Rents: *eating with Zei, somehow has been convinced to wear the pink dress from Dana* -_-

Zei: >=/ I don't eat. *sits stubbornly*

Kate Sith: lolololol, i didn't know what you were talking about at first. i wanna watch disney movies high ^^

Fue-chan: That would be SO hilarious!

Rents: >.> You're not very romantic, are you?

Zei: >=/ Fine. *starts gobbling down the oatmeal, splattering it everywhere and talking with his mouth full* Whis romansic enuf for oo?

Rents: *gives him a disgusted look* ....uhhhh...... >.> *takes a nice little bite* Sure, that's fine...

Tundra: *hops up and gives Zei a spoon* :D

Zei: ....... *slowly picks it up* .. >.> *glances at Rents*

Rents: *bites his lip* ....

Zei: ....*grins evilly and picks up some oatmeal, flinging it with his spoon at Rents* >=D

Tundra and Wynter: *laugh and such*

Fue: >=/ *mutters about a bad rolemodel*

Rents: >.<! *grabs a napkin and wipes it off* I cannot believe you just did that... >:|

Zei: *smirk smirk*

Rents: *throws his whole bowl at Zei* >:-|

ZeI: >.<! :O >=/ *gets up with his bowl and dumps it on Rent's head*

Rents: >.< .... ewwwwwwww...... *glare* We'll see how long it takes you to get me in bed now !

Zei: .......... Fuck. >=/ *heads to go play outside*

Rents: *showers and then joins him*

Fue: :D *exicted for more Rent's singing*

Rents: *gives Zei all the bird food so the birds stay the hell away from him* There's something sweeet, and almost kiiind... but he was mean and he was coarse and unrefiiiined

Zei: *watches him and pretends to be interesting in the birds while listening to him sing* *tries to get the birds to eat out of his hands* ...

Birds: o.o! *"Heeeeell no!!"*

Zei: >=/ *tries to smash them instead*

Rents: And now he's deeear, and so unsuuure... I wonder why I didn't see it there befo-- o.o; ehhh... *goes over by him*

Zei: *looks at him* =/

Rents: *lays some of the bird food out in a trail so the little birds will follow it and go into his hands* ^^; Don't be violent with them..

Zei: *holds real still and watches Rentsy* *nod nod*

Birds: o.o *"Still heeeeeell no."*

Zei: >=/ See??

Rents: stupid bloody birds. Who cares anyway? All they do is make annoying chirping sounds and make messes on people's cars. And they're creepy.

Zei: *nods a little, tosses the bird seed*

Rents: ^__^ *goes off to make snowballs or something*

Zei: o.o! Oh, shit, man, I have to sing now too, don't I?

Kate: ^__^ Hai!

Zei: =/ ... *sigh* -_- She glanced this waaay..

Rents: ^^ *he said she* ...-_-

Zei: >.o I thought I saaaw... And when we touched HE didn't shudder at my paaaaw...

Rents: ^_^ *oh good*

Zei:*watch watch Rents* Though, it can't beee... I'll just ignore....

Rents: *looks at him, smiles cutely*

Zei: o.o ... But then, he's never looked at me that way befoooore....

Rents: ^^ ...... *hides behind a tree* o.o Neeeeeew, and a bit alarmiiiiing... Who'd have ever thooought thaaaat thiiiis cooould beeeeee

Birds: *decide this is war and attack Zei*

Zei: O.O!

Rents: *peeks out at him* ^^ *sure isn't helping him with this* Truuuuuue that he's nooooo prince charmiiiiiing

Zei: *covered in birds* >.<!!!

Rents: *makes a really huge snowball* But there's something in him that I simply didn't seeeeee *chucks it at Zei's face* hehehe...

Birds: *scatter*

Zei: >.<!! O.O

Kate: *watching through a window* Well, who'd have thought?

Rents: :fi

Zei: >=} ... *starts gathering a big snowball for him*

Rents: o.o! *throws another!*

Fue: *unsure* Well, that's not so?

Kate Sith: bless my soul i think

Zei: *drops his on himself* O.O! >.<


Fue-chan: oh! you hear things so much better than I do ^^

Zei: >8{ *takes off after him*

Kate Sith: i dunno why... @.@ i was really bad when transcribing MR

Fue-chan: noo, you weren't!

Kate Sith: no, all the accurate stuff was corrected or i just asked people in the first place ^^;

Seibrum: Well, who'd have known?

Fue-chan: ^^;; Oh..

Rents: o.o! *runs around the tree* >.> <.<

Fue: Well, who indeed?

Zei: *catches up and pounces on him* >=D!!

Kate: And who'd have guessed they'd come together on their ooown?

Seibrum and Fue: We'll wait and seeee.. a few days mooore.. there maybe something there that wasn't there befooore.. *with Katesy, 'course*

Rents: o.o!! >.< .... ^^;;; *looks up at him, giving him a sweet look*

Zei: ^^ *white washes him*

Kate Sith: o.o what does that mean?

Fue-chan: you've never been white washed? :o

Kate Sith: o.o Well, i dunno....

