Fue-chan: *jumps back stage for narration* Meanwhile, in the village...

Eriya: *all dressed up, still manly but sexy, hides with Sparrow by Rent's house*

Rents: *at home, reading*

Sparrow: ;;;_;;; You're sure you've got to do this?

Eriya: <.< Of course. -_- This is gonna be the best day of his life. *smiiile, walks out to the wedding party* Thanks for coming, everyone. I guess I should go propose to the groom first. ^_~

Minna: *laugh!*

Jerome and Vail: *cry!!!*

Harlequin: *ditto!!*

Sparrow: *quietly joins them* ;_;

Eriya: All right, Foo--

Sparrow: LA Foo... >.o

Kate Sith: aight, foo

Eriya: I don't think that's how it's spelled...

Sparrow: I don't know any French name spelling though...

Eriya: -_- Anyway, YOU, remember that when I come out with Belle--

Sparrow: *sadly* I know, I strike up the band. *doesn't even make an attempt*

Kate Sith: LeFou ^^

Fue-chan: domo!

Eriya: *nods a little, strides to the house* *knock knock!*

Rents: ^_^ *skips to the door and looks out using papa's special peephole thingie* .. ^___^ *opens the door* Darling!

Eriya: >.o

Rents: What a pleasant surprise! ^________^

Eriya: *smiiile* Isn't it, though. I'm just full of-- *catches sight of a mirror, stops to primp* *pleased with it, smiiile* I'm full of pleasant surprises. *hentai smirk for her boi*

Rents: ^^ *takes a closer look at her too* *____*

Eriya: *plays with her hair a little* You know, every man in town wants me. -_-

Rents: :-/ ... Aye, I know..

Eriya: Buuut, this is the day that all your dreams come true. *smirk*

Rents: *.* .... my dreams?

Eriya: Mm hmm... *starts walking sultry like to him* I know aaaall about them...

Rents: *smiiiiiile* You do..?

Eriya: *starts wrapping her arms around him* Mm hmm... picture this.. *leans to whisper naughty things in his ear*

Rents: *looks happier and happier and then kisses her before she can even finish*

Kate: >.< Reeeeents...

Rents: oxo;;;

Fue: >=/

Eriya: <x<....

Rents: *pulls back* ... >.> So, uh... six or seven dogs, eh?

Eriya: *nods a little, stepping back* Yeah... you have some, right?

Rents: o.o;;; .... >.< No...

Eriya: =/ But you're so beautiful!

Rents: o.o ... ^___^ Not as beautiful as you, darling.

Eriya: ^^;;; *character preen* I know. Anyway, remember that, er, husband I mentioned...? >.>

Rents: ayyye? ^__^

Eriya: Guess who that'll be. ^_^

Rents: Who?? *bounce bounce* Oh, who!?

Eriya: You, Belle. *starts to lean in for a kiss*

Fue-chan: I keep wanting to type "Bella" ^^

Kate Sith: lol

Rents: *kiiiisssssss* ~__x__~

Kate: Reeeents! >.<

Fue: >.< You guys are bad actors!!

Eriya: >=/

Rents: >x> *pulls away and backs off* :-/ I am not...

Eriya: *puffs herself up and follows*

Rents: I'm speechless... ^^;;

Eriya: *walk walk walk* A quality I like in a man.

Rents: ^^ ... o.o Really?

Eriya: -_- No, not really, Julien. -.- It's the character.

Rents: Oh... ^^;;; okay....

Eriya: So. *backs him against the door, leaaan* How about that wedding?

Rents: ^__^ Aye!

Fue: >.<

Kate: *throws her shoe at him!*

Eriya: >.o *ducks* o.o

Rents: *bonk* x.x i mean.... you're... x_x too good for me.... *opens the door so she falls in the mud*

Eriya: *falls forward, but stops before she does* ...I don't want to fall in mud....

Rents: >.> ^^ You don't have to.

Kate: >.< Yes she does!

Fue: I think it's time to take action. Push, Katesy?

Kate: Hai! *runs up and barrels into Eriya*

Rents: :O Hey!!

Eriya: Agh! :o *topples over with a splash into the mud* >.<!

Rents: ;_; Darling, are you all right!? *goes to help her but Kate slams the door*

Sparrow: *has cued the band* :O Eriya!

Eriya: *glaaaaaares at Kate*

Rents: ;;.;;

Kate: :-fi *goes back to being a director*

Eriya: *sputter, pushes her muddy hair out of her eyes*

Sparrow: Are you all right? ;_;

Eriya: *gloooower, stands abruptly* I'll have Belle for my husband, make no mistake about that!!! *stalks off, dripping mud*

Rents: *peeks out of the house* Darling? :-/ She's gone...?

