Zei: *sulking alone in his room* -_-

Eriya: *finds the room and peers in* o.o! >=/ ... *sneaks in and aims for him, hoping she really gets to hurt him*

Zei: .... *looks over* .... o.o Hey, Eriya, you look hot. You know, with the guy clothes and your weapon and all. *grin*

Eriya: >={ *shoots him*

Kate Sith: lol

Zei: >.< Ow! Fuck..

Eriya: *enjoying that she gets to beat up Zei, shoves him out the window into the rain*

Zei: *has to take it, damnit* >.o

Eriya: >=} *shove kick punch* *gets him to a ledge* All right, this is pathetic. Fight me. C'mon, get up and fight me. >=/

Zei: *twitch twitch* ... *siiiiigh*

Eriya: *mock mock* What's wrong? Are you too human to fight back?? Too kind and gentle?


Eriya: *goes to get a big scary thing to hit him with*

Rents: *gets bucked off by Cojin when they get there* >.<!! o.o! *sees Eriya about to kill Zei* No!!

Zei: ....o.o Belle...

Rents: Darling, don't!!

Eriya: *er, doesn't hear him.. yeah... starts to bring it down on Zei*

Zei: *grabs it* >=/ *stands now to battle Eriya*

Eriya: o.o ....

Rents: >.o ... *jumps back on Cojin* Let's go....

Cojin: *growls a little but runs inside with him*

Zei: *growling and stalking Eriya around on the roofs* >=/

Eriya: *doesn't know why she's backing off* >=/

Rents: Why did I do that!? *is bucked off again, starts running up the stairs*

Zei: *shoves them both around to a flat area, where he disappears*

Eriya: *with her scary club thing* ... >.> ... *starts looking for Zei amoung the gargoyles* Come on and fight me, Zei! <.< *smash* *glare glare* Are you in love with her?? HIM. >.<

Rents: >.<

Eriya: How could possibly think he'd want you, when he has ME?

Zei: *glaaaaare* *sneaks up behind her, more battling*

Fue-chan: this is the story of their lives...

Kate Sith: hehe... cept Eriya actually wins in the end. generally @.@

Fue-chan: hai ^^;;

Eriya: *swings at Zei* It's over, Beast.... Julien is mine!! >={

Zei: =/ It's Belle...

Eriya: >.> Whatever....

Zei: >>={ *attack!* *somehow catches her off guard and holds her out by the throat over the edge*

Eriya: >.<! I'm not /begging/ to him!

Zei: >=/ Then I'm dropping you.

Eriya: >>.<< *monotonely* Oh, please, let me go. I'll do anything. Anything. *twitch*

Zei: .... Anything? *grin*

Eriya: >o< Oh, god, just drop me!!

Rents: >.< *comes out early* Zei!!

Zei: ... *pulls her back* ....Just get out. *drops Eriya and on ground, turning to Rents* Belle...? o.o

Rents: *holds out a hand for him*

Zei: *climbs the roof (@.@) to reach him and takes his hand* ...Belle.... You came back... *reaches a hand to hold his face*

Rents: ^_^ *goes to give Zei a huggle* ..

Eriya: >>={ *won't allow this, stabs Zei in the back*

Zei: >o<!! *roooar*

Rents: o.o! Darling!!

Eriya: *grin grin, but oops! Loosing her footing* O.O! *slips and falls back into the mist*

Rents: O.O!!! Darling!!!!

Zei: *falling* Falling here, HELLO??

Rents: *grabs him, pulling him forward* o.o!!!

Zei: *weakly falls over, helping throw himself over the railing*

Rents: ;;_;; Darling!! *leaning over the rail* ...

Zei: >=/ Hey, I'm the one you're in love with here!!!

Kate: *running up with Fue and Seiby*

Fue and Seib: *hai!*

Rents: but... she fell.... ;_; ....

Zei: >.< And I'm bleeding!!

Rents: ...... *kneels by him* ....

Kate: *stops* o.o

Zei: *lays back to die*

Fue: :O

Zei: *struggles to breath and such, but smiles at him* ....You came back....

Rents: ..... ;_; .... *touches his face* Of course I came back... I couldn't let them..... *Hugs him* ;;_;; Oh, this is all my fault... If only I'd gotten here sooner..

Zei: ....Maybe... it's better this way....

Rents: *shakes his head* Don't talk like that... You'll be all right. We...we're... *glances over the side of the balcony* >.< We're together now, everything will be fine, you'll see...

