Eriya: *should be shooting a gun* >.< I am NOT shooting animals! *dressed in men's clothes fit for a female touch, etc etc*

Sparrow: *beside her, dressed not too different from usual*

Rents: :-D Oh, darling, you look cool!!!

Eriya: -_-;; o.o;; Julien, you actually wore the dress...

Rents: o.o .... >.< They made me!!

Eriya: ^^ It's nice....

Rents: o.o;;; It is..?

Eriya: *nods a little, sweatdropping*

Fue-chan: =/ Can we get back to it?

Rents: >.< No it is-- fine... -_-

Sparrow: *just pretends Eriya shot a goose or bird or whatever* Gee, Eriya, you're the best person in the whooole world. *_*

Rents: .... >:-|

Fue: ... >.o I believe the word is "hunter" ....

Eriya: *does a good job at vanity, runs a hand through her hair* I know.

Sparrow: *__* No beast alive stands a chance against you....

Eriya: Yup. -.-

Rents: *just reads his nonexistent book and peeks at her*

Sparrow: But you don't have a boyfriend, do you?? *__*

Rents: :O!! >.<

Eriya: <.< ... Uh... no, I don't..

Sparrow: :D *___* :D

Rents: ;>.<;

Eriya: But I've got my sights set on that one. ^_^ *points to Rents confidently*

Rents: ^___^

Sparrow: :o .. ;_; But she's crazy...

Rents: *glare!!*

Eriya: *shrug* Doesn't matter. She's beautiful, and that makes her better than anyone else. I do deserve the best, don't I? *gives Sparrow a look*

Rents: ^___________________^

Sparrow: ;>.<; Yes, of course...

Eriya: *pause* I don't have to sing, do I? >.o Especially not this idiotic man's song. -_-

Rents: Aye, you should!! :D You're singing about how wonderful I am!

Eriya: Yes... >.o

Rents: :-D *nod nod*

Fue: C'mon, Rents sang, you should too ^^

Eriya: *glare* >.< *confident vanity again* Right from the moment when I meeet her, saaaw her

Rents: :DD Wait, I'm a "him"... aren't I? @.@

Eriya: Oh, sorry love. o.o >.o *keeps going* I said, "He's gorgeous" and I voooow..

Sparrow: *___* *following her around as she looks in mirrors and stuff*

Rents: *___*

Kate: *pushes Rents to start walking past*

Rents: :-/ *does....*

Eriya: *fixes her hair in a mirror* Here in town there's only he, who is beautiful as me. *goes to look for Rents again* So I'm making plans to woooo, and maaarry Beeelle.. o.o! Hey, he's gone! *spots him* C'mon! *grabs Sparrow and drags him with her, following*

Kate: Does Eriya have a fanboy trio?

Fue: o.o Oh, right! Um.. >.>

Vail: ^_^ I'll be one.

Eriya: :O

Vail: >.> <.< Anyone else??

Harlequin: ^^;; I can be one. She is pretty. ^^

Cojin: Rowf.. ;_;

Kate: You're the horse!

Hazel: *pat pat*

Cojin: *grr-snap!*

Hazel: o.o!

Fue: Beside, Cojin would just eat the other fanboys. -_-

Harlequin: o.o! *quite glad Cojin's the horse*

Vail: hehe...

Kate: All her other fanboys are playing other parts..

Fue: Jeromeo, you have a small part, wanna be her fanboy?

Jerome: o.o Sure.... ^^ *goes with the others*

Fue: *makes sure they're in matching costumes* ^__^

Eriya: *rolls her eyes*

Vail and Jerome: >.> <.<

Harlequin: ^^;; *thinks this is fun*

Eriya: *walks past them again, after Renton*

Vail and Jerome: look there, she goes, isn't she dreeeamy? mousier Gaston, isn't she cute?

Sparrow: *pauses, but doesn't really find them attractive to drool over so hurries after Eriya*

Harley: *singing along with them, obviously*

Vail and Jerome: Be still, my heart, I'm hardly breeeathing! She's such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute..... @.@ *give each other odd looks*

Rents: She is /not/! o.o *keeps going*

Eriya: >.< *getting crowded by too many people* >.< Let me through.. *looks for Renton*

Harlequin: ^_^ *had fun*

Jerome: ^^;

Rents: There muuuust be more than this provincial liiiife!

Eriya: *proudly to the people* Just watch, I'm going to make Belle my wiiiiiife! Husband! O.O

Rents: :D Okay!!

Kate: >.< *shoves him away*

Eriya: >.o Sorry, love, it doesn't rhythm...

