Autumn's Image Gallery

Ah, Autumn, the red-haired beauty. She's fun to draw too, just because she's so damn playful! Coloring her is a blast too.. I wonder, then, why I don't have more picts... O_o

The very first picture of Autumn, and a success! I love how this displays her unusual home-made clothing. Colored in colored pencil.

Fue-chan's Gals Ice Skating Series-featuring Autumn! ^^ Her hair isn't normally so bright...

Little Mermaid Autumn. Just having fun sketching for our LM casting. ^_~

Margin sketch of Autumn in my Biology notes ^^ I like this pict because of the shading and such.. the slight blush in her cheeks is pretty, I think .^^

Whoo! Sexy Autumn! Peach-Girl-Style and watercolored, Autumn poses as her sexy self ^^