Fue-chan: it's, like, burying someone in the snow and rubbing them into it and such. I dunno, David used to do that to me all the time.

Kate Sith: oh.. ^^ no one ever did that to me, no.

Fue-chan: lucky =/ It sucks

Rents: >.<!! *then*


Rents: *sitting by the fire with Zei and a book* ^_^

Zei: *listening to him read* I never learned to read. =/

Seibrum: Well, perhaps there's something there that wasn't there before. ^^

Wynter: What??

Rents: o.o You didnt? ;_; Awwwwww, that's so saaaad! *snugs him*

Zei: *"heh.."* *nods sadly, snugs*

Fue: There may be something there that wasn't there befoooore....

Wynter: Mommy. >=/ What's there??

Fue: ^^;;; Jeroooome...

Kate: *swatdrop*

Jerome: uhhh... o.o;;;

*and more latering..*

Kate: *supervising Zei's bath* *__*

Zei: *in the tub! :o*

Coathanger: *being really mean about all the scrubbing and washing*

Zei: >.< Ow! >.< God damnit! *takes it and breaks it in half*

Kate: o.o;;;; ^^; Tonight is the night!

Zei: *starts rinsing himself off* ....I.. don't think I can do this...

Kate: *points at the wilting rose* You don't have time to be timid! You have to be bold, daring!!!

Zei: *nods a little* Bold... daring! o.o *moves to shake himself off like a dog*

Kate: >.< *gets wet* ..... ^^ There will be music, romantic candlelight. *lgihts her flames* provided by me. And when the moment is right, you confess your love!

Zei: *drying himself off* Yes... I.. I con..I... no. >.< I can't!

Kate: -_- You care for ze boy, don't you?

Coathanger: *multiplies into two coathangers, like in Fantasia and start being mean in doing Zei's..er...fur...*

Kate: o.o;;; Scary....

Zei: o.o!! What the fuck?! <.< Oh, yeah, of course... more than anything....

Kate: Then you have to tell her! Him! .... *when they finish* ^_^ Voila! You look...so.... o.O uhm...

Zei: .......*stares at a curly, braided, bow-y version of himself* ....@.@ Fruity... *tears it all out, breaks the coathangers again and does his own hair*

Kate: ^^;;; ehhh.... >.o yeah, do that...

Seibrum: *knock knock* Ahem... ^^ Your l.. man.. awaits. ^^ *bows*

Kate Sith: heehee

Fue-chan: ^__^

Rents: *with Dana in his room* No, that's TOO pretty!!! >.<

Dana: *forcing him into pretty yellow dress* I know! :D *shoves him out*

Rents: >.< I hate this stupid play..... *goes down the stairs*

Zei: *all dressed nicely too, stands at the top of the stairs, staaaaare*

Kate: *poke* gooo.. ^^

Rents: >.< ... *looks at Zei* >.o

Zei: *clears his throat, nods, heads down the stairs too* *grins a little at Rents when he gets there* Nice. *bow*

Rents: ehhh... #^^# thanks... *curtsies* You too...

Fue: *watching with minna as always* Tale as old as tiiime...

Zei: *offers his arm*

Rents: *takes it* ... ^_^

Zei: *starts leading him down the stairs*

Fue: True as it can bee....

Juliet: *bark bark! runs up for no reason*

Rents: GAH!!!!! *hides behind Zei* >.<

Fue: Baaarely even friiends, then somebody beends... unexpectly....

Zei: o.o! ^^;; *shoos puppy away*

Juliet: *sees a ball and goes to kill it*

Zei: *sits down to dinner with Rents*

Fue: Just a little chaange...

Rents: *Yes sits* ^_^

Zei: *can actually eat! Woo! :D*

Rents: ^__^

Kate: *provides candlelight*

Evil Coathangers: *provide music*

Fue: Small to say the leaast

Rents: *happy happy, gets up and runs over to Zei to pull him from the chair to dance* :D

Zei: Oh, not this again.. o.o *is pulled*

Fue: Both a little scaaared, neither one prepaaared

Zei: *goes unsurely out to the dance for with Rents* <.< ... >.>

Fue: Beauty and the Beaaast...

Rents: ^_^ *takes his hand and puts Zei's arm around his waist* ^__^

Zei: ... *"hey, not too bad!"* *pretends to look nervous though and gulps a little*

Rents: *starts to dance*

Fue: Ever just the saaaame...

Kate: *nudges Seiby and makes froggy French man noises*

Zei: *pretends to not know what he's doing*

Seibrum: >.> ... ^^;; *pats Katesy*

Fue: Ever as surpriiiise....

Rents: *dance dance*

Fue: Ever as befoore, ever just as suuure... As the sun will riiiiise.

Zei: *whisper* The skirt of your dress is huge. o.o *trying not to step on it*

Zei: >.< *whisper back* I know! I hate dressing like a woman....

Fue: Tale as old as tiime... tune as old as suuung... Bitter-sweet and straaange, minding you can chaaange, learning you were wroooong..

Zei: *grin* It's kinda cute, really.

