3-23-03- Wow.
Well, I guess an explanation's in order. I'll sum it up briefly. I actually did consider just giving this site up and shutting it down, but I thought better of it. I thought I would be able to update it quite often now that I have more access to the computer, but many factors have attributed to the fact that that hasn't been going the way I thought. For right now, currently in my life, I haven't an ounce of time to update my site. If I tried to, my brain would explode inside my head. Seriously, I have no fucking time for it. Possibly in July I should be good to get started again, but I highly highly doubt any time sooner than that. Is that just cause to shut the site down? I say no. I say it's dormant right now. Like a sleeping volcano that could awaken at any moment. Who can tell I like geology? So, yeah. My site is basically frozen until summer. I know you all want to cry now.

1-2-03- Happy New Year! Belated Happy Christmas! And all that jazz.
I've decided to make my goals smaller from now on. Right now, Llanon stuff: my profiles for my minna, including the actor example pictures,and my fanfiction. Whew. I will try. Here's hoping. Just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive and will be tentitively working on stuff. Guh. x_x

10-23-02- Exactly two months later... Anyway, Tripod had frightened me into not updating my site. >.< My account size on the first, main account (llanon.tripod.com) is at the brink of going over, and then they'll threaten to break my knee caps and such... So I've had to make a lot of decisions. My three sections, Llanon, Anime, and Outside, are all pretty scattered amoung my pages... My goal is to keep all Llanon site stuff in the main page, as I am Llanon.org on the title page, and so everything Llanon is on llanon.tripod.com. Outside is very, very small thus far and will remain pretty small, so it's all going to be kept in the second account, everything held at llanon2.tripod.com. Anime... that's what my big decision was on. I have a LOT of FY stuff crowding my first account, and the thought of moving it all is really painful, but it had to be done. The FY image gallery and all the other anime galleries I will make wouldn't possibly fit in llanon2, so I had to create a third one. -_- Llanon3 will be only and entirely anime image galleries. Nothing else. So far, it's only FY... so, I'm currently in the process of moving that all over, which is not fun at ALL (there's SO much), and once that's finished, my first account will be a LOT more clear and I can begin updating better on each of these sections. As always, Outside is on the very back burner, and I plan to get back started on the FY image gallery to get it entirely finished, and in time I might go back to redo my profiles and finish them, as also with making new pages for other animes, and Llanon is my top priority right now. *sigh* I really need to get on the ball with fanfiction, profiles, and images... We'll see how it goes.
If you're only here for anime, other news on that is I'm in the process of getting new stuff for the D.A.F.C. I'm trying to promote more and get some fun stuff on there, like a quizz and other things I can find... maybe a poll... x_x We'll see. I'm still iching for more members, so email me if you wanna join! Thanks! And stayed tuned for more.

8-23-02- Wow! It's been 4 months since I've updated! Guuuuh. Well, part of that is because I've been out of the country for a month and traveling besides that. Buut, that doesn't mean I haven't been working on my site. I have. *nod nod* In fact, I have new stuffies to talk about!
Kay, the very very newest is that I got my Sakura Con 2002 page done! Yay! you can go here: http://llanon2.tripod.com/sakura_con. Lots of fun piccies and a nice, organized format!
Notice, the nice little "2" beside "llanon" in the address? Yes, it's true! My account got to big! I had to move a ton of my stuff over to a new address, llanon2, and so now, it's all shared. -_- Guh. I was getting threatened for awhile to have my stuff deleted. Anyway, so yeah, I'll be going through and fixing all the links.
I made a new format for my Llanon page, new pictures and such... I'm going to be making new character profiles, and work more on tails and images, as usual. -_- Looks like my anime page will be getting pushed back a bit further...
I think that should probably be it... Now that school's starting and I have my compy downstairs, hopefully I can get more done. *nod nod*

4/12/02- Kay, bottom line here. Fue-chan is a LAZY ASS. I know, I know. I've basically ignored my page for the last 3 months. Gaaah.. I AM going to get working on it again. Life has been stressful stressful stressful with work and school work keeping me busy. I'm usually so lethargic by the time I get online all I do is screw around and RP, which is all well and good, but my peeji is feeling the blow from it. -_- My plans are to kinda do a revamping of my Llanon page, and the "Outside" section, which I added, is gonna be put on the back burner. That's a little ambiguios anyway, because I'm not entirely sure what I want to do for the Books, Movies and extra sections. The "Me" section--in which the pict is coming DOWN--is gonna be filled with my non-anime, non-llanon stuff, such as my random drawings, and free lance stories and poems I write on the side. Ah, it sounds like such a nice plan. Let's see if it gets done.

1/18/02- Hmmm... I haven't been updating myself, OR working on my page. >.< *scolds herself* Anyway, I've been being kept busy with a)schoolwork b)work work and c) Lord of the Rings. XD It's SO awesome! Jacki has a new obsession. -_- I'll be making a section of my page for it, but I should probably work on some other stuff too... eep... Anyway, sorry I'm being such a slacker.. I'll be working on stuff more diligently, I hope.. 'course, I always say that, but maybe this time I'll mean it! That's it! That'll be one of my New Year's resolutions! ^_^ (belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, everyone!)

11/28/01-I've got a new obsession! *cough* Anyway, after seeing Harry Potter, it has become my goal to meet Daniel Radcliffe, the cutie of Harry Potter himself. Soooo, I'm attracting attention while building up a little site for him! Please notice me, Danny! ^_^ There's barely /anything/ up yet, but it won't take me too long... go see it. ^^ http://llanon.tripod.com/daniel_radcliffe/ Uhhh.... taking a break from llanon, just about getting along with the FY galleries... >.< It's /snowing/! Hmm... this may give me more time to work if school gets canceled.... *sneaks off to plot*

10/28/01-Hmmm. Kay, not a /whole/ lot new... Still working mainly on the FY page--onto Image Galleries! *triumpant pose* And I did transfer the Llanon profiles-check those out! Uhh...school's been stressing me out more than is healthy right now, so I'm discouraged to work. *sigh* And nobody visits my page. That's discouraging too. I want members for the DAFC! (Dreaming Amiboshi Fan Club) Yes yes yes! That's up too! Please go check it out! http://llanon.tripod.com/anime/fushigiyuugi/Amiboshi_Fanclub
I'm still working away! ^^

10/4/01- Wowies! I've started an updates page! I never did one of these before because... well... I didn't think people really would care. o.o ^^ I still don't, I guess, but what the hell!
I've been working on my Fushigi Yuugi fanfic page like crazy lately... the image gallery will be put on hold for awhile, I think, because those take so freakin' long. Also been working on my FY profiles. Llanon has been put off for awhile too, till I feel like starting to transfer that stuff. Guh.