Seibrum: *gets into it* ^^;; *pose!* :D

Rents: :D *claps* Bravo! That was wonderful!

Seibrum: ^^;; Thank you! *laughes a little, ushering minna off* Oh, yes, that was quite fun. ^^

Rents: ^_^ *nod*

Seibrum: Ohhh. *yawn* ^^ Goodness, look at the time. *points to his mustache*

Rents: ^^;

Seibrum: Time for bed. ^^

Rents: Oh, I can't go to bed now!! ^__^ It's my first time in an enchanted castle!

Kate: o.o ... ^^;;;;;

Seibrum: XD Enchanted! *laughes* Who said anything about it being enchanted?? *turns on Kate* It was YOU, wasn't it??

Kate: >:-/ *punches him*

Seibrum: >.<!

Rents: o.o;; >.> I figured it out for myself... :-/ I'm not a complete moron, you know... *Stands* ^_^ I'd like to look around, if that's all right.

Kate: ^_^ Oh, do you want a tour??

Seibrum: ^^;;; I don't know if that's such a good idea... I mean, we don't want him.. poking around.. >.> *gives Kate a look* places where he shouldn't be...

Rents: o.o ^_^ Maybe you could take me. I'm sure you know everything there is to know about the castle. *pokes him, trying to look cute* *wonders why he's trying to persuade men with his cuteness >.< *

Seibrum: o.o;; *wonders too* ... ^^;; Oh, no, well.. actually, I .... *goofy grin* .. I do. ^^ *shrug* ^^

Rents: ^_^

Seibrum: *starts showing her around, babbling about history and such*

Rents: *goes*

Kate and Juliet: *come along*

Rents: o.o! *stays away from Juliet*

Seibrum: *makes stupid punns* ^__^ Haha, I'm so funny!

Kate Sith: lol, Justin said that once

Fue-chan: ^^

Kate Sith: after Mrs. Garland was telling us how the song was Baroque and all
^^;; he thought it was really funny...

Fue-chan: ^__^ *lol*

Suits of armor: *are very much gay and check Renton out as he passes*

Rents: o.o;;; *unnerved by that*

Seibrum: *notices* >=/ As you were!

Armor: o.o! *turn back*

Rents: *wanders off while he's distracted*

Seiby: *babbly babbly* And-- o.o Ma.. mousier? <sp?> ..

Rents: *going to the west wing*

Seibrum: Ah! *dash*

Kate Sith: I'm pretty sure it's mousieur... i always skip the u... so it's like more mousy

Fue-chan: ^^

Kate: *dashes after*

Juliet: *bark bark*

Rents: *shudder*

Seibrum: *run in front of him* o.o!

Kate: *blocks his way* ^____^;;;

Rents: .. What's up there?

Seibrum: Eh? o.o! Oh, nothing! ^^ Nothing at all in the West Wing.. just dusty, dirty, bleech. *makes a face*

Kate: ^^ *nod nod!*

Rents: Ahh, so that's the west wing! ^_^

Kate: -_- Nice going.

Seibrum: >.o

Rents: *peeeer* I wonder what he's hiding...

Kate: *nervous laugh* Hiding!? The master is hiding nothing!!

Rents: o.o ^^ Oh, okay! i guess it wouldn't be forbidden. *Steps past them*

Kate: *rushes to block him again!* >.<

Seibrum: *dash!* :o Ah ah ah... umm.. perhaps.. you want to see something else?? Tapestries...?

Rents: nahhh.. *steps past again*

Kate: >.< *blocks again!*

Seibrum: *ditto* >.o

Kate: The garden or the library, maybe!?

Seibrum: *nod nod*

Rents: bleah. I mean.. o.o You have a library? Does it have cds, like Borders?

Seibrum: >.> .... :D Yeees!

