Kirei's Image Gallery
I don't draw Kirei as much as I used to because her hair becomes difficult, but I love her cute face. Kirei pictures always kind of make me smile. ^_^

One of the very first Kirei drawings. ^^ My learning-art-stage..

The actual first drawing of Kirei. ^_^

From the picture I drew to go with her Nuriko fanfic, cut out from that.

Random Kirei picture. ^^ Still early-Kirei.

Cut out from the big group picture.. ^^ Very pretty Kirei.

Early Kirei (again) drawn in a card-form.

Me playing around with markers... Kirei goes glamorous! ^_^

Kirei goes shopping at Union Bay! ^_^

Part of the Fue-chan's Gals Skating Series, Kirei skates. ^_^

The water-colored version of the skating pict.