Chickens: Yup. *cluck cluck eat eat*

Rents: ;_; Aww, she asked me to marry her! *Tries to run away from the chickens* >.<

Chickens: *scatter* o_o

*Sings* Ma- Monsieur Gaston, can't you just seeeeee it? Monsieur Gaston, his little wif--...husband... @.@

Goats: >.> *look at each other* *"he has problems..."*

Rents: No sir, not me, I guaranteeeee it.. *runs away from the goats too* I want much more than this provincial liiiiife! o.o What am I saying? *runs out into the field anyway*

Fue: *_* *thinks he's super pretty and such with the singing and the field*

Rents: I want adveeeeenture in the greeeeat white somewheeeere! I want it mooore than I can teeeeell! ^___^ And for once it might be grand, to have someone understand. *plucks a white fluffy dandelion* I want soooo much more than theeey've got plaaaanned....

Cojin: woof! woof! *comes galloping up*

Rents: O.O!!!!! Good Lord!!!!! *tries to hide*

Fue-chan: awww ^_^

Cojin: -_-;;; *peers at him around the tree he tried to hide behind*

Rents: >.< *squeak* uhhh.....whatareyoudoingherewhere'sdaddy???!?!

Cojin: *sigh*

Rents: ........ >.< Does he have to take me to him???

Kate: >.< YES.

Fue: =/ He's got a muzzle so he can't bite... I think.. <.<

Rents: >.< He'll kill me some other way....

Kate: ^^ He can't kill you without teeth.

Cojin: *glances down at his lethal, metal right front leg...*

Fue: >.o ...

Rents: >.< waaah...

Cojin: *doggy smirk* *offers for rents to get on his back, innnnnocent*

Rents: >.< I can't.

Fue-chan: Eriya'll give you some good sex later if you do. o.o

Rents: .... ;_; She'll do that anyway....

Cojin: *grabs Rents's sleeve with his teeth and yanks him on*

Rents: wah! >.<

Cojin: *Run!*

Fue-chan: ^^;;; Have fun!

Rents: >>.<< *cling!*

Cojin: *much later, trots up to the big castle*

Rents: >>.<< What is this place?

Cojin: *bucks Rents off*

Rents: >.<!! x.x ow....

Cojin: *licks his chops*

Rents: >.O .... *opens the gate and hurries inside, slamming it behind*

Cojin: :-/

Hazel's Hair Tie: *lies on the ground inside the gate*

Rents: *sees the hair tie* o.o *picks it up, looks worried* ...Daddy...

*inside the castle....*

Kate: *sittin around with Seiby*

Seibrum: *chewing Kate out* This is all your fault. =/

Kate: hmph. I was being hospitable, jerk ass.

Seibrum: Ugh.. -_-

Rents: *opens the door and peers inside* Hallo? *walks in more* >.> <.< Daaaddy, I found your hair tie... Helloooo?

Twins: *peering around, see him* *hurry to Mama in the kitchen* Mooommy!! There's a boy in the castle!!

Rents: *going up the stairs* >.>

Kate Sith: ^^;; it sounds SO much like Zei's just gay

Fue-chan: *trying to washing things in a basin with her big kettle costume* @.@ What? Now, boys, I don't want you making things up!

Fue-chan: LOL I know ^^ The bad side of being the only one getting to play your true gender ^^

Wynter: But we're not!!

Rents: *wander wander* Halloooo?

Gabey: *makes his entrance, dressed in a French-Maid/Duster costume with the big, feathery skirt* #>.<# *clears his throat, does a cute attempt at a french accent* A boy! I saw a boy in ze castle!

Kate Sith: :-D

Seibrum: *meanwhile* You're so irresponsible, Kate! >.< And you have wax in your ears!

Kate: *mocks him with unintelligible words*

Rents: *passes the room* Daddy??

Seibrum: *freezes* o.o

Kate: o.o :D Did you see that!? *hurries to the door*

Seibrum: *staaaaare, scoots quickly too*

Rents: *walking down the hall, nervously looking for Hazel*

Kate: *watch* :D It's a boy!

Seibrum: An astute assumption, Kate. =/

Kate: Don't you see?? :-D He's the boy we've been waiting for! He's gonna break the spell! *hurries after him, shoving Seiby over*

Seibrum: :O *falls to the ground with a crash* Wait wait! >.< *tries to get up and hurry after*

Kate: *hardly waits*

Rents: *keeps wandering* Daddy? ;_; Daddyyyyyy...

Kate: *goes through the door that leads up the tower, pulling Seibrum with her*

Seibrum: *scoooot scoooot*

Rents: <.< H'lo..?? *peer*

Hazel: *in the tower in his dungeon, hears him* ....Belle...? o.o

Rents: Dad!!! *runs over there*

Kate: ^__^

Hazel: *reaches for her* Belle, how did you get here??

Fue-chan: HIM >.<

Rents: *frowns at typist*

Fue-chan: >.o

Rents: *takes his hand through bars* Oh, you're freezing. >.< We have to get out of here... ;_; Cojin tried to eat me!

Hazel: :O That jerk! Stupid horse!

Rents: I know! ;_; .....We have to get out though.

Hazel: Belle, you have to go!! Get out of here quickly!

Rents: >.< I won't leave you!

Zei: *sneakily appears out of no where and grabs Rents, yanking him away from the dungeon with a slight growl* What are you doing here?! *lets go enough to sink back into the shadows*

Rents: O.O! *backs away* ....Who are you??

Zei: *growl, skulk* This is MY castle... what are you doing here??

