Seibrum's Image Gallery
Uck, I wish I had more of Seibrum, because he's such a cutie, but drawing him is a nightmare (Kitty, Kate, and Jess agree). There's something that makes him really hard to draw. *shruggles* Dunno....

Drawn by me

Various random picts of Seibrum from childhood, and him with baby-Zei ^_^

Cut out from the big groupie pict.

Really stupid, old margin sketch of Seibrum. -_-

Random Seibrum piccies in my science notes. ^_^;;

*snicker* Seibrum as Nuriko from our FY casting! Girl Nuriko, that is.. ^_^;;

*droool* Seibrum as Legolas for our LoTR casting. *____*

Drawn by FY no Miko

Seibrum fresh from the dryer! :D ^^ Miko was kind enough to draw this for me, and I love his fluffy hair. ^_^