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Welcome to my Fushigi Yuugi Fanfiction Archive! Here, you will find fanfics that I've written and a few fanfics others have written. If you would like me to post your fanfics, I'd be more than happy to! I'm always looking for new stuff to put up here. If you'd like to submit a fanfic, poem, or song, please go to my Submission's Page!
Well, here they are!

I'll Be There by Penguine
The first fic someone else sent me to put up! This is a Tasuki x Miaka fic, very cute and well written. Here's the ANGST warning: This is an angsty fic! Tamahome/Taka fans beware... Spoilers for the end of the series, and the OAVs (2nd ones, naturally). It's not finished, and as soon as Penguine writes and sends me the end, I will put it up.

Pranks Don't Pay by Chibi Noin (possibly Jensaru?)

A really cute humorous fic that incorporates Disney movies. ^_^ No spoilers, really. You just need to know who all the Seiryuu and Suzaku seishi are to really get it. *giggles* Notes: I'm not exactly sure who Jensaru is in the fic... possibly the author tossing herself in?

Blind Love by Audrey
This is a poem... what are they called? Filks? Is that a song or poem? Anyway, this is a Fushigi Yuugi poem about Tamahome and Miaka. Spoilers only if you've never seen or heard anything about FY. -_-

Hotohori's Angel by Mushian Heraban
A short fic including an original character (she's her's, only her's!). Mainly about Hotohori, if that wasn't obvious by the title. ^.^ No spoilers, you should just know who the characters are.

A Fushigi Yuugi Christmas Carol by Fue-chan
Well, this is a holiday story, as you may have guessed. Thought I'd revise Dicken's a little. Anyway, no spoilers, unless you haven't seen past episode five. *sweatdrop*

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five


Yatto Ai Anata by Fue-chan
A Hotohori/Nuriko yaoi. My first one, in fact. A bit lime-ish. Spoilers are hard to decide, because there's no direct ones. Basically, if you've heard the sequencial stories, some stuff will make more sense, but you don't need to have heard them at all to get it. Again, if you haven't seen past episode five, you'll be spoiled on something quite big...

Video Boy Tasuki by Fue-chan
This is a birthday fic to my nee-chan, Issei no Miko. No spoilers at all. Well, you should know who Tasuki is, if you read this...

A Taste of Something Else by Fue-chan
A fic that tells if Miaka had fallen in love with someone else...the enemy.
Spoilers for episode 20-24...especially 24.

Mandy's Christmas by Fue-chan
*giggle* This is just a goofy fic. It's a short bedtime tale to my friend, spawned from FY and lack of sleep. No spoilers, except episode five, AGAIN.

Omoi by Fue-chan and Inomi
Uhhh... a self-inclusion fic with Amiboshi and Tasuki... contains spoilers for the WHOLE series!! See the WHOLE series before you read!! Very very long...

Redemption by Fue-chan
My first Amiboshi and Suboshi fic. A tribute to my babies. A longish fic taking place after everything gets over. Major spoilers for episodes 24, 37, 47/48/49 or so. Mainly, Boshi Twins spoilers GALORE. Also contains Shonen-ai.

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