Kate: ^^;; er, hai! mountains of them! ^^;;;

Rents: ^_^ *turns back*

Fue-chan: I like how Luminere has to point out that there are indeed books in the library ^^;;

Seibrum: More CDs than you'll be able to listen to in a life time! :D

Kate Sith: lol

Seibrum: *starts off with Kate*

Kate: *yes, leading the way!*

Fue-chan: Belle: A library?? Luminere: :D Yes! With books! ^^;;;;

Rents: ^^ *follows for a few steps, then turns and looks back at the west wing..* >.> .... *goes that way, letting them walk off*

Kate Sith: lol

Seibrum: *la la la* ^_^

Juliet: *following the others*

Rents: *makes his way up the stairs....peeer....*

Fue-chan: this is what Zei's room mostly looks like, except it doesn't have all sort of neat (broken) things in it

Rents: *sees a big door with a big scary face on it* >.o ... *pulls it open*

Kate Sith: oooh

Rents: *goes in* .... >.> ....... <.< >.> *sees a painting of non-beast Zei, ripped up* ......... *sees pretty rose!* *.* *goes over to it, like a little idiot and removes the glass thing* *___* *starts to touch it*

*a shadow descends on him*

Rents: o.o! *gasp, looks up*

Zei: *is suddenly in the room <damn, he's quiet and sneaky, appearing here, appearing there>, glaaaring at Rents* *growl, leaps forward to grab the glass and slam it down over the rose, holding it protectively*

Rents: *jumps, backs off* >.< You're so /scary/ .....

Zei: *dun respond, glowers at him with a low grooowl* Why did you come here?

Rents: ;>.<; *backs away more* I'm sorry....

Zei: I told you not to come here!! *starts towards him*

Rents: *back back* >.<'t mean to!

Zei: Do you realize what you could have done??? *starting to get more and more angry, throws a table at the wall and it breaks*

Rents: *jumps, makes a scared sound* Zei, stoooop it! ;>.<;

Zei: .... *wonders if he's really scaring Rents and feels bad, but continues* GET OUT!! *GROOWL*

Rents: >.< gahh! *runs away!*

Zei: *throws a hissy fit, tearing stuff apart and throwing things around the room* GET OUUUUT!!!

Kate Sith: lol. that looks funny to me

Fue-chan: I know ^^

Zei: *stops once he's gone* ... o.o >.o In hindsight, that may not have been a good idea...

Rents: *grabs his coat and starts running for the exit of the castle*

Kate Sith: lol

Kate: o.o! Where are you going?

Seibrum: :o

Rents: *opens the door* I know I promised, but I can't stay here, Zei is really bloody scary!! >.<

Seibrum: >.< Please, wait!

Rents: *goes out into the cold, where Cojin waits for him*

Cojin: *licks his chops*

Rents: >.< oh god..... >.> *scary Zei or scary Cojin...* ..... *Zei is bigger* .... *hops on Cojin's back and clings before Cojin can attack*

Cojin: *runs off*

Fue: >.> *to Kate* Real wolves this time?

Kate: ^^; What do you think?

Rents: >.o um..i like the sloth idea better...

Fue: Well, they don’t pose too much of a threat... >.o

Rents: >.<

Real Wolves: *are big like Cojin, but there are quite a few more, start to come out of the woods*

Cojin: >.> <.< ^__^ *bucks Rents off and makes nice-nice with the wolves*

Rents: heeey... >.o stupid horse....

Wolves: *welcome him* "Hey, buddy, how's it going?" *in wolfy*

Cojin: "Oh, not bad. Hey, why don't we eat that guy? He put this muzzle on me."

Wolves: "Bastard! We're in!" *growl and snap at Rents*

Rents: O.O!!! >.<!!!!! *just cowers* I hate this story!!!!!

Wolves: *circle around him and such, snapping at his feet*

Rents: *whimper* Stop it! >.< Cojin, you suck!!

Wolves: *are about to dive in...!*

Cojin: *not even doing anything, just supervising*

Zei: *there's that sneakiness again, is suddenly there, grabs one of the wolves that was about to get Rents and tosses him with a loud growl*

Rents: o.o! oh, thank god!

Wolves: "Whoa, shit man, what the fuck is that??"

Cojin: >:-| *tells the pack to attack Zei instead*

Zei: *jumps protectively in front of Rents*

Wolves: "Okay!" :O *attaaaack*

Zei: *fights back, throwing them off and growling and such, but getting them away from Rents*

Rents: >.< ... >.o ... >.< Zei, be careful.....

