Jaydrian slowly opened her eyes. It was very dim where she was, and she didn’t hurt. Death. Funny, she’d always imagined there was nothing after you die, that you just become sea-foam on the waves of a beautiful ocean, but here she was.
Suddenly, it hit her. She was not dead at all. She could feel a pillow underneth her head, and blankets pulled up around her. The mattress underneth her was soft, and she opened her eyes more. She knew she was in a bed, in one of the rooms in the hotel. Oh fucking god. They just wouldn’t let her die, would they? Slowly, she turned her head to see who her “savior” was.
There, sitting in the middle of the room, was the dragon boy. His wing, shining a gourgeous silver, were spread out hugely behind him, his long ears formed and trailing over his firm shoulders. His dark hair was matted over his forehead and face that was sheened with sweat, and he was breathing hard. Wearing only pants, his knees were brought up to his broad chest, and his whole body was shaking violently.
Jaydrian couldn’t understand it at first. She didn’t even know the boy’s name, let alone why she was in his room. She’d seen him around enough, knew he was the mazoku’s son--which made him half mazoku--but she knew his heart was full dragon. For a long time, she just stared at him, lying on his bed, her expression unreadable, before speaking to him in a rather hoarse voice, “Boy....”
He tensed greatly, she could see that in his muscles, but he didn’t raise his face to her, and his condition stayed the same. Through deep breaths, he gasped out, “You’re.....you’re awake...”
Again, another long silence. Then she spoke again, “What am I doing here?”
“.....I....I brought you back here....”
Jaydrian stared at him. /He/ brought her back?? “What reason could you possibly have for doing that?” she asked sharply, still not moving however.
“You....you were falling.....”
“I /jumped/.”
The boy didn’t answer, just kept gasping for air, and she frowned a little, “What’s wrong with you.”
It was then that Jaydrian noticed it. A dark stain was slowly spreading from where he sat. She was amazed she hadn’t smelled it, but now she saw it, the large gash in the boy’s bare side, dark blood seeping from it. Her gold eyes widened as she stared at it, and managed out, “What....happened to you?”
“The wind...it was too strong... I...I couldn’t fight it......the tree....”
Jaydrian now knew what had happened. It was clear. He’d been flying, or seen her, caught her before she hit the ground, by the time she was already unconsious. But the wind had been harsh, and his wings could fight against it, so he must have flown into a tree, gotten stabbed.
“Why haven’t you healed yourself....?
“I...can’t heal myself. Only....others....”
“Then why haven’t you gone to the Cetra or someone to heal you?”
“Because.....I had.....to watch over you.....” he took in his breath sharply, “....I can’t move....”
“Your wound is too bad for you to move?”
He nodded, wincing. He must have made it even worse by carrying her all the way to his room.
There was a long silence, save the boy’s heavy breathing. Slowly, Jaydrian sat up, finding she felt fine, and slid off the bed onto the floor, making her way over to him. She hated humans. But he wasn’t a human. And he’d put himself in danger, wounded himself, to help her. He didn’t even know her. What he did know of her was that she was Cojin’s lover, that she sought to kill his friends and loved ones. And he had saved her.
Slowly, she wrapped her arms around the boy, and felt him tense up greatly under her embrace. He might have jerked away, had he been able to.
“Shhh....I will help you....” she murmured into the soft blue locks of his hair. He stiffled a sob, and she went about to bandanging him up.