Fue-chan's Image Gallery!

Er... okay, so I'm self absorbed. -_- No, I just like drawing Fue-chan the best because she's an anime version of myself, therefore really really pretty. And look! It's the girl of a billion different hairstyles! Yuppers, Fue-chan's hair gets changed more than my brother's underwear.

Fue-chan out in the snow..

My first successful watercolor, although her hair's too light. ^^

One of the very first Fue-chan pictures, when she was still called Fuefuki no Miko! ^^

Fue-chan in her Princess costume (Halloween 2000), which was my actual Halloween costume that year. ^^

Godspell Fue-chan! Fue-chan dressed in Jacqueline Monahan's costume from Godspell.

Cut out from a group picture, just being Fue-chan. ^^

Guuh.. a /horrible/ attempt at coloring on the comp.. Why did I even put this up? >.<

A quick arcylic painting I did in my painting class.

Quick sketchy of Fue-chan after chopping off all her hair...

Part of the Fue-chan's Gals Ice Skating Series, Fue-chan ice skating. ^_^

Peach Girl inspired, Fue-chan with a rare hairstyle of hers and an awesome outfit. ^__^

Bride to a demon... This is Fue-chan's wedding dress when she married Hazel.

A sketch in the margins of my notes (Latin class?) of Fue-chan's hair-cut

Another margin sketch, Fue-chan at Hazel's, dressing in peasant-garb.

Heh... more Peach Girl style... Fue-chan with a short haircut (my hair cut) and being a bad girl. And no, she doesn't smoke. ^^;;

Doodling in math: Fue-chan practices ballet, and sits around listening to her headphones, both in her depression.

Hee hee, OLD chibis of Fue-chan for my Drawing and Graphics class. The last chunk is cut out because my cats peed on it. >.<

The watercolored version of the ice-skaing pict.

Woo, nekkie Fue-chan! Well..almost. A doodle in my biology notes, her just being kinky. ^_~

Math doodle, Mazoku-Fue-chan with long hair; just an experiment

Margin doodle: Fue-chan getting her ring finger sliced off by Hazel.

Finished pict of Mazoku Fue-chan

Fue-chan being pregnant and pretty. Ironically, this was drawn about a year before Fue-chan even had sex.

Pregnant Fue-chan when she actually was pregnant. ^^;;

More preggie Fue-chan. ^^ me experimenting with maternity outfits and hair styles. ^^

Glammed up Fue-chan in my Latin notes. ^^

Chibi Fue-chan being a Roman girl in...you guess it! Latin class!

The colored version of the snow pict.... actually a semi-decent computer colored pict by me. -_-