The knock on Zei’s door was quiet, polite. He rarely got knocks like that anymore. He raised an eyebrow, whirling a little in his rolly chair, his long legs bent almost awkwardly to the floor. Figuring it was just some easy chick who heard he was recently available, he called out boredly, “C’min.”
The door opened, and Jaydrian walked in. It took her eyes a moment to adjust to the dimness of the room, almost completely dark, before she could look around and get an idea of the place. It was disgusting. Long dried blood matter the torn carpet---where there /was/ carpet; the curtains on the window were black and torn, almost shredded; there was no furniture, no bed, only a simple trunk and a chair that contained the mazoku. His bright violet eyes flashed as surprise registered on his face, seeing her.
It was her. And damn, she looked hot...That wasn’t unusual, she looked hot ever time Zei saw her, but today....daamn. She wore a skirt that had no sides--it was basically just two long strips of cloth in front and back, the ends reaching her ankles, and the material a thin, pale blue color. She wore a tight, tiny black vinyl brassiere with a turtleneck top, and a kind of scarf/shawl around her white shoulders. They both felt his eyes roam over her body, taking in her curves, the was her breasts looked pressed tight against the brassiere.
Zei got to his feet immediately, his suspicion high. What the hell could she want?
Jaydrian’s smile was thin, soft, “Hello, Zeibriel.” She knew he’d be looking at her suspiciously. This wasn’t usual, for her to be with him and civil, it was natural for him to be wary. If he wasn’t, he might be planning something himself. She walked further into the room, her grace carefully showing off her shapely legs. She felt him watching her body still and easily let her satisfaction remain within.
“.....What do /you/ want?” he asked, almost nastily, cocking an eyebrow.
Damn, there was nothing to sit on. Her expression never faltering, she moved to the wall, leaning against it, pressing her back to it seductively, gazing at him sideways, “I could answer that a lot of ways....”
Zei watched her, quiet. This was really weird... “Seriously, what do you want?”
She looked at him evenly, “You.”
There was a long moment of silence as he stared at her and she laughed at him in her head.
Zei narrowed his eyes, “Don’t fuck with me..”
Jaydrian moved off the wall now, moving towards him slowly, “Are you sure you want to be saying ‘Don’t’?”
Zei stared at her more. She was hitting on him. Hell if he was going to stop her, but...they hated each other.... “What’s going on?” he asked, gazing at her, still wary.
She was before him now and moved a hand to rest on his chest. When he didn’t flinch, she continued, “Zei, we gotten in each other’s way a lot. I...stabbed you...” she hid her smirk well, “but we don’t really hate each other...” her fingers gripped his shirt a little, ”what’s holding us back?” slowly, she moved her body closer, “hell, of all the people here1 , /we/ should be the ones to sleep with each other.”
Zei hadn’t moved. He could feel the heat from her body against his, and he couldn’t think of anything else but throwing her down and screwing her stupid.
“Zei....” she breathed his name, slowly moving her face up to his, her other hand slipping to the back of his head, pulling him closer. Their lips met, and he lost his control, kissing her firmly, his eyes closing. A disgust filled Jaydrian as he kissed her, and the only thing that kept her from stabbing the light blade through him now was the awareness that he hadn’t even come close to having his defenses down; he was merely turned on. She forced herself to kiss him back, pressing her body against his. She felt him take in his breath, and pulled away to murmur, “Don’t you want to lie me down, Zei...?”
Hell yes, he did. He opened his eyes slowly to gaze at her, murmuring almost dazedly, “Why...?

He couldn’t read anything in her golden eyes, and she just smiled softly, running her hand up and down his chest, “Do you always ask so many questions to women who want you?”
He wasn’t sure what to do. Maybe...maybe she really had come to have sex with him, to bridge the gap between them. They didn’t know each other aside from a couple times, and even those hadn’t been so bad....she’d only hurt him just that once.
