Another thick uhpheavel of vomit from her torn lips told her she was was going to die, and soon. It wouldn’t be very long now at all. The feeling of his weight holding her down, the feeling of his large hands--one a sharp claw--circled around her thin throat, and the realization that she wasn’t stopping him. Her mind flashed over her life, and all it had been so far, only to die now, at this point. It didn’t make sense, but then again, nothing in her life ever had. Slowly, she let her eyelids fall to close her eyes, almost as an exceptence, as if saying, “It’s okay.”
His face flashed in her mind. The sun shone around his young face, his smile even brighter than it, his eyes--one black, one gold--twinkling as he smiled at her, and it was then that she realized his smile was sad. His hand--a human hand then-- came to touch her face softly, and he murmured in a soft, gentle voice, “Eriya..” And then they’d come.
He eyes snapped open, her world still flashing red and black. But through her pain faze, she saw his face. Her Prince. His eyes--filled with cold hatred and determination--were still the same, despite what filled them. She realized that the hatred and bitterness that drew in those beautiful orbs was not for her, but for the world, for whatever God there might be who would give him such a cruel existence. A tear fell from her eye, whether from the pain gathering in her, or for him--that he’d been alone all this time, living with all of this--she couldn’t tell anymore. Death was coming, and it was at the hand of her Prince, whom she’d finally found. Was it right? Whether right or wrong, she didn’t question it, but gathering every ounce of strength in herself, she weaked raised a trembling hand, barely able to move at all, and gently touched his face, his beautiful face that she’d longed to see for so long, her long, graceful fingers brushing over his cheek, and she looked into his eyes, her own gold filled with all the love she bore for him, to tell him this, and also filled with a deep saddness for never getting to /tell/ him...