Zei's Image Gallery
Ah, Zei and all his hotness. I just wish I could portray it more. Zei has the most pictures next to Fue-chan because I've grown to actually like drawing the big dope. ^^

Drawn by me

A pict just displaying Zei and his mazoku-energy-ness.

A symbolic-ish pict, and hey, he just didn't look right in clothes, so it had to be a loin cloth. ^_~

A cute, grumpy chibi Zei I drew in a letter to Kate, and thought it was just too cute and scanned it.

Hee hee, when KK/CnM went beserk and Zei gained some butterfly wings and purple hair. ^_^ He's such a pretty butterfly.

Cut out from the big group pict, Zei with his energy ball and Sailor Moon stance. ^o^

Don't know why I put it up.. a chibi doodle I drew in my school planner. If you look in the lower-right, you'll see a Fue-chan peeking. ^_^

The very first whole picture I did of Zei (the first was just his eye and his hair) in Drawing and Graphics. ICK. I was terrible. But it's memories and such, so.

An odd picture of Zei as a human, but he ended up looking really young, so I'm not real sure what's going on....

Zei in a cage! ^_^ I drew and watercolored this for Kitty's Pocket Llanon.

A doodle (in Latin) of Zei and his shadowy lookie stuff.. I dunno...

Another margin Zei, and a very early Zei at that.

Very recent of Zei in pretty clothes and with his mazoku energy, and then a chibi him in the corner wondering why he's wearing this. ^^

Er... a sketch in a notebook of Zei with a gun pointing it at Fue-chan, from my babble Russian Roulette.

Margin drawing of Zei as Nakago in our FY casting. ^_^

Drawn by FY no Miko

Cuuute, chibi Zei, looking all cat-like. ^_^

*drools* Zei as a human... isn't he /hot/??