Zei: *coughs a little, reaches for him* ....At...at least I got to see you... one last time... *cough cough* *eyes roll back, falls back, dying*

Rents: .... *tears, no problem for rents* ;_; .... I hate this story.... No.... Please.. please don't leave me.... *looks over the balcony again* Or you could come back... ;;_;; one of you, at least....

Kate: *gets a shoe ready*

Rents: *cries on Zei* I love you...

Kate: ..... *watches the last rose petal fall* ..... ;_;

Fue and Seibrum: ... :o ... ;_; ....

*little sparkler thingys start shooting to the ground*

Kate: *cry cry, until weird sparklies start falling from the sky*

Rents: o.o ......

Zei: *after there's a lot more, his body begins to lift into the air*

Fue and Seibrum: :o .. *staaaare*

Rents: *slips off of him* o.o .....

Zei: *lifts a bit more as the sparkles are still going around him*

Rents: *staaaaaaaare*

Fue-chan: I always thought it was dumb that light came /out of/ his new hands and feet. =/ Why wouldn't they just morph and be done with it? Why the weird spot light thingys?

Kate Sith: ^^;; i dont know... he also looks weird when he first turns to face her.

Fue-chan: I knooow.. I was like, "Agh! Get the Beast back!"

Kate Sith: lol!

Zei: *his cape starts to wrap around him, but his arm comes up out of it, his beastly-ness morphing into skin*

Rents: :O

Zei: *aww, bye bye doggie feet, he now has new human feeties*

Kate Sith: darn ^^ lol, and the way he's touching himself when he says "/Belle/.."

Fue-chan: LOL

Zei: *weird windy-things ruffle his fur as his face morphs human but is quickly hid again by light and his cape*

Rents: *continues to stare*

Fue-chan: it does look cool, though, how he's lowered and such after the transformation.

Kate Sith: Haaai

Zei: *is lowered in that cool way with his cape till he's back to lying on the ground*

Rents: o.o ......... *kinda steps toward him*

Zei: *starts to stir, taking in his breath a little*

Rents: *Then back a little* ....

Zei: *gets up real slowly, his back to Rents, checks out his new human hands and then turns in a NON-dorky way to look at Rents, back to himself again* ....

Rents: o.o *brings a hand to his mouth* ... *steps closer to him*

Zei: Belle.. *feels his nice, nice chest* ... It's me... *steps forward to take his hands, staring at Rents intently*

Kate Sith: lol

Fue-chan: and I like the look she gives him, like, 'What-the-fuck-ever, man.'

Rents: *gives him kind of an odd look, and then reaches a hand up to touch his hair* ....

Kate Sith: i know ^^

Zei: *lets him, duh* ...

Rents: *stares into his eyes* ........ :D It is you! >.> i guess it...took me a second, even though i saw you change right before my eyes... ^_^ But, huzzah!

Fue-chan: LOL

Zei: ^^;;; Right.. *strokes his hair a little, realizes the kiss is coming* :D

Rents: *touching his face, kinda leaning in for it* ...

Zei: *holds his face a little, leaning down slowly and kisses him sweetly*

Rents: *closes his eyes, enjoying for what it is >.>*

*fireworks for no reason!*

*they change the castle back to shining niceness!*

*Wow! Presto-changey!*

Zei: *still kissing away*

Rents: oxo ..... *pulls back* ^^;; ....

Zei: =/ ... ^^ *holds him anyway*

Kate: *changes into an ugly french guy*

Zei: o.o! Whoa... uh.. Kate... ^^ Luminere.. ^^;;; Good to see you again...

Kate: ;_; Hai...

Seibrum: *changes into a short, fat French guy* @.@

Zei: <.< ... *bursts out laughing* Cogsworth... XD

Seibrum: -_-

Rents: ^_^

Fue-chan: ;_; Oh no, I'm gonna be an-- *changes into a fat, old lady* ;;_;; Oh noooo!

Zei: *laughes more*

Kate Sith: lol

Zei: Hahaha, you all get to be ugly people after your formation, and I get to be ME. *grins proudly at his hotness*

Kate: ;_; there's nothing wrong with being ugly....

Seibrum: *nods alittle* =/

Fue-chan: ;_;

Zei: *pats them all instead of hugging* XD

Juliet: *comes running in with twins on her back* *bark bark!*

Twins: :D :D Mommy! We're riding a footstool!

