These are various tails I've written. Explanations are below the titles. They are completely in the ordered they were written and happened; i.e. The first ones are at the top, the most current tails are the last ones.

Seibrum Stories

Just what it sounds like. These are three short Seibrum stories, my first digging into his past. They are /after/ his brother's death, however, so don't be confused. These are angst filled, so beware.

Mermaid's Flesh

The story of Seibrum's seeking immortality.

Zeibriel's Legend

The story of Zeibriel Jadeion.....Takes place, obviously, in his past. Long.

Cyrus is killed--Seibrum's Story

This is the full story of the death of Seibrum's brother, Cyrus. Obviously, takes place many centuries ago. Warning-Very, very violent and angsty. Following it, are "Seibrum Stories," which are posted above, but I added them in because of the order they happen in.

Jaydrian Tales

These 4 short stories take place in Jaydrian's past, starting when she was a little girl, upon being released from the experiments. The last is current, her at Llanon Hotel, after her second or so encounter with Cojin.

Jaydrian's Blanket

A current tail, in which Jaydrian has a flash back to her hellish past. The time is around Christmas, for present.

Dream about Jaydrian and Cojin

This is an actual dream I had.....I just wrote it out in story form. Note-this never actually happened.


This takes place after Grey...attacked Zei. Warning-Very angsty and....not for the weak-hearted. Contains rape scenes, violence, etc. Just be warned....

Last Night I... (1/27/01)

A series of stories my minna. Just what was going on all in the same night with us.

Zei's Return

And again, another Zei story. Zei returns to his region....and returns to Llanon... Warning:Ending contains icky violence.

Fue-chan goes nuts

Heh, I thought the title worked juuuust fine. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's right. Fue-chan goes nuts. In this tail, read about it! ^_^

Fue-chan stays at Hazel's

Just what it says, peoples. Fue-chan stays at Hazel's. Yah.

Jaydrian Seduces Zei

Gosh these titles are self explanatory. Guess what this one's about? Contains violence.


This takes place after Grey tricked Jayd and kidnapped her, basically just her thoughts as she's held captive by Zei.

Fue-chan is kidnapped

This is a 4 part story, of Fue-chan's adventures of being a kidnappee begin.

Jaydrian finds out

This has also been titled, "Jaydrian's plotting." This is after she finds out that Cojin's been fucking Sami, obviously.

"I Will Never Forget You"

Jaydrian after her big confrontation with Cojin....angsty.

"I Will Help You"

The conclusion to "I Will Never Forget You."

I Dreamed a Dream

Fue-chan's dreams are on crack, that's all I have to say. This is while she's being held hostage by Cojin.

Fue-chan Leaves (again)

After more romantic excursions, Fue-chan decides to leave for the billionth time.

Dreams Seem So Real...

Lots of dream tailies in these months. This is when Fue-chan is away and has a connection dream with Eran.

Someone Else's Story

Jaydrian/Eriya leaves Cojin for Renton and deals with her anguish over it in this song-tail.

More Minna Tails

Eriya, Harlequin, and Gabriel tails, angsty.

Another Fue-chan Dream

Zei terrorizes Fue-chan in her dreams with premonitions of the future. Very graphic.

So Emotional!

During Inomi and my love-potion week, my minna reflect on their new feelings in a song tailie.

My Elite

A very long tail from Fue-chan's perspective of Zei making her a mazoku. Slightly graphic and angsty.


A Harlequin tail, and a Seibrum tail, in which they both deal with the new and heartbreaking changes in their lives. Angst.

What I Did For Love

Eriya leaves Renton to save him life and goes back to Cojin, again reflects on her anguish in a song fic (she likes these ^^).


Hazel and Fue-chan and the result of her becoming a mazoku for him.

You Reap What You Sow

Fue-chan's thoughts and such as she prepares for Zei's latest and hardest order for her.

The Dark Half

Human once again, Fue-chan has yet /another/ screwed up, freaky dream.

Pre Calc, Babies, and Cabbits

The only fluffy Fue-chan tail I've ever written, and it's apparent why it's the only one. It sucks. -_-

Away From Home

On Christmas Eve (and written on Christmas Eve), Fue-chan and Seibrum are away from the hotel.

A Hobbit's Tale

An introductory tail! ^_^ Sparrow arrives at Llanon.