Zeibriel Jadeion

Full Name: Zeibriel (Kesu) Jadeion

Meaning: I found ‘Zei’ (which means ‘taxes’ or ‘duty’ in Japanese) in a Japanese-English dictionary and liked how it sounded with the ‘briel,’ like from ‘Ga/briel/’ and ‘Zei’ just sounded so great. ‘Jadeion’ totally just came from my head, and ‘Kesu’ is Sarah’s.

Gender: Male

Age: around 391 or so

Date of Birth: Creation date unknown

Astrological Sign: None, but he’d probably by an Aries or a Pisces ^^

Blood Type: Dun have blood =/

Species: Mazoku (demon)

Hair: A very pale calypso green and spiked all over with thick locks all over his right eye. It’s all very soft and silky, despite the wildness.

Eyes: Slit (mazoku), and a vivid violet color, sometimes darker, sometimes lighter. When he’s angry, they glow dimly, and when he’s really angry, they turn a blood red.

Skin: Very pale and naturally flawless.

Height: 6’4”

Weight: Errr... once I figure out the Science of Mazoku, I can better answer this, but he’s supposedly pretty weightless, due to the fact that he’s just abyss inside, but he does weigh /something/, due to the weight of his exterior body.

Other Physical Description: He’s really buff and hot. He has very long, curved, pointed ears, and he always dresses with his cape and many layers, usually tan and earth colors, sometimes gold-tinted with armor when he’d going for a Prince-ly look.

Favorite Color: It’d probably be black.

Family: His master and supreme father is Araizou Kesu, and his other father-creator-person is Merrulis. His full mazoku brother is Zarian, and his half-siblings are Aza and Rei. Father to Gabriel.

Friends: Grey, Aza, Renton, Kate, Nasake, Bella, Seibrum, Eran, Zarian, dunno how many others...

Lovers: Mabel. Former: Grey, Aza, Nasake, Arkerial

Enemies: Jerome, Fue-chan, Eriya, Arkerial, (evil) Ryss, FY no Miko, Inomi, Kiju, Figment (just dun like him), Vail, Cojin.

Hobbies: Hurting people, swordplay, fighting, having sex, playing piano.

Skills/Talents: Playing piano, hurting people, battling, having sex, singing, art, strategizing, anything he might set his mind to.

Special Powers: All mazoku stuffies: black energy, teleporting, flying, morphing, silencing, super-strength, speed, etc etc etc.

Items: Most of the time he has his sword with him.

Occupation: none at all. Would be a part of the Mazoku Race Alliance, but broke away from that.

Goals/Ambitions: Guh... Zei would like to die, sadly, but for now, his huge goal is to kill his master and get his revenge. After that, he really has no plans for the rest of eternity in which he’ll live.

Habits: Uh... he paces frequently.

Good Points: Charming, sweet, can be affectionate, not materialistic, is a good protector, intelligent, careful, passionate, determined, strong, appreciative of beauty, selfless (really, he is).

Bad Points: Cruel, nasty, mean, tactless, spiteful, vicious, vindictive, conniving, pessimistic, cocky, too damn persistent, unreasonable, defiant, loud, rude, extremely moody, arrogant.

Likes: Sex, killing, pain (not his own..), all his lovies, piano, fighting, the Smashing Pumpkins, getting drunk, women, flying, (feathered) wings, nature, sleeping, darkness.

Dislikes: Men (you wouldn’t think so...), his master, rejection, animals, small creatures, light, light weapons, humans, Nyn-Nyns, children, most happiness.

Fears: Though it’s not totally irrational, light swords terrify him. And his master.

Motto: “The world is full of happiness that I have never known.”

Seiyuu: Japanese-either Hayashi Nobutoshi or Takagi Wataru
English- I suppose Brad Pitt.. o.o

Actor: Brad Pitt

History: A long time ago, one of the most powerful mazoku who ever lived was the Emperor of a country called Kareku. This was not known to the citizens of the country, of course, as mazoku weren’t regarded with a very friendly eye. Being a very cruel and power-hungry mazoku, the Emperor--Araizou Kesu-- decided to invest some time into experimenting and trying something that had never been done before. He created a mazoku from himself and asked his lover, Merrulis, to contribute himself to it, which would make the child a part human. Merrulis’s knowledge of all this was that he was going to be granted a son. However, Araizou had different plans. His experiment wasn’t completed. ‘The Human Mazoku’ was created. He named him Zeibriel, and Merrulis and him raised him as a son as well as a mazoku. Two years after he was created, Araizou created another mazoku all his own in his image and named him Zarian. The two boys were kept apart for 7 years for more experimental purposes, but when they were aloud to live together, they bonded very tightly and loved each other dearly immediately.

When Zeibriel was 12 years old, Araizou’s final chapter of the experiment took place. He wanted to observe how the boy would take extreme emotional anguish and trauma with the human in him. He allowed around 20 of his drunk human friends to gang-rape Zeibriel while casually observing on the side before finally raping the boy himself. After observing all he wanted to, he decided his experiment could go no farther for the time being and cast the former-Prince out of the palace. Broken, bleeding and terribly wounded, on the verge of consciousness and unconsciousness, Zeibriel was found in the streets by his human friends. It was at this time they discovered he /wasn’t/ an elf this whole time, but actually a mazoku, and they fled, leaving him the way he was and with one more bitter view of humans before passing out. Unknowst to him, his only elf friend, Seibrum, stayed and carried him to a family he knew well that would take in a mazoku.

