Fue-chan's Couples Image Gallery!
Many couples, and none of them lovers. ^^ Not with my minna, anyway.

Drawn by me

Eriya and Hazel, the first drawing I did of Hazel. ^^ This is most likely a younger version of both of them.

One of the Couples Series pictures, Eriya/Jaydrian and Hazel. ^^

When Fue-chan was voluntarily staying at Hazels, after her pyscho freak-out, mostly to model the dress. Hazel's not finished. (*lol* it looks like Hazel's reaching for my butt)

Fue-chan being Hazel's bride of Hell and such.

Margin drawing of Fue-chan and Seibrum on the side of a babble I did during school. >.> Biology class, I think...

Fue-chan and child Starlynn in whatever village she and Hazel lived in.

Couples Series. ^^ Zei and Fue-chan, actually touching each other! I really like this one actually. ^^

A symbolic picture of Gabriel holding a child version of his identical uncle, Zarian.... or could it be child him? Ooh, you never know... >:}

Mmm, I love this one. Gabriel and Zarian for the Couples Series, inspired from a yaoi pict actually. ^^;;;

This is Harlequin and his ex-lover Arimi. Arimi isn't a character in Llanon, but she's still part of my couples. ^^ Here, they're pleading with someone in their past.

Arimi and Harley again, right after Harlequin told her he loved her.

Harlequin and Arimi in a cutesy picture, of them in school outfits. ^^

Couples Series. ^^ Harlequin and Kirei, cuties. ^^

Inova and Akari. Akari isn't a Llanon character, again, but someone from Inova's own story (Inomi might know who she is).

More Couples Series. ^^ Inova and Arkerial being classy.

Brother and sister Couples Series. ^^ S'Autumn and Jethro.

A kind of half-drawn picture of Zei and Eriya, when Zei had Eriya prisoner in his room, chained up. The slashes on Zei's chest are the injuries she gave him from a light dagger.

Margin doodle of Eriya clubbing Zei. ^^;;;

Another margin doodle in Latin class, but it never happened. Just Zei harassing Eriya more.

Needs to be rescanned, but I really like this pict of Zei and Seibrum being cute normal teenagers. *snort*

VERY old drawing of Zei and Zarian as children.

Drawn by FY no Miko

Waaaai. ^__^ Miko drew the brothers for me, originally just drawing Zarian, but I absolutely adore Zei. ^__^