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I'm Jacki, a junior at Lake City High School, and this is my page for physics. Hmm. Not much to say yet. I am taking this class, sadly, because I need another year in science to get to a good college, not because I actually enjoy science. I enjoy writing and language arts and music and art. /Those/ are my passions. I'm currently in the Concert Choir and the Chamber Choir, and I play piano. I draw and write and act and dance, though how good I am at all these, you'd have to ask someone else.

The project's I'm looking forward to (since I /have/ to put this down), are the race cars, I think. I always loved racing cars as a little kid, and while they might just fly into each other and crash, we'll give it a try anyway!

Well! That's enough about myself! Below, I'll list some sites and why you should visit them! ^^

Fue-chan's Realm of Anime

This is my site! My personal one, that is. It's currently under much much construction, but it has anime stuffies, and links to my LLanon page, my Fansubbing page, and my pictures from Sakura Con 2001.

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Well, I have tons more sites I love and could link, but that's enough for now, and I can always change 'em!

Are you ready to see what I'm learning! I bet you are!

First off, the Tamiya car races.

Over the course of some weeks, we went around trying to get kids to buy candy for us to be able to buy our Tamiya cars. Imagine that, having to /beg/ to pay for scientic learning! But finally, after much waiting, the cars finally came in the mail. My car was the (I can't remember the name off hand). We had to build them, and I had a lot of fun building mine! My dad has always said I have a mechanical mind, so something like this made sense that it would be fun and easy for me. I had my car ready by the second day of the races, and Sarah and I signed up to race each other. But it was taking forever! Anxious to let our cars zoom for awhile, we did a practice run of the track. Well,my car was faster, but we determined it was because it was lighter in weight (again, bored before, we weighed our cars on a triple beam balance to see who's weighed more). Predictably, my car won the real race too. I went up on the list! Finally, I was at the winner's game. And... I lost. ;_; Oh, well, I was excited I'd gotten that far! Sarah was going on in the loser's circle, and she got all the way to the winner's end of that! She was racing the other guy... it looked like it would be over because her car was slower.... but suddenly! the other guy's car flipped over! He had to grab it and put it straight again, and in that time, Sarah's car zoomed ahead! She won!! And she got two pops, which she was going to give one to me, but then I found out for just having gotten as far as I did, I got two pops too! We had a nice lunch. I learned a lot about how the weight and shape of car can determine how fast or slow it goes, or how well it handles around the curves.

A Momentum Lab

We did a momentum lab in physics on Monday, and Sarah and I worked with Kevin, who was nice and brought us our books and stuff. It was crowded and weird in the room, so we went down to the commons and set up right behind the administators while they were eating! They didn't even look at us though. It was pretty funto watch the carts shoot off in different directions and then count the squares. Figuring out the equations is never fun. But, the results seemed really really off... I wonder if a) the school's floor is really unlevel, or b) we just did it really wrong. :X Here's our results:
Cart/Book CombosMass of Cart 1Distance of Cart 1Mass and Distance of Cart 1Mass of Cart 2Distance of Cart 2Mass and Distance of Cart 2The ERROR!
1 Book on Cart 1, Cart 2 empty2.51.53.751.
2 Books on Cart 1, Cart 2 empty4.
2 Books on Cart 1, 1 Book on Cart
3 Books on Cart 1, Cart 2 empty5.5.527.

My comment on the errors were that the floor must have been slanted in some way or another, 'cause god forbid we would ever make a mistake that would cause that much of an error. :D

Next lab!
A Centripetal Force Lab

In this lab, we had to swing a fishing line wire over our headwith washers attatched to the ends, seeing how the velocity of the spinning affected the levitation of the washers. Rather dangerous, if you ask me. I hit myself in the head a couple of time!
Anyway, I did it wrong the first time, but me and Sarah redid it and these are our (correct) answers:
Fw/FcTotal Spins in 20 secondsVelocityBy What Factor Does the Velocity Increase vs. Fc(Fw)
1 Washer314.87N/A
2 Washers477.381.515
3 Washers568.81.80
4 Washers619.5821.97
My Conclusion: The factor you would need to increase the velocity to levitate 9 washers would be: 3

And yet, another lab!
A Pendulum Lab

For this lab today, J was gone! :o I was very distressed, not only because he explains the labs for us and I depend on him to understand them, but because I enjoy seeing my Father-In-Law every A-day!
Well, despite our anxiety over J's absence and got in a BIG group together. We used teamwork and figured it out, then performed the lab. Basically, we swung a weight from a certain length of string over a certain distance and time how long it takes for it to go back and forth 10 times. I was the timer! ^_^ We weren't too sure about our results, but eh, this is what we got:

Length of stringM (the weight)A (the distance swung)Times for 10 swingsT (Period)
15 cm1 weight3 cm4 secs.4 s
15 cm1 weight6 cm5 secs.5 s
15 cm1 weight9 cm6 secs.6 s
15 cm2 weight9 cm5 secs.5 s
15 cm3 weight9 cm5 secs.5 s
15 sm4 weight9 cm4 secs.4 s
10 cm1 weight9 cm4 secs.4 s
20 cm1 weight9 cm5 secs.5 s
30 cm1 weight9 cm7 secs.7 s

Our conclusion was that the factor that effected the time the most was the length of the string because there were no dramatic changes until we started changing the length of the string. The least factor was the centimeters across the pendulum was swung. To make the Period 1 second, we would shorten the string. We didn't test this, but we're pretty sure. *nod nod*

A Sound Lab

The purpose of this lab is to take the temperature of the room using a tuning fork and a resonant tube. We filled a metal container up with water, held the resonant tube in the middle of it, and then struck it with the tuning fork. It was awesome how long the fork vibrated with the frequency! Anyway, after calculating the length of the tube and frequency of the tuning fork, I came up with this data:

D= .17 meters
Wave length= 4 times D= .68
f (on the fork)= 493.9
V=Wave length times f= 335/852
Degrees Celcius= (V-331.5)/.6= 7.25 degrees C.

Obviously, there's a lot of margin of error, since I heard the actual temperature of the room was 23 degrees C. This lab was interesting to do, but it hurt my teeth because the chiming sound the forks make made my teeth hurt. o_o Kinda of like scraping a fork along a ceramic plate. Huh. Anyway, cool lab. :D

Lotsa Lenses!
An, another lab. This lab was actually really cool. We turned off all the lights and had candles, which had a neat effect of the room, I thought. We would hold the candle at a distance, and a lense between the flame and a slip of paper. Held at the right distance, the flame was reflected on the piece of paper! It was really cool. We measured the different distances that would work to reflect the flame and heeeere are our results:

Lens A
22 cm41 cm14.32cm
30 cm30 cm15 cm
40 cm22 cm14.2 cm
Average f: 14.5
Actual: 15
Lens K
20 cm18 cm9.5 cm
30 cm14 cm9.5 cm
25 cm14 cm9 cm
Average f: 9.3
Actual: 10
Lens C
13 cm7 cm4.6 cm
28 cm5 cm4.2 cm
10 cm8 cm4.4 cm
Average f: 4.4
Actual: 5

Our error was 7%, which is very good, actually. If you look at our average and the actual, it's very close. This makes one of the first labs we've actually gotten so close to the actual! Woo hoo! Anyway, this lab was neat and mystical. *nod nod*

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