Zeibriel was a very changed person after all this, and lived with the family for 2 years. When he was 14, the family’s 16-year old daughter--a well known village slut--decided to turn her sultry powers to this mazoku who was growing up into a very cute teenager, and talked Zeibriel into sleeping with her. Thus the mazoku’s virginity was consensually (sort of) gone for good now. To the slut-daughter’s surprise, this little virgin was good. Really good. Really really /really/ good. She asked for sex quite a bit after that. Being gossipy, the daughter relayed to her mother what a wonderful, remarkable lay the boy was, and being a rather sexually deprived house wife, the mother recruited Zeibriel to cheer her up a bit in that area. Unfortunately... it wasn’t well planned, and her husband came home to find his 14-year old foster-son screwing his wife. Not good. In anger, he tried to kill Zei, but the mazoku was, of course, a mazoku, and ended up decapitating the husband instead by a slip of his outrageous strength. Thus starting his love for cold-blooded murder.

Fleeing from the capital of Kareku, Zeibriel spent almost the next thee centuries wandering the countries and dimensions, sleeping with thousands upon thousands of women and becoming very notorious for his skills in bed, as well as for the dangerous, cruel killer he was. He dispelled his name of Zeibriel Kesu and created his own last name, becoming Zeibriel Jadeion (‘Jadeion’ probably has a story behind it...) When he was about 250 or so, he met a beautiful woman named Arkerial who claimed to be a mazoku. The two became an instant couple and were inseparable, also creating havoc over the countries in a Bonnie-and-Clyde like style, a notorious, stealing (which really was pointless...), killing pair. But just when Zeibriel was beginning to believe he was in love with her, Arkerial revealed that she’d been lying to him the entire time of their relationship and she was actually a kitsune, and that she’d been cheating on him. In extreme anger and pain, Zeibriel snapped and killed her (or so he thought). When her brother and best friend came looking for her, he killed them too. After that, he continued wandering.

In the 3 centuries he wandered, Zeibriel met up with many old friends, such as his first true love, Nasake Shinsetsuna, who he had known as a child in Kareku before the rape; Seibrum, the elf that saved him; and even Zarian, his grown-up baby brother and the current General of the Kareku army and Kareku crowned Prince.

One fine day, he happened to wander upon a mysterious, near-empty hotel inhabited by a few Mikos and some of their friends. There he met his next true love, Azakeri, a kitsune. Before he realized he was in love with the fox, he felt his bitterness and hatred for kitsune come back and raped him, but after many more mishaps like that, the two were a /relatively/ happy couple.

That was when a cold, distant wingboy caught his attention. At first, Zeibriel just wanted to make Grey into a mazoku because the wingboy fascinated him, but soon, he found himself falling in love yet again. Torn between the two, Zei finally chose Grey and /they/ became a couple.

Many others at the rapidly-filling hotel caught Zei’s attention, and he tried to make others mazoku, such as Eriya and Fue-chan, Fue-chan whom he succeeded at. He became fond of the girl and gave her to Grey, who had affection for her, but she was taken and turned back into a human.

It was then, as had happened many many times throughout his life of Kesu torturing him mentally and physically from Kareku, that Zeibriel grew fed up. His plan to gain enough energy to destroy Kesu once and for all was brought to a head, and he decided to gain as much power as he could as fast as he could and created 8 mazokus, nearly killing himself in the process and created the last one with Grey. He also turned Grey into a mazoku, sealing his ownership of Grey even more. Buut, as things tend to happen at Llanon, he was detered by that pesky Arkerial, who he hadn’t managed to kill. She took control over his mind and made him her slave, making him order his children to go out and kill all the others he cared about so she would have no competition. Unfortunately, being young and slightly more inexperienced, 4 of the 8 mazoku children were killed by their opponents and that did quite a number of Zei. Also, Grey was turned back into a human (one huge knock on Zei) and the sword that he’d given to Zei was taken and given to Kitty (another huge knock on Zei), so after regaining control of his mind, Zei was in a sorry state for awhile. Once better, he met up with a young lady named Emily, who he found out wanted to kill Renton. Agreeing to get Eriya out of her way, he went looking for Eriya and Renton and indeed found them--at Vail’s laboratory. After being cornered with no other deal, Zei made a deal with Vail to be able to take Renton if he never bothered Eriya again, and took it, planning to deliver Renton to Emily. Unexpectedly, the mazoku is becoming rather fond of the drug-addicted Brit....
So, updated, Zei indeed fell hard for Renton, actually caring for him in addition to lusting for him, but Renton was soully devoted to Eriya and nothing could ever be. After a lot more drama (I can’t even remember all of it), everything was fine and back to normal until... Renton, having a long complicated history you’d have to find in his profile, had his dead twin sister’s soul locked inside of him, and it began emerging as Mabel, appearing quite like multiple personalities. Zei, while trying to help Renton, became fond of Mabel.
Around this time, three mazoku from Zei’s past arrived at the hotel, Tosca, Ezekeial, and Alminore, The Seele, as I call them, helpers of Kesu. They immediately started following Kesu’s orders to try and torture Zei by butting into his life. At some point, I can’t even remember how, Mabel and Renton got split and had separate bodies. Immediately Zei and Mabel started sleeping together.
Renton then got targeted by Vail once more and was turned into a puppet of Jenova. While trying to save Renton from this, Zei got himself raped by Renton/Jenova, eech. In return, from the guilt, Renton let Zei go down on him, ahem. Mabel and Eriya never found out.
Jerome decided to lend a hand and extracted Jenova from Renton, thereby making Renton a seal on Jenova which, while fine at this time, would come to haunt him later in another life.
Zei, meanwhile, had problems of his own. Mabel revealed to him that she was pregnant with his twins. Zei had conflicted thoughts, but really cared about Mabel and was slightly afraid of her, so he agreed to actually stay and take care of his children with her unlike other women he’s impregnated. In November, the twins Cahliel and Ciaran were born and Mabel still works on Zei marrying her.