Beauty and the Beast
by Kate Sith and Fue-chan

Mrs. Potts...........Fue-chan
Chip(s)...............Tundra and Wynter
Duster (Fifi?)......Gabriel
Fanboy Trio........Harlequin, Jerome, and Vail
Looney Bin Guy..Vecepia

Fue-chan: *poof!*

Zei: >.> What's going on?

Kate Sith: *poof too! =D*

Rents: ..... I dunno.... >.> ....

Fue-chan: *tugs Rents over to Zei* aww, you guys are so cute already ^_^

Zei: <.< ...

Rents: We're what now? >.>

Kate: Cute!

Rents: ... ^^; They called you cute, Zei..

Fue-chan: ^^ Hai. *looks around at the other victims* So... um, who's Gaston? o.o

Zei: o.o >=/ Hey!

Kate: i dunno... o_o who is Gaston...? oh the one everyone thinks is so hot!?

Fue: ^^;;; Hai. ^^ And he loves Belle and hunts and is vain and such.

Zei: <.< *at Rents* Wait a minute... so you're Beauty?

Rents: I'll be-- What?? I'm what?

Zei: o.o Or are you? *looks up*

Fue-chan: ^^;;; Eh...

Kate: Beeeeauty! ^_^ we can use lipstick and eyeliner so you fit the part better. ^^

Fue-chan: :D Hai!

Zei: *stifles laughter*

Fue: Ooh, you can be pretty like Ewan as Curt... *__*

Rents: ..... :o Why can't a female person be her?? >.< I'm male in case you haven't noticed!!

Zei: Yeah, how come I don't get a chick? =/

Rents: :O Zei!

Zei: <.< What, you want to be a chick?

Rents: ... :-/ Of course I don't....

Kate: You'll make a good one though. ^^ Now, who is vain and loves Rents?

Fue: <.< *looks at Zei* Ideally....

Zei: >=/

Rents: #-_-# I'm against this whole production...

Kate: ^^; Well, he can't have both parts..

Fue: Haai... well, the whole lot of my minna love Renton, but I don't think very many of us are vain and mean.. *glance*

Kate: >.> Most of mine are generally annoyed by him....

Fue-chan: =/ Meanies...

Rents: :-/ Aye.... Everyone should love Rents. *points at Fue* She has the right idea. She's a good author.

Fue-chan: ^__^ Aww.. *hugglies him, hearts eyes*

Kate: :O I'm putting you on at least three more people's hit lists for that

Fue-chan: =/ ... Well, the Renton Fanclub is me, Eriya, Zei, and Starlynn.....

Rents: Eriya can do it! ^__^

Eriya: o.o!

Zei: *begins looking through Rent's wardrobe for the play* Aww, these dresses are so pretty!

Rents: o.o! >.< Zeeeei, get out of my things! o.o ...I mean, uh.... those are mine?

Fue: *nods* Yes, she is meaner than me or Starlynn...

Eriya: >=/

Fue: See? o.o

Rents: ^__^ And she's so beautiful! *snuggles Eriya*

Eriya: <.< ... *pat pat* What exactly would I be doing? I don't get beat up again, do I? =/

Rents: You get to be in love with me. :-D And all the girls in town are in love with you! er...boys... o.o;;;

Eriya: .........

Zei: *snickers, holding up some dress to Renton* Aww....

Fue-chan: *bats Zei away* Stooop, you're gonna scare him off! >.<

Rents: o.o! >.< *pushes it away* That's not funny! I'm not wearing dresses!

Kate: ^_^ Eriya-san will do it, then?

Eriya: >=/ ..... >.< You all are idiots.

Fue: o.o I think that's "yes" ....

Rents: ;_; Even me?

Eriya: Oh, of course not you, love... *pettle*

Rents: ^^ Aye, of course not. You're not an idiot either, darling.

Eriya: ^^;; Thank you, Julien...

Kate: So who's the clock and the candle?

Fue: @.@ Uh... I have no idea.. who wants to be animate objects?

Minna: >.o

Kate: ^_^ Zei's friends? o.o Are they?

Fue: Well, he's generally not nice to them, but yes. ^^;; You could be one, Katesy.

Kate: ;_; I don't want Zei to be mean to me...

Fue: >.o Oh...

Rents: I should be one of Zei's friend. :-/

Zei: *huggles Kate* I wouldn't be... I think you should be Beauty.. *smiiile*

Kate: :-D Awwww! *snugs* Can I?