Rents: I came for my dad.... *inches toward Hazel* Let him out, okay? ;_;

Zei: >={ No! Why should I??

Rents: ;_; Because he's sick!

Zei: Good!!

Hazel: >=/ ...

Rents: But what if he dies?? Please, I'll do anything..

Zei: .... *grin* Anything?

Rents: .... o.o;; *swallows* ..maybe..?

Hazel: Man, this is bordering into bestiality. >.<

Rents: <.<

Zei: *GROWL (is liking his wolfy throat)* Shut up!!

Rents: >.< Zei, you're really scary like that!!!

Zei: *grins a little, but gets back into scary mode* He's my prisoner, there's nothing you can do... *pause* Am I crazy?? I want to keep him over the hot chick?? o.o *points to Hazel*

Hazel: =/ ..

Rents: :O I am not a hot chick!

Zei: ^^;; Yes, you are.

Rents: >.< guhh... so, why don't you just take me instead?

Zei: *stops, glowering* You? -_- ... o.o ...*turns a little* ...Really?

Hazel: Belle, stop! >.<

Rents: <.< If you let him go, you can... aye... >.< and if you stop being so bloody scary...

Zei: =/ I'm the Beast, I'm supposed to be scary.

Rents: >.< but it's really starting to freak me out...

Zei: -_- *continues* If I take you instead... he can go... but you must live here forever with me.

Hazel: No!!

Rents: o.o ....... >.< Okay, you have my word...

Zei: *nods, stepping forward* It's a deal, then. *moves past him to Hazel's cell, unlocking it and dragging Hazel out*

Hazel: o.o! No! I won't let you do this, Belle!

Rents: ..... :-/

Zei: *drags Hazel past him and out the door*

Hazel: Belle!!

Rents: ;_; Wait....

Zei: *drags him outside and throws him in the taxi outside the house*

Hazel: o.o;;; Why do you have a taxi?

Rents: o.o *Watches through the dungeon window* That's convenient.

Zei: <.< ... That weird cart thing is outdated.

Hazel: >.<!! Spare my son!!

Rents: ;;_;;

Zei: *grin* He's mine now, fool. *to the driver* Take him to the village.

Driver: Where's my money? >=/

Zei: >=/ .... *GROOOOWL*

Driver: o.o!;; *drives off with Hazel*

Hazel: ;;_;;

Zei: *goes back inside the castle and starts heading towards the dungeon again*

Kate: Master!

Zei: *looks at her* o.o?

Kate: ^^ Umm...since that boy is gonna be with us for a while, i thought you might wanna give him a more comfortable room..? ^_^

Zei: o.o;;; I thought he was staying in my room..

Kate: o.o .... Well, that works, sure.

Zei: <.< ...Do you think he'd agree to that?

Kate: ^^; Probably not... you know how he is.

Zei: =/ Hm... right. Well. *feels bad, but GROWL at Katesy*

Kate: >.o;;

Zei: *goes back to where Renton is*

Rents: ;;_;;

Zei: >.o You're crying...

Rents: You didn't let me say goodbye or anything! ;_;

Zei: .... >.o ....

Rents: ;_; Now I'll never see him again, and i didn't get to say goodbye, because you're a controlling jackass.

Zei: >:o Hey! I should just let you stay in the dungeon!

Rents: ;;_;; You're so meeeeean!

Zei: .... >.< Oh, jesus, come on, I'll show you to your room. *turns*

Rents: ..... ;.; .... *follows him*

Castle: *is all dismal and creepy looking*

Zei: *silently leads Rents along*

Kate: *goes along as Zei's candle*

Zei: *holds onto her wrist*

Rents: *all freaked out by the castle, goes to cling to Zei, but is freaked out by him too* ;>.<;

Zei: ...

Kate: >.> *whisper* Say somesing to him..

Zei: <.< .. ^^ Kate, you're real cute. *means because of the accent*

Kate: ^_^ v

Zei: Oh, but ... *glance, clears his throat, to Rents* Um.. I hope you enjoy living here...

Kate: *makes a "go on" gesture*

Rents: .. ;_;

Zei: ....If... if you wanna come stay in my room, you can.. *glance*

Rents: >.< Ummm...no, that's all right....

Zei: .... =/ .. Okay... I guess you can go wherever you want, then. *as an after thought* Just not the West Wing.

Rents: o.o Why, what's there?

Zei: *glare, growl* It's forbidden!!

Rents: >:-/ Well, I wanna see what's there...

Zei: *turns fully to him, grooooowl* Oh really?

Rents: o.o;;; .... >.< on second thought, i don't really care that much...

Zei: *nods, growl, turns and leads him to his room* *opens the door for him, to a really nice, big room* ...If you need anything, you've seen I have tons of servants. They look funny, but they'll get you whatever you want. *nod nod*

Kate: :o heeey....

Zei: Except you. ^^ *pat*

Rents: *goes in the room* ....okay.....

Kate: ^^ *whisper* invite him to dinner...

Zei: ..... >={ You'll... join me for dinner!! Whether you like it or not!! *quickly slams the door*

Rents: o.o! .... :-/ jerk.... ;_;