Well! I welcome you to the minds now of the twisted and the insane! You've reached a central for the llanon hotel. ^_^ Read a little bit more about us, if you will:


Llanon, originally known as Ludicrious Loves Anonymous, was started in February of 2000 by Bella Maria, co-started by me, Fue-chan. Aliases, of course. Like we'd give our real names on the internet. *snort* It was started on the basis of a sort of support group for people who love someone they can never be loved back by: gay, dead, anime, etc etc etc. But eventually it turned into something a bit different...

CURRENT LLANON: What We're About

Well, it must have started out with harem babbles. I haven't read the early messages in a LONG time, so I can't be sure, but we would do cute little harem babbles with the anime bishonen we liked, inspired (at least, I was) by the wonderful harem mistress of Boyzoffy mailing list. I suppose from there, the "voices" came. To explain what a voice is, basically, you have to really understand authors. ^_^ Characters. That's basically all they are. At least for me. I take characters from my stories, and role play them, and I've found it helps me get to know the character so much more, plus, it's a ton of fun. ^_~ Most of my characters are totally a part of me too, branched off parts of my personality that have taken on a form, face, name, and, well, voice. ^_^ Not too crazy, hmm? What we do is just like our own rp. That's basically what llanon is, but we're pretty different from most rps. Our characters just interact with everyone else's characters. And boy, what a ride it's been! We have our own villians and heros and about a bazillion love stories. ^^;; If you have any further questions on what llanon is all about, feel free to e-mail me!

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