Twins: .... >.> ...<.< *sneak off*

Rents: *goes outside and hops on Cojin* >.< please don't run into any wolves, please don't eat me....

Coijn: -_- *runs, looking for his friends*

Rents: Daddyyy! Daaaaddy!

Zei: *roars a bit as he watches them to express his distress*

Rents: >.<!

Hazel: *lying in the snow somewhere*

Rents: Daaaaaddy! *search search on hateful wolf, sees Hazel* o.o!

Hazel: x_x

Rents: *gets him and brings him back to their house*

Sparrow: *sees them, has been waiting the whole time, poor Hobbit* o.o! They're back! *runs to tell Eriya*

Rents: *lies him down inside, makes him all confy and warm* .....

Hazel: *wakes up* .... Belle?

Rents: shhh *smiles, wiping his face with a cloth* It's all right, daddy, I'm home.

Hazel: *starts to sit up* ...I thought I would never see you again! *smiles and hugs him*

Rents: ^_^ *huggle* I missed you so much..

Hazel: Oh, but how did you ever escape that horrible beast! :o

Rents: I didn't escape! He let me go. *sad smile* ...

Hazel: .....Let you go?? Belle, are you sick? O.o

Rents: Nooo.. *shakes his head* He's different now.... er..kinda...

*something stirs in Rent's knapsack*

Rents: o.o?

Tundra and Wynter: *pile out somehow* :D

Rents: I have a big knapsack...

Hazel: You do.. o.o

Twins: Hi! *in unison*

Rents: ^^ Stowaways...!

Hazel: ^^;; *as they come over to them* Well, I didn't think I'd see you two again... Did you bring the kettle with you? :D Can't have tea without a kettle, you know!

Rents: -_-;;

Twins: <.< ... *think he's scary and weird and pile on Renton* Belle... ;_; Why'd you go away? Do you hate us?

Rents: o.o ... ^^;; *pets them* No, of course not... it's just--

V: *knocks on the door*

Rents: o.o ...... *answers* er...can I help you? >.>

V: *acting like Mr. Burns* I've come to collect your father.

Fue-chan: LOL

Rents: ...My father?

Village Minna: *gathered around with torches and such*

V: Don't worry, Mousieur, we'll take good care of him. ^^ *gestures to the loony bin wagon*

Rents: :O >:-| Daddy's not crazy!!!

V: Sure... and neither are you. That's why you're a 25-year-old man calling your father "daddy"

Rents: >:O 21! .... >.> .... -_- 24...

Sparrow: >=/ He was raving like a lunatic the other night! Everyone heard him...

Fue: o.o Aren't you 26?

Rents: <:O What? No!!!! ;_; Oh, I'm getting wrinkles aren't I!! *sob* I'm so ooooold!

Village Minna: >.> <.< *agree with Sparrow!*

Sparrow: Yes, we're about to take your father away! *hint hint*

Rents: No! >.< I won't let you!

Eriya: *hanging on the sidelines in the shadows, smirk*

Hazel: *comes to the door* >.> Belle? <.<

Sparrow: >=/ Maurice. Why don't you tell us again about the beast??

Rents: *goes over to him* >.< o.o

Hazel: o.o Well... he was huge! Like.. 8.. no, 10 feet tall! :o

Townspeople: *laugh laugh*

Minna: *laugh!*

Rents: o.o;

Sparrow: Of course... he's not crazy, is he? *forces a laugh*

Hazel: :o It's true, I tell you!

V: *gestures for the people to take him*

Sparrow: -_- Take him away.

Hazel: :O Let go of me!!

V: *then goes over by Eriya* bleh...

Eriya: o.o?

Rents: *rushes over and stops V* You can't do this! >.<

V: *shrugs away from him, glare*

Eriya: *takes the opportunity to sidle up to Rents* Poor Belle...

Rents: ;_; *sniffle, snuggles her*

Eriya: *puts her arms around him* It's a shame about your father....

Rents: ;_; *nuzzle* You know he's not crazy, darling..?

Eriya: Oh, of course.... I think I could fix this little mess... *pretends to think* ..if....

Rents: ;_; If...?

Eriya: If you marry me. *smirk*

Rents: o.o Really?

Eriya: *nods* One word, and your father is free.

Rents: ^__^ Okay! *shoe-bonk!* x.x I..uhhh...never! *rubs his head, worrying about the possibility of brain damage* >.o

Eriya: >=/ Fine! Have it your way! *starts to stalk off*

Rents: ;_; I'm sorry, darling!

Eriya: ^~ *blows him a kiss real quick*

Hazel: ;_; Belle!!

Rents: o.o! *runs into the house and gets the mirror, then runs back out* Wait!! Daddy's not crazy, I can prove it!

Eriya: o.o?