Fue: Certain as the suuun...

Zei: >>.<< No it's not....

Fue: rising in the eaasst..

Zei: *offers his shoulder to lean on* >.>

Kate: *silently cheering them on!!!*

Rents: .... *does* ^^

Zei: *looks deliriously happy about it*

Seibrum: :D *thumbs up*

Kate: shhh.. *brings the light down*

Fue: Tale as old as tiiime, song as old as rhythm.... Beauty and the beaaast..

Zei: *heehee, likes the dimmed room*

Fue: *slower* Taale as old as tiiime.... song as old as rhyme, not rhythmmmm... Beauty aaaand... the Beaaast....

Rents: *likes dancing, oblivious to Zei's extra liking of the situation*

Fue: *to the twins* Sorry, guys, off to the cupboard with yah... past your bedtime.. *kissles* night, love. *watches them go*

Rents: *going out to the pattio thingie with Zei* ^_^

Zei: ...Wanna go out to the balcony? Er..

Rents: Aye! ^^

Zei: ^^;; Great minds think alike ^^;;;;

Rents: ^^ that they do....

Zei: *sits down with him somewhere and contemplates how fast he should put the moves on Rentsy*

Rents: *sits, straightening out his skirt* -_-;;;

Zei: ......Belle...? *goes to take his hands* ...Are you... happy here with me...? *swallows*

Rents: well... ^^ yes.... *smile kinda fades, and he looks out past the balcony* ...

Zei: *was happy for a moment, but furrows his brow* ....What is it?

Rents: ...... I wish I could see daddy again....I miss him so much..... >.> And Gaston, too... I didn't mean to throw her in the mud...

Zei: .... >=/ Who's Gaston?

Rents: ^__^ Oh, she's the most wonderful, beautiful bird in town, and she proposed to m-- *gets bonked in the head with a shoe* x.x ow.

Kate: *fuuuume*

Rents: x.x actually, I....mostly just wanted to see dad.... x.x; aye....

Zei: .... >=/ .... -_- *all sad and such, then thinks of something* ...Wait.. there is a way... *moves to get up* ...C'mon... *happy* Do I get to lead him to my bedchamber now?

Rents: o.o *goes* ... #>.<# Zeeeei...

Fue: >=/ No. You're showing him the mirror, Zei, not your bed.

Zei: *inside his room* But it's such a nice bed. *gestures it to Rents*

Rents: <.< ummm.. ^^; so, what about the mirror?

Zei: -_- *picks it up and shows it to him* This mirror will show you anything you wish to see... I use it to watch you undress at night. *nod*

Rents: #O.O# You do? o.o; Eh...what do I care? *takes the mirror* Show me daddy, please! :D

Mirror: *obligues and shows Hazel all lost in the forest, cold, hungry, sick, etc*

Hazel: *cough cough* >.< Oh, for the world...

Rents: o.o Daddy! Oh no...... *sniffle* ... Okay, now show me Gaston undressing!

Mirror: *starts to obligue*

Fue: >=/ *takes the mirror away from Rents*

Rents: :-/ .... He's sick though.... He might be dying... ;_;

Zei: ..... *looks at the rose, swallows* ...Then, you must go to him... -_-

Rents: *blink* o.o What did you say...?

Zei: .....I'm releasing you. You're no longer my prisoner... *finds that this sounds oddly familiar...*

Rents: *deja vu as well* ......so...I'm free...?

Zei: ... *nods reluctantly*

Rents: Oh, thank you.. Hold on daddy, I'm on my way... *goes to give him the mirror*

Zei: ...*pushes it to him* Keep it. So you'll always have a way to look back... *reaches to run his fingers through Rent's hair, careful with his claws* ....and remember me....

Rents: ..... *swallows, looking at it, and then smiling softly at Zei* Thank you for understanding...... *turns to go, and then turns back and hugs him, since he's just such a huggy guy*

Zei: *looks heart broken, but hugs back slightly too* ...

Fue-chan: it's so saaad! The beast looks so ready to cry!

Kate Sith: :-/

Rents: *pulls back and goes* .....

Zei: *watches her* *Him*

Seibrum: *comes in as he goes* ^^;;; Heh, you sly dog you... ^^ This are going swimmingly. ^_^

Zei: ... *turns away* I let him go, you moron.

Seibrum: o.o *jaw drops* ....W-what? ...How could you??

Zei: ... I had to...

Seibrum: >>.<< Why??

Zei: ....Because... I love him....

Seibrum: o.o;;; *goes to break the news to everyone else*

Kate: He did WHAT!?

Minna: *ditto!*

Seibrum: Yes, it's true.. *sulk* the blockhead....

Wynter: He left? ;_;

Tundra: ;_;

Kate: But he was so close.. ;_;

Fue: ;_; After all this time, he's finally learned to love...

Kate: o.o! ^__^ That's it then! That should break the spell!

Fue: ...=/ That would be fair, yes, but she has to love him in return. *frown* That sucks! You can't control if a person loves you or not!

Seibrum: It doesn't matter.... now it's too late. -_-