Minna: *start singing again about Rents, ignoring Eriya*

Eriya: >=/ ... *looks for ways to get through and heads after Rents*

Rents: *keeps goin* *peeks behind him to see if she's still following*

Eriya: *hops in front of Rents, somehow got over really fast @.@* Hello, Belle. *does her own version of a dashing smile*

Rents: ^____^ Bonjour, Gaston!

Eriya: ^^;;; *spots his book and takes it from him* >=/ Hmm...

Rents: ^_____^ It's really good! I'm strange!

Eriya: o.o;;; ^^;; Yeah, you are. I mean, that doesn't matter, but people are starting to talk about you in the town. =/ *tosses the book in the mud*

Rents: o.o They are? ;_; I thought they liked me.... *goes to pick up the book* ew..

Eriya: *lets him* You shouldn't be reading... you should be paying attention to the important things in life. *hands on hips* Like me. *smiile*

Fanboys: *meeeeeeelt*

Rents: *does toooooo*

Eriya: ^^;; I mean, if you keep reading, you might start thinking for yourself! *makes a face*

Rents: *stands up* *____* Darling, you are positively primeval. >.> What does that mean...?

Eriya: -_- It's supposed to be me that doesn't know, love... but thank you. ^^;;;

Rents: ^__^ Aye!

Eriya: *goes over and slips her arm around Renton's waist* Why don't we go to the tavern? We can drink some beer and look at my trophies...

Rents: ^^ Oh, I don't really drink...

Jerome: What's wrong with him?

Harley: He's crazy...

Vail: She's gorgeous! ^^

Eriya: <.< .... *starts leading Renton off*

Rents: ^_^

Eriya: <.< ...Erm...

Rents: oh! :-/ *pulls away a little* I can't.... ;_; I have to go home and see my daddy...

Sparrow: *oh yeah, has been here the whole time, just pining* o.o! *forces mean laughter* Your dad's a crazy old loon!

Eriya: *laughs too* ^^

Rents: :O *glares at Sparrow* Don't talk about my father that way!

Eriya: o.o! *glares at Sparrow too* Yeah! Don't talk about his father that way!!

Sparrow: :o ;;;_;;;

Rents: My father is not crazy! He likes me!

Eriya: ^^;;; Imagine that...

Rents: :-/

House: *suddenly has an explosion in the background!*

Rents: O.O! *whirls to face it* *runs in there*

Eriya and Sparrow: *laugh and such, exit*

Hazel: *somewhere in the cloud of smoke* God damnit!!

Rents: *goes inside coughing* >.o Daaaaaddy?

Hazel: Stupid invention! >.< <.< It was all the horse's fault!! *points angrily at Cojin*

Cojin: :O grrrrrrr...

Hazel: You need to stay out of my inventions, horsey...

Cojin: >:|

Rents: Are you all right, daddy? *moves as far away from Cojin as he can be*

Hazel: Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. -_- *goes over to Rents* I'm discouraged, Belle. I'm a failure as an inventor and acting as a single parent father isn't easy these days!

Rents: :o *"awwww!"* You're not a failure and you're the best daddy ever! *huggles him*

Hazel: ^_^ *hugs back* Well, you're the best da--son any father could ask for. ^^ *goes over to the invention thing* Anyway, did you have a good time in town? *starts working on it again*

Rents: ^__^ Oh, I got a new book! ... :-/ daddy, do you think I'm weird? Everyone in town talks about me behind my back....

Hazel: :O They do?? Those jerks!

Rents: ;_; I think I don't fit in, because I like books and stuff....

Hazel: Isn't there anyone in town you can hang out with? =/

Rents: :-/ Well, there's no one I can really talk to...

Hazel: *fix fix* Hmm... what about Gaston? ^__^ She's so sweet and wonderful. I bet she'd be a wonderful girlfriend.

Rents: ... ^__^ She's wonderful all right! And beautiful, and adorable, and loving.. ohhhh, I love her soooo much!

Kate: >.<

Rents: o.o;;;;; but... uhhh...she is not for me. o.o;;;

Hazel: o.o;;; ^^;; Aww, that's too bad. Well, don't worry, we'll be moving to a nicer place once I get this thing to work. *steps back and tries it again. Gasp! It works!*

Rents: :D It works! You did it! I told you you were the best ever!

Hazel: :o ... <.< .. >.> ... :D It does work! Sweet! ^__^ I'm off to the fair!! *gets hit with a log* x_x *falls over*

Rents: :O

Hazel: x_x I'm okay... I' to the fair...

Kate: *attaches Cojin to the wagon thingie*

Cojin: -_-

Hazel: *gets ready to go* >.o ...You're sure I won't crush him?

Kate: Hai! Oh, wait... *puts a muzzle on him* Now he won't bite you.

Cojin: .......

Hazel: =/ *thinks it means, but oh well. Gingerly climbs on Cojin's back* ...>.o....