When he didn’t hesitate any longer, Jaydrian kissed him again, wrapping her arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss without even thinking about it, and she followed. It was odd to him--her kisses. They were very different, as if she didn’t know what she was doing, but that couldn’t be it. Zei felt himself bring his arms up and around her slender waist, pulling her body even closer to his. Slowly, he began to lower both of them down to the floor, pulling her on top of him. She made a soft sound against his lips, shifting to straddle him, her lips drifting from his own to his neck, sucking lightly there. The mazoku let out a soft moan, tilting his head back, his hands moving to pull off her shawl, letting it fall to the side before wrapping his arms back around her to pull her closer. All so suddenly, in the instances that she’d kissed him, he was under some sort of spell of her. She was amazing. He felt so completely fascinated with her. Perhaps he always had been, ever since the first time they’d met, and his hatred had just blinded him, but now, she seemed like a new, uncharted creature in which he must take for himself. In a breathless, moany voice, he choked out, “I want to own you....”
Jaydrian stopped. The asshole....what was he saying...?? She felt his hips jerk against hers, and her mind freaked out a little. She couldn’t take this any longer; she felt so completely dirty and disgusted, but it didn’t matter, it would only be a few minutes now. He was completely wrapped around her finger; whether he was still suspicious now or not didn’t matter. His mind wasn’t on that now.
Her hand resting on his chest, she slowly raised it and grasped the hilt hidden within her wrist band. With a quick summon, the light blade came from the hilt, and she wasted no more time before bringing the blade back and thrusting it forward, stabbing it into his chest, to the side a little. He uttered a shocked, painful shout, a black, misty blood pouring from him, a large rip opening in his chest. Ruthlessly, she yanked the blade out of him only to lift it and bring it down into the center of his chest, where a heart would be, digging it deep into him, her face cold and determined. Holding the blade in him would kill him, so she didn’t move it. He was near sobbing in pain, his hands going to her wrists to attempt and pull the blade out. His consciousness was fading fast, and he knew he would die soon if he didn’t get that fucking thing out of him. With every ounce of strength, he gathered his energy and shot it at her, as much as he could. Jaydrian cried out in pain, being blasted back and off of him, the blade going with her.
Zei was dripping black energy like nothing else, and the two large rips in his chest displayed his galaxy-like inside. The pain was astounding. He shut his eyes tightly a moment, but suddenly, even in her being wounded, Jaydrian was on him again, swiping at him with the blade. It cut a large chunk out of his cheek, and he cried out, grasping it, stumbling back from where he was. Jaydrian grabbed the mazoku by his hair, yanking his face close to her, speaking in a low, dangerous voice, “You will die. Your hypocrisy and lies will die with you. You’re not fit to live, and you’re a low-ranking demon. Possibly a half-breed. After you, Cojin and I will kill all of them, including the wingboy you’re fucking.”
Everything had built up, each statement hitting him harder, and gritting his teeth, he grabbed her by the back of the head tightly. Unprepared and startled that he had this much strength in his condition, Jaydrian’s eyes widened a little, but quickly, Zei yanked her back before forcefully slamming her into the wall. She cried out momentarily, but the blow was too hard and everything quickly went black.
The room was silent now except for Zei’s heavy breathing and wincing. Jaydrian lie next to him, unconscious, a small trickle of light blue blood trailing down from her lip. Zei doubled over on the floor, his condition critical. His wounds were bad, and the pain itself was enough to make him want to pass out right there.
His gaze weakly turned to Jaydrian. So. It’d been bull shit all along. She’d seduced him so she could kill him. He wasn’t really sure how to think of this, but he knew it was Cojin’s fault. She would have never touched him, she might have agreed to have him own her, if it wasn’t for that damn dog freak. I should kill her now. Right in front of him, he thought, and he really planned to. But....something held him back. His fascination with her hadn’t faded. He still wanted to own her. Well. Now, he actually could. She would be his, and Cojin would know about it. Cojin would see it. Hell, why not now? As if forgetting his condition, Zei moved to get up, reaching and wincing heavily, the energy-blood pouring from his wound, already soaked him goldish clothes a dark color. He picked her up to carry her in his arm, princess style, her head bent back in her unconsciousness, her long, thick hair trailing down. Cojin would see him owning his girlfriend, that would be justice enough.


1 She means in Fue-chan’s people.