Rents: Show me the beast! *flashes the mirror to everyone* hehe... now... show me the money! ^___^ *shoe!* >.<! x.x What?? that was innocent enough >.<

Minna: @.@ .... O.O *gasp!*

Zei: *is in the mirror, growling for no particular reason, but looking mean and scary*

Eriya: O.O

Someone: Is he dangerous!?

Rents: *shakes head!* No! He'd never hurt anyone! I know he looks incredibly scary, but he's really kind, occasionally gentle... *looks at the mirror* He's my friend...

Eriya: *watching with increasing jealousy* >=/ You almost sound as if you have feelings for the monster.

Rents: >.> He's not a monster, darling.... *swallow* .... aye.... >.> That's all... he's just not...

Fue: =/

Rents: Well she's not either! >.<

Eriya: ... *gets mad anyway* >=o *grabs the mirror from him* He's as crazy as his father!! *starts to talk to the people*

Rents: :o

Eriya: The beast will make off with your children! He'll come after them in the night!!

Rents: No!!

Eriya: We're not safe until his head is mounted on my wall! ... >.o Ew... I say we kill the Beast!! *actually, is very happy with this idea*

Rents: :O!!

Minna: *Start singing about all the horrible things the beast will do*

Eriya: *singy* So it's tiiiime to take some action, boys, it's tiiime toooo fooollow meee! *getting weapons and such*

Fue-chan: lol, we were talking about minna singing this song about Cojin when they were going to go track him down in his lair oh-so-long ago.

Minna: *giong along, in mob fashion*

Kate Sith: lol, oh yeah!

Rents: ;_; I'm always getting people killed...

Eriya: *enticing the people* Through the mist, through the woods, through the darkness and shadows, it's a nightmare, but it's one exciting riiide... Say a prayer, then we're there, at the draw-bridge of a castle, and there's something truly terrible insiiide!

People: *enticed*

Eriya: *holds the mirror up to them* It's a beast, he's got fangs, razor-sharp ones! Massive paws, killer claws for the feeed <?> Hear him roar, see him foam, but we’re not coming home till he's deaaad.

Rents: >.< Darling! *trying to push through the people to shut her up*

Eriya: Good and dead!! Kill the beast!

Rents: *breaks through and grabs her arm with the mirror* No! >.< I won't let you do this!

Eriya: >=/ *take HIS wrist and swings him around* You're not with us, you're against us. Bring the old man!

Rents: >.<!!!

Hazel: God damnit, this sucks!!

Minna: *throw Hazel in the cellar thingie*

Eriya: Sorry, love.. =/ *kissle before gently pushing him down in the cellar with Hazel* We can't have them running off to warn the creature!

Rents: *tries to get more kissles before falling down there with Hazel* Let us out!!

Eriya: We'll rid the village of this beast! Who's with me??

Minna: I AM!!! Light your torch, mount your horse!

Eriya: I haven't a freakin clue. Something something to the something place... @.@

Kate Sith: hai ^^;;

Minna: We're counting on Gaston to lead the waaaay

Fue-chan: Through your courage to the sticking plate?

Kate Sith: ^^;; i dunno

Eriya: *starts riding off, leading the people*

Minna: through a mist, through the wood, blah blah blah a haunted castle *following* something's lurking that you don't see every daaay.... blaaaah about the beast and how we're gonna kill him!

Wives and Children: *bid farewell*

Eriya: We'll lay seige to the castle and bring back his head!!

Rents: *trying to break out* >.< I have to warn the beast! This is all my fault... ;;_;; Daddy, what are we gonna dooo?

Hazel: *comforts* Now now.. we'll think of something.. <=/

Rents: ;_; ...

Twins: <=/ ... *looks around*

Wynter: *sees the axe* ... :D Wow!

Tundra: >.o ... *follow*

Minna: *sing sing sing* We'll kill the beast! *going*

*in the castle...*

Kate and Juliet: *sulking with Fue and Seiby*

Fue-chan: Mrs. Potts looks like an elephant in that shot ^^;;

Kate Sith: lol, oh no..

Seibrum: >.< I knew it was hopeless to...get our hopes up... @.@ *checks the script*

Kate: hmph! Maybe it would have been better if he'd enver come at all!

Juliet: *hears people, perk perk... bark bark!!, runs to the window*

Kate: o.o Could it be? *follows*

Fue: o.o Is it... he?

Kate: French expression! Invaders!

Minna: *Storming in!*

Seibrum: >:o Intruders!

Fue: Hey! :O They have the mirror!!

Seibrum: >=/ Warn Zei. if it's a fight they want, we'll be ready for them. Ne?

Kate and Juliet: *hurry out of the room with Fue*

Seibrum: Agh! o.o *wonders what he's 'aghing' about* ...

