Cojin's Image Gallery
Everyone loves to draw Cojin! ^^ And why not? *fans herself* This is one sexy evil-wolf... thing... O.o

Drawn by Kate

I think this was the very first picture of Cojin... cut out fromKate's big group piccie. ^^

*giggles madly* Katesy's oh-so-nice to Kitty and drew her a beckoning pict. *_* *drooools*

Profile cut out from the pict of him and Sami and Jerome.

Drawn by FY no Miko

*droool* Jess drew Cojin for Katesy, and what a dish! *_*

Mm mmm mm! Kitty was wonderful and colored the pict on computer, adding stuff and such. **

Drawn by Kitty

Kitty's first pict of Cojin, flipping the bird. ^^;; (Gotta love the tight pants. ^^;;;)

Cojin as a gothy J-Pop rocker. ^^

Kitty gives Cojin's snakey-tongue a shot. ^_~

I think I cut this from a bigger picture of Cojin and Kitty... >.>

Ah, yes. ^^ Cut from this one, where Kitty's trying to get chibi-Cojin to dress up and such. ^^

Chibi chibi chibi. ^_^

Cuuuute chibi chibi chibi!

From Kitty's manga where she drags Cojin to Hot Topic and dresses him up. ^_^

More from manga. Go Cojin, go! Strut that vinyl!

Erk... I think the skirt was going a bit much. >.o

Inspired by a picture of Vincent (from FF7), his past self looking into the reflection of his current self.

Mmmm... *_* Kitty did a cel picture for Katesy's birthday. ^^ S'so pretty.

Drawn by me

A margin doodle of Cojin to see how alike I could make him and Cain look. ^^

Guh, don't know why I'm posting this. -_- Another margin doodle, I dun like it.

Cut out from a picture of him and Eriya I did... I cut out the fire-part of his hair. ^^;;;

Cut out from a picture of Cojin and Eriya and Cain. I LOVE Cojin's pants... *_* I want a pair...

Cut out from the big group pict. Cojin is looking down at the girls fawning over Sami and thinking, "Curses!"

Just a dramatic pict I did of Cojin... The bottom says his name in Hiragana, but I'd been an idiot and wrote the first character "Ku" instead of "ko" at first. -_- Luckily, Kitty is amazing and editted it on computer so it was correctly "ko." .. >.> Technically, it should be "ko" in Katakana, since it's "Co" ... @.@

The first pict I did of Cojin... *shruggles*

My final project in Beginning Painting sophmore year... Watercolored version of the dramatic pict. My teacher didn't want the characters, so I had to replace it with hair. :X