Cojin: *is strong enough to hold him, but not very tall ^^;; ...compared to a horse* <.<

Hazel: o.o You okay?

Rents: Bye, daddy! Good luck!! :-D

Hazel: ^__^ *waves* Goodbye Belle. Be good while I'm gone!

Cojin: *siiiiigh, starts trotting off*

Hazel: *gets out his map as it gets later* ... *looks around*

Cojin: *walking along, checking things out, marking his territory occasionally... -_-*

Hazel: >.o Do you have to do that?

Cojin: grrrrrrr....

Hazel: -_- All right, you do. *looks around, checks the map* I don't know about this... we should have been there by now...

Cojin: woof. *keeps walking, doesn't care that much*

Hazel: I think you got us lost. >=/

Cojin: *glances at him, pissily, and starts to turn around*

Hazel: No, no, that's the wrong way too!

Cojin: -_- ... *sighs and goes the only other way*

Hazel: *points to a dangerous, looking road* That's the right way!

Cojin: *doggy mutter, goes*

Hazel: Stupid horse, getting us lost. -_-

Cojin: >:-| *backs the wagon into a bat filled tree, so they all come out and swarm Hazel*

Fue: Pss, Katesy.. >.> What animal are we gonna have attack them? Since Cojin's a wolf...

Hazel: >.< Aggh, stupid horse!!

Kate: ..... >.> Meaner wolves?

Cojin: *runs real fast and tries to buck Hazel off a cliff*

Hazel: >.< Agh! *grabs his fur tightly*

Cojin: *shakes real hard*

Fue: Maybe sloths should attack them. *swallows, big eyes*

Kate: ^^; okay....

Hazel: Stooop! You're the one that got us lost!

Cojin: grrrrrrrrowf!

Fue-chan: *whilst that happens, goes and hides with Jerome* >.<

Jerome: ^^ *pat pat*

Hazel: agh! o.o *is thrown off finally, but only onto the ground*

Cojin: *runs off super fast*

Hazel: :o Hey!! :O Come back!!

Cojin: *doggy snicker, is gone*

Treacherous Sloths: *begin to come out of the forest......verry......slowly......*

Kate Sith: lol

Hazel: :o Oh NO! I've gotta get away! *runs*

Sloths: ......*step* .....*step* .....

Fue-chan: ;>.<; Jerroooome...

Jerome: ^^;; I won't let 'em get you...

Fue-chan: *noddles* ;_;

Hazel: *slows to a brisk walk* Gee, I hope there's a place to stay...

Sloths: Me...merr....mrrrr.... *step*

Hazel: *suddenly comes upon a huge, dark castle!* :O ....Wow... what a cool place! :D *runs for it*

Kate: :D *puts on her candle costume and goes in the castle*

Sloths: ..... <.< ... >.> ... *sllloooowly go back into the forest*

Fue-chan: *whew!* *goes too* *pulls stove boy along with her*

Jerome: *goes*

Hazel: *gets up to the castle and knocks* :D

*It starts raining*

Hazel: Aww, how pretty ^_^

Kate: >.> Are we supposed to answer?

Seibrum: *in his clock costume* No. >.>

Kate: o.o okay.

Hazel: I'll just come right in then. ^^ *opens the heavy doors and comes in* Hellooo? Hellooooo?? Wow, this place is awesome! :D

Kate: <.< *whisper to Seiby* He must have gotten lost...

Seibrum: *whisper back* Just be quiet, and he'll probably go away.

Kate: >.> <.<

Hazel: Umm.. my horse tried to kill me and then there were treacherous sloths in the woods, and I just wanted a place to stay! Is anyone there?

Seibrum: >.> Not one word...

Kate: :-fi :-/ Cogswooorth, what else is he gonna do?

Seibrum: ..... Sleep outside. <.< ...

Hazel: Hello?

Kate: hmph. Of course mousier, you are welcome here! ^__^

Seibrum: :O

Hazel: *whirls around* Huh? Who sai--*reaches for the candle stick* ... Wow, this is a big candle.. o.o *just takes Katesy by the wrist, looking around* Who said that??

Kate: ^__^ Over here! *taps him on the head*

Hazel: Huh?? *turns, whirling Katesy with him to be on the other side* Who's there??

Kate: ^^ *ker-poke!*

Hazel: *turns and see Katesy... gasp!*

Kate: Hallo!

Hazel: Agghhh! :O *tries to drop Kate, but just sorta falls over himself*

Kate: >.< @.@ .... ^^;;;

Seibrum: *a big, grandfather clock, starts scooting over* Well, now you've done it, you big dummy!

Hazel: :o Agggh! :O *staaaare* Whooa... *goes to Seibrum and starts winding his clock mustache* Incredible!

Seibrum: <.> Gack!