Rents: :O!!

Zei: <.< *glance at Rents* ...

Rents: :-/ .....fine by me... *sniffle*

Zei: >.o ...

Kate: ^___^ I~I'm the prettiest Belle!

Rents: >:-| No, I am! o.o;;; ...I mean.....

Zei: *pats Kate* Maybe you should let Renton be her. I think he's looking forward to the drag.

Fue-chan: lol ^_^

Rents: >.< No I'm not!!! >.<

Kate: .... :-/ I have to give it up, for Rents's identity issues...

Zei: *nods sadly* Don't worry, I think you're prettier. ^_~

Rents: >.< You guys are so mean!!!

Kate: ^^ Honto ni?

Zei: *nods, flirt flirt*

Gabe: =/

Rents: >.< Zei, you're shameless...

Fue: Oh, Gabey should be one of his Daddy's friends. ^^

Gabe: o.o

Kate: Haaaai! Me and Gabey! ^__^

Gabe: ^_^ *happier with this*

Kate: *separates from Zei and snugs Gabey*

Gabe: ^__^

Zei: =/ ... *sulks, glance at Renton*

Rents: *crosses his arms and looks away* Hmph.

Fue: Okay, so which ones are you guys? o.o There's the clock and the candle and the teapot and the little teacup... I think there's a footstool too. o.o

Kate: I wanna be the candle! ^_^ I always liked him when i was little. Juliet can be the footstool!

Juliet: *Bark!*

Fue: :D You can talk in a French accent, Katesy!

Kate: oui!

Fue: ^__^ o.o Oh! And didn't he have a girlfriend, the little duster thingy?

Gabe: <.< ...

Kate: Gabey-chan, that can be you!

Gabe: >.o If you want me to be, Kate...

Kate: :-D Hai!

Zei: *amused* This is like, the Cross Dressing Beauty and the Beast. Except me. *grin*

Rents: Aye, you just have to be ugly. :-fi

Zei: o.o What?

Rents: You have to be a beast.

Zei: But not ugly. o.o

Rents: Fine, just furry.

Zei: =/ ...Can we just pretend I look like an animal or something?

Rents: No.

Zei: >=/

Fue: Okeey, who wants to be Ms. Potts, the teacup? Er, kettle...

Kate: You, Fue-chan! And your kids can be the teacups.

Fue-chan: o.o! >.< But she's all fat and such...

Twins: o.o? *getting to participate?*

Kate: ^^;;; Piper-san then?

Piper: :O I am not fat!

Kate: You're gettin there!

Twins: :D *both huggle Piper*

Fue: ^^;; See, they love you.

Piper: ^^;; *pets them* Well, I think it should be you, Fue, because you're their mother.

Fue: =/ Only if Jerome's the big, scary stove man.

Jerome: What?

Kate: Hai! ^__^

Fue: ^_^ Okay then.

Jerome: ^^;;

Fue: <.< ... What about the anal clock?

Kate: Seibrum-san?

Seibrum: =/ How come I always get the up-tight anal characters? Am I such a jerk?

Fue: ^^;;; No, but you're Zei's friend....

Kate: haaaai! ^^ you can wear a little clock hand mustache!

Seibrum: =/ -_- Whatever.

Fue-chan: *peeer* Is that all the castle folk?

Rents: :-/ Can I have a clock hand mustache?

Kate: No, you're Belle!

Zei: You'd be a pretty ugly chick with a mustache.

Kate Sith: ^^ I put Beauty and the Beast in, so i could remember it better, and they're showing the preview for Aladdin... Aladdin was soooo good. i loved it SO much when i was little!

Fue-chan: aww, hai! it was when they were getting into computer effects and I was so like, "WOW" by it ^_^

Rents: >.< I'm not a chick though!!!!

Fue-chan: :D *puts her copy in too*

Zei: -_- You are now.

Kate Sith: ^^ when i was little, i was set on collecting all the disney movies... i wish i had... ^^ I'd like to have a marathon someday.
We watched some of Cinderella dubbed in Japanese, in my Japanese class. they do SO much better with dubbing than we do!

Fue-chan: aww, that would be awesome! :o I've watched the Lion King dubbed in Spanish before ^_^ T'was very funny.