Zei: *is getting bite and torn up a lot himself, grooowl and just slams one wolfy into a tree to kill 'em >.o*

Kate Sith: awww, i hate that part ;_;

Fue-chan: i know! ;_;

Kate Sith: wolves don't attack people like that... stupid disney

Wolves: "....sorry man... we're outta here!" *take off*

Cojin: ..... -_-

Fue-chan: I know! I was like, "They're giving wolves a bad name! ;_;

Zei: *stands a moment, looks over at Rents to make sure he's okay, then passes out in the snow* x_x

Rents: ..... *looks at him for a sec....then at Cojin*

Cojin: *shrugs and lies down* -_-

Rents: ...... *goes over to Zei and kneels next to him* Hey.... >.< Are you okay?

Zei: x_x

Rents: oh no... >.> uhhh, Cojin... I'll give you a cookie if you let me put Zei on your back....

Zei: x.>

Cojin: -_- *doggy mutters, goes over there*

Rents: *hefts Zei on him*

Zei: *not sure he likes this* ...

Rents: *leads Cojin/Zei back to the castle*

Cojin: -_- *mutter mutter*

*back at the castle..*

Rents: *using Fue to pour hot water and soak a cloth up with it* >.> ...

Kate and Juliet: *there too*

Zei: *in his chair, licking at the wounds, kinda growling a little*

Babies, Seibrum, Gabe: *also there*

Rents: Here... *goes toward Zei, shudder shudder* ..... >.< ......uh, don't do that....

Zei: ...*stops growling*

Rents: hold still... *holds the cloth to a wound*

Zei: >>.<<!! OW! *yanks his arm back*

Rents: >:-/

Zei: *ROAR* That fucking hurt!!!

Rents: ;>.<; ....... >.o ...if...if you'd hold still it wouldn't hurt as much.... *scared of Zei*

Zei: If you hadn't run away, this wouldn't have happened!! *stopped growling and roaring*

Rents: >:-| If you hadn't scared me like that, I wouldn't have run away!

Zei: >:o *starts to say something, then stops* ... >=/ ...Umm... :o! >=/ Well, YOU shouldn't have been in the West Wing!!

Rents: YOU should learn to control your temper!

Kate and Juliet: *peeeer*

Minna: *nod a little to each other*

Zei: >=/ ... *just looks away angrily*

Rents: .....Now hold still. *takes his arm* This might sting. *puts the cloth on it again*

Zei: *winces greatly, but dun jerk away or growl* ...

Rents: *heal heal* um...thanks for saving my life. -_- Cojin is always trying to eat me and stuff...

Zei: >.o ... <.< *looks at him a little, then nods slightly* Well... I will always protect you....

Rents: ... ^_^

Kate: awwwwww...

Zei: So, you're welcome....

Fue: ^^ Kawaaii..

Rents: #>.>#

Kate Sith: whoa, who's that guy? @.@

Fue-chan: ohhh, the looney-bin dude

Kate Sith: oh ok

Fue: Ah, another part... Who's crazy and greedy and mean?

Kate Sith: that should be Vail...

Fue-chan: ah, it should o.o

Kate: I mean, that should be Vail.

Fue: *nod nod* Well, he can be both.

Kate: one of mine, definitely since you have all the town chars @.@ ^^ Vecepia-san can do it, she's evil too. *puts asylum-guy costume on V*

Vecepia: ....-_- *sitting with Eriya and Sparrow* >.> <.< hmm... -_- I don't usually leave my asylum in the middle of the night, but you said you'd make it worth my while.. er, he said that...whoever he is...

Eriya: *tosses a bag of gold on the table for her* -_-

V: o.o *peeks at it* all right... I'm listening..

Eriya: All right, here's what's going on. I want to marry Ju- Belle, but... >.> ... he's not quite convinced yet...

Sparrow: <.< *cough*He turned her down.*cough*

Eriya: >=/

Sparrow: >.<

Eriya: The point is, her dad is nuts! He was talking about some beast tonight in the Tavern!

V: >.> He's harmless.

Eriya: But you see.. *smirks a little* to keep his Daddy out of the Asylum... Belle would do anything. >=}

V: So, you want me to throw his father in the asylum, unless he agrees to marry you?

Eriya: *nod nod*

V: Oh, that is dispicable. You can't even get a guy to marry you without tricking him.

Eriya: >=/ .....

V: ^^ Fine by me.

