The wind whipped by Jaydrian, and for once, she was not controlling it. Her long hair was completely down, blowing wildly in the wind, and her skirt whipped around her long legs as she gripped the railing tightly. Blue hued tears streaked her white cheeks as she wept bitterly.
Damn him! Everything they’d gone through, everything she’d done for him, everything she /wanted/ to do for him.... how could he just forget that? She couldn’t believe how suddenly everything had changed. One day she’d been his goddess, and he her god, and the next she was replaced by a /half-breed/. She couldn’t believe that /thing/ had come between her and her brother--he was nothing special. He was pitiful, pathetic, /no different/ from the rest of the humans.
She couldn’t take it anymore. She’d lost Cojin, she’d lost everything. There was absolutely nothing left to keep living for. She’d flown up to the top of the giantic hotel in Pegasus/Unicorn form, and there morphed back to humaniod form. She would throw herself to the wind, the beautiful wind she’d always loved. And she would finally succumb to her enemy, her weakness, the Earth, by hurling herself down to it.
Slowly, shakily, she climbed up onto the railing, perching there before standing gracefully. The wind was clowing so hard, a human would have been blown right off the railing, but Jaydrian was agile and balanced excellently.
The heighr was astonishing. Odd, how she’d never really realized how tall the hotel really was until she was on top of it. The speed she would fly at the Earth and hit would completely shatter her body, kill her on impact. Perhaps even before---she’d heard something about when you’re falling, it’s not the actual impact that kills you, but the speed you’re rushing down at that does.
Jayd closed her eyes, saying her quiet last goodbyes to her true love, her brother, Cojin, before taking a breath and falling forward.
But before her feet had even left the railing, a strong hand caught her wrist, jerking her forward violently. In her panic, her feet slipped off the railing and she dropped, letting out a shriek. But the hand helf her wrist tightly, and she dangled now from the hotel, held by Hazel. His long hair blew to the side of him, the wind rushing though it and whipping it around, and his ruby eyes burned panickedly into hers, his fangs and teetth gritted.
“Jaydrian!!” he exclaimed against the harsh wind, gripping her hand tightly.
“Hazel-sama....” she choked, the tears pouring. Her other arm hung at her side.
“What are you doing??!” he shouted, struggling to pull her up.
“Please....let me go. Do me a favor and grant my wish.”
“What are you /talking/ about?!” he yelled over the roaring wing.
Slowly, she brought her tear-filled gold eyes up to his, “ gave meaning to a life that had none. I will never forget you.”
With that, she brought her other hand up rapidly, slicing at Hazel’s hand with a wind blade, causing him to cry out and lose his grip. She wretched her hand away and felt herself falling back. The wind--her wind--rushed by so fast she felt her own breath taken away, and the last thing she heard was Hazel’s shout for her piercing though the wind.

The minutes past like hours. Seconds ticked by like a pendelum that slowed a bit more with every swing. The wind seemed to die down, because in fact, in a way, it had died too. It’s goddess had fallen to her death, it’s very being that it worshipped gone. Silence seemed to hang over the rooftop like a rotting blanket, rancid and foul. Silence enveloped the demon, leaving once his chokes and gasps for breath to surround him.
Hunched over and sunk to his knees, Hazel gripped the bars in front of him, his head fallen like dead man’s, his long hair messily surrounding him. It seemed as if his own heart--if he had one--had stopped beating in his chest. And yet, he could still feel his life force strong within him, and it really seemed unfair.
The little girl, nearly frozen to death in the woods. Walking by, he’d been reminded of that children’s fairytale, The Little Matchgirl, seeing the frail little waif lying in the snow. She was so white, he almost didn’t see her, blended in with her white surroundings. At the time, he thought it had been because she was nearly frozen to death, but later he had learned it was her true skin color. She hadn’t been like a daughter to him, or like a lover. Not a sister, or a cousin, or anything else anyone might relate her to be. She was simply /Jaydrian/. His Jaydrian. Even when she’d turned against him, found a lover who sought to kill him and everyone around him, kidnapped his wife and child, he could have never hated her.
And now she was gone. Hazel hadn’t sobbed in a long time, and he sure as hell couldn’t now. It almost felt like... it was /too/ important to sob over. He simply fought to keep breathing, and he felt hot, black tears make their way slowly down his cheeks.
She’d jumped. She’d committed suicide. He had known Jaydrian had been unhappy all her life, had hated the world and life every since he’d found her, but even as much as he hated Cojin, Hazel could see he made Jaydrian happy. A spirit had arrisen in her, a youthful, peaceful spirit, and he believed she really did love that man. /Why/ would she kill herself?? It had to have been Cojin. Something must have happened, something that caused her to feel she had no other escape than death. An anger rose in Hazel, and he could feel his light black aura rising. Jaydrian hadn’t killed herself--Cojin had killed her. She’d never even tried killing herself, no matter how unhappy she was, until now. He knew it was Cojin. He would never, ever forgive him for taking away one of the most important things in his life.
Standing, his face streaked with pale black tears, his eyes flaming red, Hazel swallowed the rest of his pain, his grief, his agony, his sorrow, his love for Jaydrian, and turned to go to the lobby of the hotel.