Kate: We shut the door on you! *shuts it!* o.o;

Seibrum: o.o Oh...

Eriya: *outside* Take whatever... booty... you can find... but remember, the Beast is mine! >=/

Castle Minna: *getting ready to fight, singing!*

Towns Minna: *hording the castle, singing!*

Fue-chan: man, I always sing when I lay seige on castles.

Kate Sith: ^^;;

Fue: *approaches Zei fearfully* ...Zei? >.o

Zei: Go away! >=/ *sulking in his room*

Fue: >.o But that castle is under attack!!

Minna: Kill the beast! Kill the beast! *slamming a big log into the door*

Castle Minna: *trying to hold the door!* >.<

Kate: >.< This isn't working!

Gabe: ;_; But Luminere, we must do zumsing!!

Kate: Wait! o.o I know!

Minna: *slam slam* Kill the beast!

Zei: >=/ They're really loud. If they think I can't hear them, they're wrong.

Fue: >.< What should we do??

Zei: *siiiiigh* Oh, I don't know... I'm so discouraged about Belle leaving me that it doesn't even matter... -_- Just throw my body out to sea....

Minna: Kill the beast! *slam!* Kill the beast! *slam!*

Fue: -_- Mr. Drama... *hops off*

Minna: *break in!*

Eriya: *peeks into the empty room* ... >.>

*castle minna look like inanimate objects*

Eriya: ... *leads everyone in*

Sparrow: *looks fearfully around and reaches for Kate*

Kate: Now!!!

Castle Minna: *attack!!!!*

Sparrow: O.O!

Towns Minna: O.O!!

Castle Minna: *are winning! :D*

Towns Minna: *lose pitifully to a bunch of pots and pans and dressers*

Eriya: *watches them with disgust for awhile, then sneaks upstairs by herself*

*back at the village...*

Wynter: *firing up Hazel's chopping invention* Hehehehe... >=}

Tundra: >.< *cling to brother*

Kate Sith: lol

Wynter: *starts it towards the cellar*

Rents: *peeking out with Hazel* ...

Hazel: o.o Holy shit!!

Rents: o.o hm?

Hazel: That's the scariest thing I've ever seen!

Rents: you made it.

Hazel: Two twins dressed as tea-cups coming at us with an axe!!

Rents: oh.. ^^; that is pretty scary, aye.

Hazel: *grabs Rents and shoves him out of the way* Look out!

Rents: >.<!

Wynter: *chops through the door* >=D

Invention: *breaks down*

Rents: o.o; .....

Wynter: >=D ... o.o ... =/

Tundra: ^^;;; We should go!

Rents: Aye!

*and back at the castle*

*objects are still winning big time*

Fue: *feeling bad scalding people with hot tea* >.o

Dana: *Drops her big ol' self onto some poor guy* :-/ Hey...

Fue-chan: lol, I like the idea of Dana, "Ooohhhhh!!!" like a big Opera-woman.

Kate Sith: lol!

Fue-chan> Eriya: *with her bow and arrow (hey! :D Weird!!), searching the rooms* >.> ..

Dana: *beats up some more people!*

Sparrow: *coming at Kate with his torch* >.o Gomen...

Kate: *cornered by Sparrow* ..... *could just beat him up, the shortie* .... *looks scared anyway*

Seibrum: *all decked out like Napoleon, sees this* :o! *goes and pokes Sparrow with scissors*

Sparrow: Ow! ;_;

Kate Sith: hehe

*in the woods..*

Cojin: *siiiigh, carrying Rents and Hazel to the castle*

Hazel: Wow, he is strong.. o.o

Cojin: -_-;;;

*at the castle..*

Kate: *sees Gabey getting his feathers pulled out* :O

Gabe: >.< Aggghhh!

Kate: *runs over and blasts a flame up the guy's ass* *catches Gabe* ^___^

Gabe: :D *hugs her lovingly* ^_^

Sparrow and minna: *chasing Juliet now*

Juliet: *bark bark, runs into the kitchen*

Sparrow and minna: *follow, laugh laugh*

*a bunch of drawers with living knives open and look menacing*

Jerome: *flares up his fire and looks scary* BWAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!

Fue-chan: LOL. Jerome doing that laugh.. ^_^

Kate Sith: I know!!!

Sparrow and minna: O.O!! :O Agggghhhh! *run out*

All Town Minna: *retreat!*

Castle Minna: *rejoice!*

Fue: *huggles Romi* You're so scary and hot ^___^ *loves her pun*

Jerome: ^^;; v

Seibrum: *shakes his scissors at them* And stay out!!

Kate: ^__^ *huggles Seiby, and kisses him on the clock-face*

Seibrum: *blinkblink, blushles* ^^;;; *dun slap her*