Kate Sith: the song at the beginning, they were like "shindereraaaa" but their voices sounded JUST like the English ones ^^

Fue-chan: how cuuute! ^_^

Rents: >.< No, I'm not!

Kate: *grabs his waist* You have such a perfect little waist though! :O *jealous*

Rents: >>.<< I do NOT!

Zei: *agrees* ^_^ *with Kate*

Fue-chan: Ah, we need Bella's dad!

Kate: Who would be Rents's papa?

Fue: >.> ...Um... Who else is close to Rents?

Rents: ... ;_; No one.....

Eriya: *huggles him* =/ ...

Fue-chan: god, you can really tell the difference in the animation... like, the preview of Aladdin compared to the preview of Sleeping Beauty.

Rents: ~__~ *snugs* no one loves me, darling...

Kate Sith: ^^ Hai, i know.

Hazel: I'll be him! ^^

Rents: ;_; You will?

Hazel: *noddles* Hai, I like you ^^

Kate: Ahhh! Sparrow can be Gaston's little dude!

Fue: :D Waaai! That's perfect!

Sparrow: >.o I get to be with Eriya?

Fue: Hai!

Sparrow: ... ^^ Okay...

Rents: ..... Wait, I wanna be that little guy...

Kate: You're BELLE!

Eriya: *pats him and goes over to be by Sparrow* ^^

Fue: Renton, you're the star! Be happy!

Rents: :o .... >.< I'm the girl star!!!

Fue: ^^;;; Er.. hai...

Rents: >.< Why does everyone always want me to dress up like a girl?

Fue: Because you're pretty ^^

Rents: >.< -_- No I'm not....

Kate: yes you are.... pretty pretty

Fue: *pats him and ignores him now, looking around* Any other parts? o.o

Kate: no, i don't think so...i think that's all of them. oh, there's the horse ^^

Fue: That needs to be one of yours, Katesy. =/ I've got too many..

Kate: Ummmm.. Sami-neko is too small... Cojin? ^^;

Hazel: o.o *has to ride him* ....

Cojin: >:-|

Kate: ^^ He'll do it.

Hazel: >.o I might crush him...

Kate: nah, he's strong. Ne, Cojin? *pats him*

Cojin: *wolfifies, and snaps at her*

Kate: o.o;;;

Hazel: ...o.o *pat pats Cojin wolfy*

Cojin: *groooowl*

Hazel: *backs off* ^^;;

Kate: okay, then... i think that is everyone.

Fue: Hai ^^ Minna all ready to go?

Kate: *trying to shove Rents into a dress*

Rents: >.< nooo...

Zei: *just in Princey clothes before his beast transformation*

Other Minna: *getting ready too*

Kate; Zeeei, you look cooool *_*

Minna: *ditto*

Zei: *grin* Thank you. ^^ *looks dashing for her*

Kate: *___*

Fue-chan: *puts a chef's hat on Jerome* ^_^

Jerome: ^_^ v

Kate Sith: Gabey: "I saw a girl in ze castle!"

Fue-chan: LOL

Fue-chan: watching this and picturing our minna is so funny

Fue: Should we have a narrator for the beginning?

Kate: Hai.... ^^; You can do that, too, Fue-chan..

Fue-chan: @.@ Okay. ^^;;; *pulls down a pretty backdrop

Fue-chan: I always LOVE the beginning, where it shows the castle and the forest and such.

Kate Sith: haaaai ^_^

Fue: *clears throat* Once there was a young prince who lived in a shining castle.

Zei: *sits in his castle*

Fue: Although he had everything his heart desired, the Prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.

Zei: ... >=/ *orders servants around and such*

Fue: Until, one night, an old beggar woman came to the castle--*stops* who's our enchantress/beggar woman? o.o Piper? ^__^

Piper: ^^ Sure! *dresses like a beggar and goes to the castle* .....

Fue: And offered him a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold.

Zei: *raises an eyebrow*

Piper: *offers a rose* For shelter from the bitter cold...? ;_;

Zei: >=/ What does this place look like, a homeless shelter?

Piper: ....Don't be deceived by appearances.... Beauty is found within...

Zei: -_- Uh huh. That's just something ugly people say to make themselves feel better.

Fue-chan: When the Prince had refused her again, her ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress..

Piper: Fine, then. *throws off her beggar woman clothes, flutters her sparkly wings and pulls out a magic wand* hmph!