Eriya: *"at least she agreed...”*

Hazel: *at his place, packing* Stupid bastards... when I find Belle and get her out and that tea-kettle marries me, they'll see! >=/

Kate Sith: lol!

Hazel: *heads off to the castle himself just as the wagon pulls up*

Eriya: *bursts into the house* Belle?? Maurice?


Sparrow: Looks like nobody's home... guess it won't work and you can't marry Belle, right? You'll probably have to find someone else to marry, huh? **

Rents: *fume!*

Eriya: >=/ I told you, I'm marrying him no matter what it takes. *picks Sparrow up and gently puts him in the snow* Stay here until they get back get. .... >.> *gives him some blankets and such for warmth, heads off*

Sparrow: o.o .... *__*

Rents: *some other day, outside with Cojin* >.< Am I mad??

Zei: *watching him from the balcony with Kate and Seibrum*

Kate: *hai, watchle*

Cojin: *snaps affectionately at REnts*

Rents: *jumps away* gwah! >.<

Juliet: *gallops up* bark bark! ^__^

Zei: ......*softly* I've never felt this way about anyone... =/

Rents: O.O >.< *runs away from them both*

Zei: *watches him, sweatdrop* I..want to do something for him..

Seibrum: Maybe removing the animals from his life would be a nice thing...

Zei: =/ ...

Kate: Nooooo, it has to be somesing special! Somesing that sparks his interest.... Wait a minute! *lightbulb!*

Zei: o.o


Zei: *leading Rents toward the library* I..thought you might want to get away from all the dogs...

Rents: *nod nod nod* Aye, yes, thaaaank you! *cling!*

Zei: o.o ... *griiin* *shakes his head a little* *cough* Anyway, um.. there's something I want to show you...

Rents: o.o ^^ Okay. o.o's not inside your pants, is it?

Zei: o.o .......

Fue: :O Renton! This is a DISNEY play!!

Rents: >.> What!? It's a legitimate question with Zei !

Zei: -_- Um... no... it's not inside my pants....

Rents: Okay, then... ^^

Zei: ...You have to close your eyes first...

Rents: *gives him a quizzical look* ...

Zei: *realizes how bad this is sounding* ...It's a surprise. >.o

Rents: >.> ....okay... *closes his eyes* No touchies, though.

Zei: *was considering, damnit* Right. >.> ... *waves a hand in front of his eyes*

Kate Sith: lol, the beast is SO cute!

Fue-chan: I know! ^_^

Rents: *indeed, they are closed*

Zei: Okay... *smiles a little, starts to lead Rents into the library*

Rents: *goes* Can I open them yet?

Zei: No! >=/ Be patient!

Rents: Geez, bite my head off.

Zei: ...... *decides not to comment* *gets to the center of the room and leaves him to go open the curtains*

Kate Sith: ewwwwwwwwwwwww, that is /really/ bad taken dirtily...

Fue-chan: *nods a little* >.<

Rents: *smiiiile* now can I?

Zei: *looks to make sure everything's perfect* ...Okay... now!

Rents: *opens* o.o ..... >.> <.< Wow... I've never seen so many...books, in all my life. o.o .....

Zei: *nervous* Do... you like it....?

Rents: >.>;;; ^____^;; It's wonderful!

Zei: ....It's yours then. *nod nod* We can call it the Renton Memorial Library. o.o *stops* Wait, you're not dead...

Rents: o.o >.> Not yet, anyway...

Zei: ... ^^;;;;

Rents: ^__^ Ohh, thank you Zei! *huggle*

Kate: *watching with Fue, twins, Seiby, and Gabey*

Zei: o.o! ... :o .... :D

Minna: *hai, yes*

Fue: :D Awww, look at them!

Kate: Haha! I knew it would work!

Wynter: *bouncing around, Tundra just following* What worked???

Kate: *happily heading off* ^__^

Seibrum: *follows* ^^ It's very... encouraging...

Gabe: *follow, blush* Izn't zis exciting??

Kate: *glomps him!*

Gabe: ^_^ *huggles*

Wynter: >=/ I didn't see anything, Mommy.

Fue-chan: ^^;; Eheheh... let's go get your Daddy to explain.. *follows with the Twins*

Jerome: -_-;;;;

Fue-chan: oh, lol, this is the funniest scene