Juliet: *changes into a doggy* :D *Bark!*

Twins: *turn, uh, into cute little boys! Wow!*

Fue-chan: :o ... Hey! I'm WAY to old to be their mom! *hugs them anyway*

Rents: *huggles Zei!* ^__^

Fue-chan: LOL!! Listen to Luminere's laugh after he says, "It is a miracle!"

Kate Sith: lol!!!!

Zei: ^^ *happily lifts Renton and swings him around*

Kate: It is a miracle! HaHHAAAhhh

Fue-chan: LOL

Rents: :D

Zei: *all dolled up in the ballroom with minna* o.o Whoa, we change quickly...

Rents: o.o >.< I hate this outfit!

Zei: ^^ Aw, you're sexy. *kisses him again*

Rents: ^x^ *pulls back quicker this time, but still hangs off him* *dance!*

Zei: *goes to dance nicely with him*

Kate: *watchle* ahhhh... l'amour...

Fue-chan: DAMN Gabe is one sexy bitch

Kate Sith: o.o sure is

Gabe: >>.<< .. *then, is a sexy, French maid, literally* *goes out and dusts Kate's face a little flirtatiously*

Kate: o.o >.> ^__^ *froggy french guy laugh, goes lecherously after him*

Seibrum: *intercepts her, pushing her back* Hey hey hey, if I don't get a girlfriend, you don't either. >=/

Kate: :o

Seibrum: <.< Maybe I'll try and date that hot-armoire chick, whaddya think?

Kate: >.< I don't care! *shoves him*

Seibrum: :o >=/ *shoves her with his big ol' belly*

Kate: :o *pulls out a glove and slaps him with it* Overgrown pocketwatch!

Seibrum: Hey!! Take that! *picks a fight with her*

Kate: *fight fight!*

Zei: *continues to dance with Rents, oblivious*

Rents: *dance dance* ^_^

Fue: *watching with the twins and Hazel*

Wynter: I wanna play with the axe again. =/

Fue: O.O! >.> ... Yes, they WILL live happily ever after, Wynter.... <.< ...

Hazel: *grin grin* So, uh.. how's about us, Mrs. Potts? *grin, tries to put his arm around her*

Fue-chan: o.o! *runs off to find Chefy-boy*

Jerome: *hot cheffy boy*

Fue-chan: :D ;_; But I'm old and ugly...

Minna: *sing* Certain as the suuuuuuuun

Zei: *dance dance dance wonders when the honeymoon comes dance*

Rents: o.o! Eriya! Oh my god, she's dead!!!!

Minna: Rising in the eeeeast... tale as old as tiiiiiiime

Zei: >=/ Hey, you're in love with me, remember?

Minna: song as old as rhyyyyyme... beauty and the beeeeast

Rents: ;;_;;

Zei: *does a nice ending pose with Rents* =/ ..

Minna: tale as old as tiiiime... song as old as rhyyyyme.... beauty and the beeeeeast. AHHHHHHHHH!!!


Kate: o.o Wow... we're good.

Fue: <.< We have a Llanon Choir? Sweet! :D

Kate Sith: lol, makes me think of the Ballad of Ranma and Akane, when all the charachters sing and it's like they're this huge, amazing church choir or something

Fue-chan: I haven't seen that!

Kate Sith: oh, it's the ending theme to one of the OAV series

Zei: *tries to sneak Rents off to the Honeymoon sweet*

Fue-chan: I've seen so little Ranma.. =/

Rents: Waaaaait.... ;_; Eriya....

Kate Sith: and there's so MUCH to see @.@

Eriya: -_- *there and perfectly fine* Hmph.

Rents: ;;_;; Oh, i'm so glad.... no one even cared ....

Zei: Oh, I cared. I just didn't show it. o.o

Rents: ;.; .... ^_^ That was fun when we played in the snow.

Eriya: I guess I'll just have to marry LeFou, since Belle got married..

Sparrow: o.o! ... :D Oh my god, really??

Rents: :O!!!! DarLING!!!!!!!!! *goes and glomps onto her* >>.<<!!!!!

Zei: *tries to distract him* ^^ Yes, yes it was... we should do it again.. <.< >.< Damnit!

Eriya: *sticks her tongue out at Zei and runs off, carrying Rents in his perdy dress*

Sparrow and Zei: .........

Rents: *cling*

Sparrow and Zei: ..................

Zei: This story DOES suck. >=/

Sparrow: ;;_;; She used me...

Kate: *closes the curtains* >.> <.< oops...

Fue: ^^ The End...