Kate: *giggles*

Hazel: *opens his, um...door thing..*

Kate: ^^ heehee

Seibrum: #O.O# ExCUSE me! *shuts it on his hand*

Hazel: >.< Ow! Stupid over-sized clock!

Seibrum: I'm called a GRANDFATHER clock. =/

Hazel: >=/ That hurt! *glares and sneezes on his glass*

Seibrum: :o Ewwwwww! >.<

Kate: o.o Oh, you are soaked to the bone, mousieur... ^_^ *starts heading into the next room* C'mon, sit by the fire so you dun get sick.

Hazel: *smiles at her* Aww, thank you!

Seibrum: No! :o

Kate: o.o Why not?

Seibrum: >.>

Kate: :-fi *leads him in there*

Hazel: ^__^ You're a really nice big candle. Pretty too. What scent are you? :o

Seibrum: *follows at a slow scooting pace, protesting*

Kate: ^_^ Vanilla. *shows him to the master's chair, right in front of the big, nice, lit fireplace*

Hazel: I thought so.. ^^ *sits down* How niice. ^_^

Seibrum: :o Noo! >.< Not the master's chair!!

Zei: *upstairs, seeing this, glowers a little and dashes off*

Juliet: *in her footstool costume, gallops up to Hazel* bark bark!! ^__^ *pant pant, nuzzles him*

Hazel: :D How cuuuute! *pet pet*

Juliet: *squirmies under Hazel's legs* ^__^

Fue-chan: *riding on top of a tea tray with the babies in their tea-cup costumes, zooms in* ^__^

Hazel: :O What a beautiful teakettle *_*

Fue-chan: o.o;;;;

Kate: >.>;; Do the cockney accent!

Fue-chan: ^^;;; *does a nice cockney accent* Spot o' tea for yah, gov'ner?

Kate Sith: lol!!

Hazel: ^^;;; This is nice service... *reaches to take of the cup kids, pulling them to his lap*

Tundra: *is pulled* ^_^ He's funny looking, mommy. He looks like a giiirl. ^_^

Hazel: >.o Oh, so you're alive too, huh?

Seibrum: *still freaking out in the background* Stooop, we can't be nice to him!

Kate: ^__^

Hazel: *la la la, this is nice* ^_^

Zei: *throws open the door, crouched in the shadows*

Fue-chan: O.O! *grabs Tundra back to her*

Kate: O.O!!!! *Gasp!*

Hazel: *cowers a little, not turning* o.o ...

Seibrum: *scoots back* o.o!

Zei: *starts skulking in, glaring and looking like a mean, scary Zei-beast* ...There's an intruder in here....

Hazel: *shiver shiver* >.> .. <.< ... O.O

Kate: *approaches Zei, trying to look cute*Master, lemme explain.. ^^; ummm, he was just lost in the woods, and he was wet and cold, so....

Zei: *feels bad, but growls loudly at her*

Kate: OoO!! *flames go out!*

Zei: <=/ *moves past her quickly*

Seibrum: *doesn't even try to hide under the rug -_-* Master, I told them it was a bad idea and--

Zei: *GROOOOWL!!!*

Seibrum: o.o;; Whoa, he's good at that..

Kate: o.o;; hai... ^^;

Hazel: <.< ... >.>

Zei: *suddenly right up in his face* >>={

Hazel: O.O! Whoa! Hey, there, man...

Kate Sith: lol, good meanie face

Zei: *GROOWL!*

Hazel: o.o! Eep.. *starts to back up from the chair, stare stare*

Kate: ... :-/

Zei: *stalk stalk* Who are you?? What are you doing in MY castle?!

Hazel: O.O!! Uhhh, my horse ran away and there were sloths and--

Zei: .....Sloths?

Hazel: *nod nod* o.o

Zei: ...And you ran?

Hazel: ...*nod nod* o.o

Zei: -_- Oh, jesus, now you're really not welcome here just due to your stupidity.

Kate: *snicker*

Hazel: >=/ Hey! You big beast you!!

Zei: .............

Hazel: >.o ... *opts to stare at him*

Zei: *glaaaare* What are you staring at??

Hazel: o.o ... -_- Oh, I was staring at your footstool. You know, it's so much more interesting than the hideous beast in front of me!!!

Zei: :O >:O *attack!!*

Kate: O.O

Seibrum: >.o

Hazel: Aggh!! :O

Fue-chan: >.< Stop it, Zei! Just throw him in the dungeon!

Zei: >={ He called me hideous!!!

Kate: ^^; but you have to do what the story says..

Zei: *grits big sharp teeth* ... *drags Hazel off to the dungeon* I'll give you some place to stay.

Hazel: *whew* Oh nooooo. -_-

Kate: *looks sad for Hazel* :-/ awww...