Zei: o.o! Hey! *griiin* How's it going, cutie? ^_~ *leaan*

Piper: heh, yea right. It's too late for that. I've already seen that you're just a spoiled, selfish, cold jackass, and now i'm gonna do something mean to you.

Zei: :O

Fue-chan: As punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell on all the castle.

Zei: Hey, no! >=/ No hideousness!

Piper: *nods and does it!*

Piper: *is a good sport and transforms himself into a beast version of himself, but not ugly, like in the movie

Fue-chan: I dun think the Disney beast is ugly ^^ He's cute.

Kate Sith: He has doggy legs ^^

Fue-chan: lol hai ^^

Piper: haha! Now there's a powerful spell on all the caaaastle!

Fue: Ashamed of his monstrous form, the Beast concealed himself inside his castle with a magic mirror as his own window to the outside world..

Zei: *back in the castle, starts tearing up things with his beastly claws* Grr, I'm mad....

Fue-chan: The rose she had offered was truly and enchanted rose, that would bloom until his 21st year.

Zei: o.o Damn, I'm young... >.> *looks at the rose on his night table*

Kate Sith: lol...

Kate Sith: grr, i'm mad...

Fue-chan: ^^;;

Rents: ;_; I'm so ooooold...

Zei: *would comfort Rents, but is concealing himself inside his castle* -_-

Fue: If he could learn to love another and earn their love by the time the last petal fell, the spell would be broke. If not, he would be doooooomed to remain a beast for all time.

Rents: *silently thanks her for not saying "her"*

Fue-chan: ^^ Aww

Fue: As the years past, the beast fell into despair, and lost all hope... for who could ever learn to love a beast....?

Kate: *holds up a cruedly-drawn Beauty and the Beast sign*

Fue: *thumbs up to Katesy* :D

Kate: :-D >.> okay, Rents, go walk out of the weird house...

Fue: *cues the pretty music*

Rents: *grabs his basket and skips out of the house, wearing blue peasant dress*

Kate: whoo!

Fue: All right, sexy! ^^ *whistle*

Rents: >.< .... *smiles at birds and keeps going*

Kate: Sing!

Rents: >.< No!

Fue: But you have a lovely voice!

Rents: >>.<< How do you know?

Fue: Uhhhh... >.> I don't...

Kate: Belle has to sing, it's important.

Rents: Little toooown, it's a quiet village.

Kate: whoo!

Fue: :D

Rents: Every daaaay like the one befoooore, little tooooown full of little people... Waking uuuup toooo saaaay -_-;;;

Fue: *quickly grabs some minna to shove out*

Random Minna: Bonjour!

Randomly selected minna: Bonjour!

Random ditto: Bonjour! Bonjour!

Randomly selected minna: Bonjour!

Rents: ^_^ There goes the baker with his tray like alwaaays, the same old bread and rolls to seeeeell

Fue: *thinks he's the most adorable thing ever* ^__^

Randomly Selected Baker: *has bread and rolls for continuity*

Rents: Every morning just the same, as the morning that we came.. *curtsies to someone* to this poor provincial town..

Kate Sith: sp?

Fue-chan: looks right ^^

Minna: *tips their hats and such to him as he passes, murmuring too behind his back*

Vail: Good morning Belle! ^_^ o.o! What am I doing here?

Fue-chan: lol ^__^

Rents: ^_^ Morning! I'm going to the book shop! I love to reeeeeead! ^__^ I'm strange! Reading is strange! ^__^

Fue-chan: XD

Vail: *disinterested*

Rents: *walks off*

Minna: *sing about how strange Rents is*

Minna: *ditto, point and such when they think Rent's isn't looking*

Rents: *returns a book and the nice man gives him his favorite one to keep* :D *goes and shows the book to some sheep for some reason* Ohhhhhhhhhhhh isn't thiiiiis amaaaazing

New pet sheep: Maah... <.< *think the book is boring, climbs up to chew on Rent's hair*

Rents: It's my favorite paaaaart becaaaaaause you seeee... >.< *jumps up and runs away* Gwah, get away from meeee!!! >>.<<!!!!!!!!

Sheep: o.o!

Fue: >.o ...

Rents: Here's where she meets Prince Charming!!! *throws the book at it to make sure it stays away* But she won't discover that it's him till chapter three, let's do the next part!

Sheep: o.o;;;; *"weirdo"*

Rents: *just keeps going along while people sing about how pretty yet odd he is*