found Rei’s soul reincarnated in the girl Fue-chan, and the instant Fue saw Rei’s body, her/Rei’s soul tore in half, half returning to it’s original owner. Rei was now back to life. She and Zarian struggled for a long time, seeing as he’d killed her, but their love was too strong and they returned to their love bubble soon. Rei began living at Llanon because her brother Aza was there, so Zarian lived with her, also because of Zei, but returned to Kareku often, seeing as he’s the General.
At some point, Zarian proposed to Rei, who accepted of course. They spent time together in Kareku in which Rei under went some lessons of etiquette, seeing as she would be the Princess. They had an elaborate, lavish wedding with many Kareku citizens at the palace, but returned to the hotel.
Currently, Zarian is just going back and forth and living with his wife and such and dealing with his angsty big brother.